Is Xebec Tri Screen Legit {August} Read Review Today!

Is Xebec Tri Screen Legit {August} Read Review Today!

Is Xebec Tri Screen Legit {August} Read Review Today! -> You will get to know information and facts for the legitimacy of a dual-screen for laptops, giving three screens for operation in this article.

For how many times have you bought extra screens for your laptop? Now check all new Xebec Tri Screen.

Is Xebec Tri Screen Legit? It is a newly launched product in the market. So practically, brand awareness for this product is much low.

Computers and laptops are cannons of new creativity and enhanced productivity. There are used in almost all field, and so is the need for their accessories. Many websites sell genuine laptop accessories, and many sites are just scam sites. Some people often get wrong or counterfeit products instead of the product described.

Nowadays, this product is more blooming in the United State. We read some reviews from there, about this product.

And as this is a new product, it is our utmost pleasure to make our readers more aware of this product in our Xebec Tri Screen Reviews.

Is Xebec Tri Screen Legit?

Is Xebec Tri Screen Legit? The website on which this product is listed is almost one year and 264 days old as of August 5, 2020. There are many product reviews about this product on the internet. There are many videos about this product on YouTube, and it has a subtle presence on the FB platform. That is a major turn-on for this product.

Allow me to share more information on this product in our Xebec Tri Screen Reviews.

What is Xebec Tri Screen?

Xebec Tri Screen is a screen attachment that will help you mirror your laptop screen or extend your laptop screen on two different screens on the left and right of your laptop. It is easy to operate. And it does not requires any integrated or individual battery for operations.

It has a straightforward process of operations. It has just to fit it on the backside of your laptop, and once it is done, one has to slide out the screens on left and right; and attach the cables from VGA and USB to the same corresponding ports of the screen. In your laptop display setting, you can select whether you want to mirror or extend your laptop screen.

Specifications of Xebec Tri Screen

  • No of displays- 2
  • Size of the display- 10.1 inches
  • Maximum resolution support on display- 1920×1200 full HD
  • Display technology– LCD IPS
  • Inputs and connectivity- USB type C & mini HDMI
  • Weight- 2 pounds
  • Depth- 1 inch
  • Heigh- 7.4 inches
  • Width- 12.09 inches
  • OS Compatibility- Mac, Linux, Windows (PC), almost any device with video outsource
  • Size of the laptop screens supported- 12 inches to 20 inches
  • Power consumption- per screen 5 volts 2 ampere

Pros of Xebec Tri Screen

  • Foldable design makes it more ergonomic to carry.
  • There are many in box accessories with the screens to ensure smooth operations; you dont have to search for the cables.
  • It can be attached to various screen sizes from 12 inches to 20 inches of laptop screens.
  • Quality of the screens; IPS LCD is appreciated by users all over the world.
  • It boosts your productivity by 44 %.
  • Setup is fast, and it can get operational in 15 seconds.

Cons of Xebec Tri Screen

  • It does not have individual battery packs; it will drain your laptop batteries faster when in operations.
  • There are no size variations for the screens; only 10.1 inches models are available.
  • It would be best if you be careful with your ergonomic space of operations when these screens are extended, it occupies much more space.
  • The make material is not specified, if the supporting mechanism is built of not so good quality material, it may malfunction someday.

What are customers saying about the Xebec Tri Screen?

There are many reviews of this product on the website, as well as apart from the site. Those are the productivity rate has increased, useful accessory for presentations works, time saver, operations are smooth, works effectively, and some users have also stated that they expect bigger sized screens for this product.

Final Verdict

This product has excellent customer reviews, and it is also sold on many other eCommerce websites. Mostly all users are satisfied with this product. We conclude that Xebec Tri Screen is Legit.

We would like to hear more about this product, if any of our readers have used it, they can share more about it, giving an informative helping hand to our readers.

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  1. The product is legit, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend this product. The reviews on their website are very biased and they didn’t allow my negative review. Their advert is misleading, as it doesn’t work with any laptop. Some old laptop need adapters and will use all ports and still the image signal is very unstable because of the adapters. The screens are also too heavy and can damage the laptop screen, even their solution to this problem is not appropriate, as it doesn’t work if you use the laptop on your lap. Very poor quality.

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