Is Trouserholic Legit (Jan 2021) Honest Reviews Below.

Is Trouserholic Legit (Jan 2021) Honest Reviews Below.

Is Trouserholic Legit (Jan 2021) Honest Reviews Below. >> In the following article, you will read about an e-commerce website which deals with multiple clothing items.

Nowadays, when we look for online shopping websites for good quality of products, we find many websites on the internet that provide good quality of products at reasonable rates. is one such website that deals with clothing items like cargo pants, casual pants, yoga pants, and denim shorts. This article will learn about Trouserholic Reviewswhich will provide you with all the information on this website.

The people of the United States are confused about Is Trouserholic Legit? And whether purchasing products from this website is safe or not? After reading Trouserholic Reviews, you will get the answer to your question regarding the safety of the site.

You will also get to know about trendy clothes for men and women like- MEROKEETY Women’s Open Front Cardigan, Pioneer Camp Men’s Knitted Sweater , MOERDENG Women’s Waterproof Jacket, Sandbank Men’s Jacket Coat, etc.

Now start reading to know more about the site and these products.

Is Trouserholic Legit?

When we started investigating this website for safety purposes, we found that this website is very young, and no information on this site is available on the internet.

When we searched for contact details, we found an address that seems to be not genuine as it takes you to another company’s address. The contact number is also missing, which raises so many doubts and raises a question Is Trouserholic Legit? It’s quite surprising. Isn’t it?

The product’s cancellation policy is also frustrating because no cancellations are accepted after placing the order once. If you want to return a product, the company does not refund you the shipping charges and other taxes you paid; only the product price will be refunded. By such policies, a website can’t become a reputed site. No Trouserholic Reviews are available on the site, which looks quite strange.

Additionally, other concerns like plagiarized content, fake images, 2% trust score and many domain-related issues are not digestible.

These facts signify that there are chances of being this website scam. Read the full article below to explore more about Is Trouserholic Legit.

What is is a new website that deals with clothing items like cargo pants, casual pants, yoga pants, and different accessories.  

The website claims that Trouserholic is an excellent company that provides the coolest clothing items and innovative products. The company also has an expert team of employees who work for them to provide complete satisfaction to its customers. 

The other specifications of the site are mentioned below, which will give you more clarity on Is Trouserholic Legit.

Specifications of

  • Deals with: clothing items.
  • Contact details: not provided.
  • Email address:
  • Processing time: 3-7 days of placing the order(may take up to 2 weeks because a large number of products)
  • Shipping time: 1-2 weeks.
  • Delivery time: 2-3 weeks of placing the order.
  • Delivery cost: Free delivery on orders above $79.99
  • Company address: Flat No. 1902 Easey Comm. Bldg. 253-261 Hennessy Road Wanchai.
  • Payment methods: Amex, Master Card, VISA, Debit card, Pay pal,

Pros of buying from
  • The e-shop offers free shipping for orders over $79.99.
  • The site offers “Clearance Sale.”
  • No suspicious word is founded in the domain name.
  • The site has a secure HTTP’s connection.
  • The site offers a subscription facility for the latest updates.
  • The size chart is also available for every product.
  • The site has an online presence on Facebook.
  • The site has a professional design.
  • The site has a contact address and email id to support customers.
  • This site is not currently listed as suspicious.
  • The site offers many online payment modes.
  • The site claims Instant Delivery.
  • The domain name of this site has a commonly used TLD.
  • This site has an excellent online popularity.
Cons of buying from
  • The domain name is very recent i.e., this site was registered only three months ago.
  • Most of the online reviews are negative.
  • The text in many sections is duplicate.
  • Many images are also not real.
  • The complete product description is not available.
  • The “About Us” section has incomplete details.
  • Other social media icons, apart from Facebook, are not working.
  • The site lacks the customer review section.
  • The domain of the website has a Short life expectancy.
  • The address takes you to the address of another site.
  • An abysmal trust score of only 2% is there.
  • The site lacks the customer review section.

Customer Reviews:

One of the significant shortcomings of this site is that Trouserholic Reviews are not available on the website, and people find it hard to trust this site.

