Is White Hat Jr Legit {July} Get Valuable Information

Is White Hat Jr Legit {July} Get Valuable Information

Is White Hat Jr Legit {July} Get Valuable Information -> In this article, you will read about a website which offers coding classes for kids.

How many have you enrolled in online coding courses? Check out online coding courses especially for kids, the White Hat Jr.

Is White Hat Jr Legit? Karan Bajaj is the founder of White Hat Jr, Ex CEO of Discovery Networks India and the best selling novelist. The White Hat Jr was created by alumni of esteemed institutions such as IIT Bombay, IIM Bangalore, Boston Consulting Group, and Discovery Network.

Nowadays, this website is more prevalent in the United States. We read many reviews from there. 

In this generation of the digital era, not only computer literacy but advanced computer literacy is more prevalent. And every responsible parent is doing their best to make the kid outperform the rest. Several websites on the internet provide you with online courses and certificates, and many of them are fake. 

Fake in a manner that they do not have solid accreditation ground or they just simply provide irrelevant courses and certification which may not be valid at many places.

Let us go in more details in our White Hat Jr Reviews.

What is White Hat Jr?

White hat Jr is a website which provides online coding courses to kids. The age eligibility for White hat Jr is from age 6 to 18. Is White Hat Jr Legit? This question will strike in your mind when you read the online coding courses, especially for kids, whereas coding is the dimension where often elders find hard times.

The website is registered on July 23 2018, and as of July 28 2020, the domain age of the website is more than two years which is an excellent factor of trust. This website is so popular that we read lots of positive White Hat Jr Reviews from all around the globe. White Hat Jr has a prominent social media presence on significant social media.

Specification of the website

  • Website type- online coding courses for kids
  • Email Address-
  • The contact number of the company- +91 22 6833 7300
  • Address of the company- 2A, Second Floor, Whitehat Jr, Wework Chromium Milind Nagar, Andheri (E, Mumbai, Maharashtra 4000072)

Why is coding important for kids as per White Hat Jr?

The website states that the kids peak in activity at the age of six, and it declines right until adulthood. Coding balances the right and left brain, and thinking abilities as well as it unlocks the peak creative expressions. If kids are given a platform where they can learn quickly, they can create games and apps.

What will be covered in online courses?

  • Logic +75% improvement
  • Sequencing
  • Structure
  • Algorithm thinking
  • Creative Expression

Features of White Hate Jr

  • Creation VS Consumption- Using the codes, kids can build their games, animations, and apps, kids tend more to be a creator rather than a consumer.
  • 1 to 1 coaching- 1 teacher is paying attention to 1 student.
  • 75% Math Performance Improvement- Kids will learn commands, loops, sequences, and conditions. That will improve their mathematical score.
  • Transformed Abstract Thinking- Kids will learn abstraction, pattern recognition, decomposition, algorithmic thinking. That can help in Maths Olympiads or IB entrances.
  • Strength and confidence- The lessons kids learn over here will help them build their products. Strengthening their skills and giving them enough confidence.
  • Trained Curriculum Creators- The curriculum creators of White Hat Jr are from top technological institutes in the world.

Curriculum Layout of White Hat Jr-

  • Beginner Curriculum- Grade 1
  • Intermediate Curriculum- Grade 2 to 3
  • Advanced Curriculum- Grade 4 to 6
  • Professional Curriculum- Grade 7 to 9
  • Applied Tech Curriculum- Grade 10+

What are customers saying about White Hatn Jr?

There are many helpful reviews of parents on the website. They state that their children are working out very well on many projects, their creativity has boosted, and they just love the online classes. Parents are happy to see so much productivity in kids at such a young age. This platform has opened a new dimension of possibilities.

The customer reviews apart from the website are; some people found the prices of the courses are very high, some people very quite dissatisfied with the course content for the price they pay and many had a terrible experience of spam SMS after registration. And many were unable to stop spam even after their turned SMS notification off.

Final Verdict-

Looking at so many positive reviews and right social media and market presence, we state that White Hat Jr is Legit. And one may try this for their kids as well.

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