Is Wiggreat Scam [Mar 2021] Read The Review Today!

Is Wiggreat Scam [Mar 2021] Read The Review Today!

Is Wiggreat Scam [Mar 2021] Read The Review Today! -> Can it be safe to shop from the store offering all the items in one place? Read the article and get your answer.

Is Wiggreat Scam – Does this question comes to your mind when you first visit the web page of the Wiggreat store? If so, then let’s know its answer in today’s content.

The United States people love to shop from the portal where all the things are easily accessible. Purchasing various items from different stores is a tedious and time consuming task. Let’s see what type of products are available on the portal and what benefits customers can have by choosing Wiggreat as a shopping site for their essentials.

Is Wiggreat Scam?

Wiggreat is the young portal that was registered on 9 October 2020. The website is available on Facebook. The site has not shared social media icons on its page. The trust index of the portal is low. The scam detector gives only 8.4 Ratings. During the exploration of the portal, we do not find reviews shared by any buyer. 

The email address does not contain the domain name, and the store’s address is inappropriate as on exploring it on the google map, we could not point out the store’s exact location. 

The name of the company is different from the name of the portal. Moreover, it has given only three days to return items and no guarantee whether the money will be refunded or not.

Is Wiggreat Scam – The website has lots of red flags that compel us to say that the portal is not safe to use and we cannot rely on it to purchase our household items.

What is Wiggreat?

Wiggreat is an e-commerce website for purchasing needy items for our homes. The site offers electronic devices and the latest technology goods. Beauty and skincare products are available in the store. In case you love to purchase different accessories for your pets, then the site has provided a section of pet items on its main page.

This portal is suitable for women who have a keen interest in keeping new kitchen accessories. Kids can view the fantastic toy collection from Wiggreat. But after knowing Is Wiggreat Scam or not, it’s not easy for us to use the portal.

Specifications of Wiggreat

  • Type of site – Online store with a collection of all needy items.
  • Address of the store – 630, 3530 Millar Ave, Saskatoon SK S7P 0B6 Canada.
  • Payment Methods – PayPal, Debit and Credit Card
  • Email address –
  • Return policy – products can be returned in 30 days if the delivery date is not traced; otherwise, only three days are given.
  • Refund – Available only if the company approves.
  • Shipping Fee – $11.99
  • Time  taken to ship the items – 5-12 business days.

Pros of Wiggreat

  • The portal has items as per the interest of people.
  • Cat lovers can get impressive caves for their pets with special discount offers.
  • The website is active on social media.

Cons of Wiggreat

  •  Wiggreat Reviews are not mentioned by the people on the social media platform.
  • The website age is less and does not match with the name of the company.
  • The address of the store seems to be wrong.
  • The site is giving only three days to return items, and this period is very less for the buyers to decide whether they like the product of Wiggreat.
  • The portal has been rated low on the scam advisor and seems to be untrustworthy.

What are Wiggreat Reviews? 

People of the United States have not penned down their experience after shopping from the portal. The website has not received any feedback on Facebook. Nearly 5-10 people have liked its Facebook page. The website is not popular and shows many negative signs. 

There is less possibility of feedbacks in the future also. The portal products are attractive, but the cost price is wired. The website will expire in 2021.


Wiggreat store has a tremendous collection of products of all types. But after doing the research, we have concluded and found the answer to the question, which many people put down. Is Wiggreat Scam or not? The website has many flaws, due to which we are putting Wiggreat in the list of scam and dubious sites.

We suggest readers to choose some other portal to purchase their essential items of beauty, gardening tools, household items and electronic devices.

Have you purchased any item from Wiggreat? Please share some words about your experience in the comment box given below.

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