However, some of the reviews available on the internet are also not in favor of the same. Some people said that it is a fraud company and delivers a different product from which they have shown on the site.

This also indicates the reality of Is Trouserholic Legit.

Therefore, now it’s the time to review the features of fabulous clothing brand like


  • HANES MENS SWEATSHIRT: It’s a Men’s Pullover Eco Smart Sweatshirt made With Soft, durable fleece fabric. And because of that fabric, it gives you comfort, Superior Softness, Warmth, and Durability.


  • Dimensions: 16.26 x 9.57 x 3.15 inches; 
  • Weight: 1.12 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Hanes 
  • Its fabric contains 50% cotton and 50% polyester.
  • It’s made with 5% recycled polyester from plastic bottles.
  • It has pill-resistant, high-stitch density print-Pro XP fabrics.
  • It has a ribbed waistband and cuffs and roomy front pockets.
  • It is a dyed-to-match drawcord
  • It has a tag-free neck label
  • The company has authority since 1901.

  • The ranking given by Amazon is:
  • #2 in Outdoor Recreation
  • #4 in Men’s Shops
  • #1 in Men’s Sweatshirts
  • #3 in Sports & Outdoors
  • It’s the best-seller product in Men’s Sweatshirt Category
  • It has received 4.5-Star ratings on Amazon
  • This is available in 24 different colors and different sizes.
  • The US audience positively reviews it.
  • For different colors, not all sizes are available.
  • Not available in every country

  • PRETTYGARDEN WOMENS SWEATER: It’s a Women’s Long-sleeve Sweater, which is made of soft and premium quality fabrics. It got a loose fit style that makes you feel comfortable and gives you a trendy knit look.


  • Manufacturer: PRETTYGARDEN 
  • Its fabric contains 65% acrylic and 35% polyester.
  • It comes with a front Cardigan, long sleeves, ribbed edges, and side pockets.
  • It is made of soft and high-quality fabric.
  • It is washable and hands to Dry.
  • Occasions: Casual, Home, Street, Travel, Etc.
  • It is simple and versatile.

  • The ranking given by Amazon is:
  • #5,963 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  • #3160 in Women’s Shops
  • #77 in Women’s Cardigans
  • It has received 4.6-Star ratings on Amazon.
  • This is available in 9 different solid colors and different sizes.
  • This product has a video demonstration.
  • It has many positive reviews from US customers.
  • This product has a 4$ coupon to save money.
  • For different colors, not all sizes are available.
  • Not available in every country

  • CARHATT MENS JACKET: it is a waterproof, breathable, and durable Men’s jacket made with high-quality nylon and unique water-repellent fabric.


  • Dimensions: 14.25 x 11.73 x 3.39 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Carhartt Sportswear
  • Its fabric is made of high-quality nylon and has a water-repellent finish.
  • It is washable.
  • It has a placket and a breathable membrane.
  • It contains a detachable hood, drawcord adjustable hem, and waterproof interior pockets. 
  • The company has trust and authority for 130 years.

  • The ranking given by Amazon is:
  • #55,907 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  • #18 in Men’s Work Utility & Safety Outerwear
  • It has received 4.7-Star ratings on Amazon
  • This is available in 6 different colors and different sizes
  • This product has a video demonstration.
  • It has many positive reviews from US customers.
  • For different colors, not all sizes are available.
  • Not available in every country

Final Verdict:

In this article, we uncovered all the details of this site. Since this website is new, purchasing products from this website is not safe. Thus, the answer to Is Trouserholic Legit is NO.

If you want to purchase products from this website, you have to do proper research on it. We thus advise you to stay away from the same and explore the better options available.

Do express your views below in the comment section.

0 thoughts on “Is Trouserholic Legit (Jan 2021) Honest Reviews Below.

  1. It’s been a week since I ordered. They stated they will e-mail you went package is sent. No such e-mail happened until I complained. Then there was an update. They never intended to send any merchandise. This is a SCAM.

  2. I purchased 3 items $75.57., Now they claim they didn’t get my payment or order…I sent them my order number and they claim they can’t find it. Paypal says they definitely received my payment. They wanted me to send them a copy of my paypal statement showing my payment. Paypal said I don’t have to do that as they received notification of my payment. BUYER Beware!

