Is Vivisboho Legit [July] Is It an Authentic Website?

Is Vivisboho Legit [July] Is It an Authentic Website?

Is Vivisboho Legit [July] Is It an Authentic Website? -> It is an online platform from where you can buy good quality women’s clothes at the modest price range.

Are you searching for top quality clothes without undergoing any strenuous activity? Then you can search for them on Nowadays everyone wants to wear fashionable clothes that too on a budget. We have surfed various online sites and collect information about the The company has opened its office in the United States and plans to expand its business throughout the world. 

But before booking your clothes on this website, you need to see if these clothes are of good quality or not. For that, you ought to see Is Vivisboho Legit or not?

What is vivisboho?

Vivisboho is an online clothing store for women from where they can buy the clothes at any time from anywhere as per their choice. The company works with outstanding designers and does not compromise with the product quality. All the dresses are designed by keeping the latest trend and fashion in mind. 

Here, you can buy tops, jumpsuits, slippers, sandals, skirts and many more things. 

Mention a few of the specifications of

The specifications of are:

  • Hosted By:
  • Delivery Timing: It will take around 10-15 days to get your order delivered at your doorstep
  • Contact Details: Not mentioned
  • Address: Not mentioned
  • Shipping Policy: It will take around 3-5 days to get your parcel at your doorstep
  • Return: You can return your parcel within 14 days of delivery
  • Exchange Policy: Applicable 
  • Payment Gateways: Credit Card and Paypal
  • Refund Policy: Not mentioned

Give us the details about the pros of

The pros of the are mentioned below:

  • All the designs of the clothes are inspired from the latest fashion trends. 
  • All the products are available on the website at a modest price.
  • The company offers the return policy to all its buyers. Hence you will get 14 days to return the product if you are not satisfied with the product quality. 
  • The website gives its free delivery service in all the US region. 

Mention here a few of the cons of the

The cons of the are:

  • Very crucial information is missing on the website like address, contact person name, and contact number. 
  • The website has taken its domain name recently. Therefore, it is difficult for us to trust such companies. 
  • The potential buyers of other countries will be asked to pay a hefty amount for their delivery services. 

What are the customer’s reviews for

Currently, the company has not posted any reviews on its website. Also, the company has not promoted itself on various social media platforms. You may find difficulty in searching the reviews of the company. The customers have given Vivisboho com Reviews that they got their product after a lot of struggle as the delivery was outside the United States. Even the quality of fabric did not match their expectation level though there is no information available on the website regarding any fraud or illegal activity. 

Like every other company, the company fails to deliver its parcel on time to many of the customers. Due to which they are forced to cancel their order, and they book it at their nearby stores. Few customers have also reported that they did not get that product for which they have placed their order. 

You can also share your experience with us, as it will help the potential buyers a lot. 

Is legit?

The website is not very popular among buyers. Hence you might face difficulty in trusting such a company in the first place. But you do not have to think much as it is SSL certified. So, there is hardly any chance that any scam will happen with you. 


After checking about it from various websites, we have tried to get as much information about the website. The ratio of positive comments is sparsely low as compared to positive ones. That again shows the major drawback for the potential buyer. You can also check out other shopping portals to make your final decision as the probability is higher that you may find attractive discounts and offers on them. You can exchange or return all the products on the website except for swimwear due to hygiene issues. Also, the company does not accept cash on delivery payments, so think a lot before shopping. For any question or query, you are asked to contact the customer support panel. 

0 thoughts on “Is Vivisboho Legit [July] Is It an Authentic Website?

  1. I am still waiting for dresses I bought from Vivisboho back in May 2020. It has been almost two months. Other companies get their products to the buyer quickly.
    I am skeptical of this company and hope they will honor my purchases–I paid immediately and expected their part immediatly.
    I have sent emails to the company and thius far I’ve been ignored/. NOT a good sign!!!

    1. I’ve had the same bad experience with them. Placed my order back in April with express shipping. Still haven’t received a thing from them. And just like you all my mails have been ignored. I think it’s a scam. Should tell everyone to avoid them.

  2. I placed an order well over a month ago with this company. The money was withdrew from my account but I have not received any items. I have not been able to get in touch with them. Any suggestions.

    1. I’m waiting for my almost $95 order placed June 11. I think I’ll take it up with PayPal and get a refund. All of my communication with the company isn’t getting any results.

  3. DO NOT ORDER. Complete scam. I ordered more than a month ago and have not received anything. I emailed to cancel my order and demand a full refund. They would not cancel and said I had to pay 15% process fee if I do. No reply as to whether my order even shipped.

    A real scam. Place my order back in April and laid fast shipping. Still haven’t received a thing. Al my emails have been ignored. SCAM SCAM SCAM. PLEASE KEEP AWAY GROM THIS WEBSITE.

    1. This is the worst service I’ve ever seen, I emailed them and they responded my shipment is in the way…that was in June, still to no avail. Never again. I agree DO NOT ORDER!!

  5. DO NOT ORDER!!!!! I had purchased 3 dresses early in July and I have never received them. I got no replies or no real tracking numbers. it´s a scam! Paypal should reimburse the money fast and take them out of their vendor list.

  6. Same here. Took over 2 months to get my dresses and the quality is terrible. Have tried to get a refund but the only way to contact them is an email address and they will not respond to my request to return the items.

  7. Non fidatevi!Ho comprato 2 mesi fa e non ho ricevuto la merce,oggi richiedo rimborso tramite Pay Pal…attenzione ! NON AFFIDABILE!

  8. I’m agree with Justina: DO NOT ORDER !!! I’m exactly in the same situation. My order was placed June 14th but nothing arrived. I introduced a refund demand via Paypal: wait and see …

  9. Has anyone got their items yet? I have left many emails – ordered 20 days ago. No response. How have you all gone in requesting refund from PayPal?

  10. They are a scam. I bought 3 dresses, they arrived 2 months later. In the package there were only 2 dresses. The dresses are poor quality. They didn’t allow me to cancel the order when they were a month late and now they are not returning the money of the dress I never received in the package.

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