Is Wpswind com Legit [July] Is It Scam or Not?

Is Wpswind com Legit [July] Is It Scam or Not?

Is Wpswind com Legit [July] Is It Scam or Not? -> With the help of this reviews know whether an electric surfboard will enhance your enjoyment or not.

Spending time with loved ones on the beach feels amazing. Do you also go to such areas on Sundays? With such outings, body board or surfboard is a handy instrument for enjoyment. “Is Wpswind com Legit”- this question is frequently asked on the online portals. Hence, we decide to lend our analytical skills and verdict on this website. 

The United States has many beaches and sea-shores that are travel-destination. For the country’s citizens, it is a privilege to access such locations without changing cities. Wpswind com Reviews does not show any feedback but a simple question that is mentioned above. To derive the basic information to claim it a scam or legit, we point out essential aspects. 

Is Wpswind com Legit? 

As this query is large in number, we decide to cover this segment first. Wpswind is a young company that sells only one product- Jet Bodyboard. The website layout is plain and does not include any information on the background. Most sub-links are not operational, which can be troublesome and frustrating. It also only accepts Paypal payment medium. 

The product description and pictures are very detailed- however, most claims are invalid. By analyzing and cross-checking the promises, we find plagiarism to a great extent. No business or website should use falsified content to mislead us. It is just not acceptable for a monetary transaction. 

The duplicate content and misleading claims have diverted our faith in a different direction. From any angle, we do not Wpswind com legit. The company has 60 days return and refund policy. However, it has not given us any contact number, address, or even email ID to contact the sales executives. 

Is not all information looks dubious? Once you make a purchase, you will feel hapless. It is sure because you get zero contact point and customer support. 

 What is Wpswind com?

Is Wpswind com legit?”- we have thoroughly answered this question. Now come back to the basic information of the company. Wpswind com is an online shop that sells an electronically powered Jet Body Board. The surfboard has batteries that can be easily charged to enjoy on the water. Besides, the product details may look legit, but it is all a snare.

The content is duplicate, and the claims are uncommentable. You can pay through your PayPal account without incurring any charges on the shipping. It is a young online shop that has validity up to October 2020. Many points are covered in our article. First, check out the company’s specifications.

 Specifications of Wpswind:

  • Website type: Jet Body Board
  • Delivery time: No Information Found
  • Shipping time: No Information Found
  • Shipping charges: Free 
  • Return: 60-days policy 
  • Refund: Within 60 days
  • Order cancellation: No Information Found
  • Company address: Not Found
  • Contact number: Not Found
  • Email address: Not Found
  • Payment mode: PayPal Only 
  • SSL certification: Not Found

 Benefits of Wpswind:

  • Cost-effective price listing
  • Free shipping
  • Detailed product information
  • Clear pictures
  • Color options are available

 Cons of Wpswind:

  • Young online store
  • Sells only one product
  • SSL certification is not found
  • Duplicate pictures and content
  • The company’s claims are misleading
  • Contact points are hidden
  • Falsified return and refund claims
  • Social media presence is dubious 

Customer Reviews:

The Wpswind com Reviews are playing hide and seek with us. Buyers from the United States are frequently asking the reviewing portals to give hints on the legitimacy or scam level. We do not find any comments on the product- regardless of it being young, attractive, and informative. 

Most potential customers are straightforwardly claiming Wpswind com a scam after looking at the website. Who would not? The portal is missing “n” numbers of essential information such as an address, phone number, and email ID. The company has also used pictures of SSL certification, secured payment, 100% satisfaction guarantee and much more.  

Even after finding the reliable sources, the buyers are still looking for answers. “is Wpswind com legit”- the answer to this question is very pessimistic. 

Final Words:

Wpswind com Reviews”- this section is hiding many answers to claim the company or the website a scam. Everything from the site layout to miniature pictures used in the product description is a trap. Contact points to resolve the queries and win your trust are missing. Besides, they are also hidden on WHOIS portal. 

With our analysis and review, could you please lend us your helping hand by leaving a comment? We will reply to them. 

0 thoughts on “Is Wpswind com Legit [July] Is It Scam or Not?

  1. I bought 2 of these jet powered body boards and now i am worried if i got scammed i didnt get an email conforming my buy i sure hope paypal will refund my money. Rick california.

    1. Its a scam!! They charged me for the 6 boards I ordered. Then, a cpl months later my account was a zero when I woke up. A huge difference from the $3k it was the night before. It took a lot of investigating to find out who was behind the short cryptic name on my transaction detail. It was none other than WPS-Wind, a China based company. Notorious for setting up temporary websites and using facebook and other social media sites for advertising for sales. After a short time and thousands of dollars in revenue received they shut down their website and disappear into the night with your money.

  2. I got scammed on my purchase. I received one email from them regarding my order…in Chinese. The ad said items are shipped from California but upon further investigation the company is in China. Their website is now expired and there is no alternate method of contact except an email return address from the response I received regarding my order which is a numerical address@qq. It’s a scam!! Do not order from this company!!

  3. Total scam. I cancel my order and my credit card company rejected the transaction. They still sent a package with two child’s blow-up pool toys. I am not going to try to return it unless they pay me handling and shipping, since I did not order those.
    If they try to charge me again my credit card company is already aware of the situation and they will not approve the transaction, and if they do approve the transaction I will dispute the transaction with the proof that I already have. It is crazy how some people try their best to scam a few dollars and they keep trying and trying, while it is more profitable to work in a real job, without having to hurt anybody in the process.
    Shame on you!

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