  3. I’m so Disgusted with this Company, i placed an order Aug 26 I still haven’t recieved anything. The only communication has been on my end. Yes I recieve a reply, telling me my order has shipped, but you cant Track it. Not only does this Company RIp You Off, False Advertising, I could go on & on, theres got to be a place to report them

    1. I did as well. after 4 different times asking for cancellation and refund I started a dispute with both Visa and PayPal. Within one day I did promptly recieve a full credit to my account. Sad because those Yellowstone clothes were very cute. Wish I could find a distributor stateside. From whatI see in my communications Trouserholic is based in Hong Kong.

      1. I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! I hope I get satisfaction sooner or later. My next step is opening a dispute with PAYPAL. See my comment below yours.

      2. I did too. I threatened to turn them in to BBB. This is a horrible site! After many many emails thru started to answer. But saying thr same thing. Were still processing. I finally returned my order and tje clothes do not look like the site pictures. They are wearable but on three scale 1 to 10. I would give it a 4 or 5.

  4. I ordered my products aug 28th and have not received anything. Tried to contact numerous times with no response. I guess I need to contact my credit card company..

    1. they will not give you return address i hVe been corresponding with them and i’m getting no where, they suggested if it didn’t fit right and I didn’t color (wasnt what was advertised) to gift it to someone then offered to refund me 3$ and told me the return is expensive and if any additional charges occur for delivery I would be billed

  5. I did order, the items that I receive are so cheap I don’t even have to take them out of the package to see how cheap. I have been emailing them for a week for a return address to return my items, first they can not find my name and email address, so i give them the order number and they explain to me that the package will need to be sent international and will cost me a lot ov money but the will credit me back 16.00. I told them no thank you . *******DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK AND THE ITEMS ARE CHEAPER LOOKING THAN THE ITEMS YOU BUY OFF THE APP WISH: WHICH BOTH ARE IN CHNA******************************

  6. I think I also got scammed. It’s been almost 2 weeks and no sign of my order. I also got a message that they’d have someone contact me but that was 3 days ago. I hope I can get my money back!

  7. I also got scammed by these terrible criminals! They claim they refund if the product isn’t what you expected. I ordered a knitted \cardigan and they sent me a printed pattern on cotton. Not at all what they advertised. Very poor quality. Don’t buy from them! They do not refund as they state on their site. Buyer beware they will have same products under a new name and website because they get such bad reviews. Chinese company.

  8. ordered Sept 9th and haven’t received my order yet. Had no luck in contacting them! Going to contact Pay Pal about getting my money back!

  9. The mens clothing is smaller than what it says and you can’t send back and exchange for larger size or return anything kinda dumb if you ask me clothing is great but if you can’t wear them it isn’t worth buying and throwing the money away

  10. I just received my order from Trouserhokic and it is indeed a fraud company. While they did send me clothes, they are definitely not what I ordered or what was pictured. The quality is terrible and I overpaid so much for what I received I am sick about it. My hope in posting here is to save others from the same low quality over priced misrepresented products that I received. What a scam!!!

  11. Do not order from this company!!! The clothes run small and the fabrics are very cheap looking. They are not as pictured in the ads. There are no tags to show how to wash and care for the fabrics. My order took over 3 months to get here. I tried to email them and no response. Please stay away from this company and does anyone know who we can report them to?

  12. I swear I prided myself thinking I would not get caught up in a SCAM.
    I believe this is a scam.
    My CC was charged the minute I ordered a $30 sweatshirt. I ordered on September 13, 2020 and today is October 15 and I still don’t have my sweatshirt.
    I wish I had read the reviews before I ordered.
    I would NEVER order from this company again and I would recommend everyone to STAY AWAY!!!

  13. I ordered 3 items and 2 of the 3 items are very poor quality. While the color design might be a copy of what was on TV, it is terrible, cheap polyester like fabric. And now, I cannot reach them to get my money back. So sad that they are linked in any way to the Yellowstone TV show. I won’t shop there again.

  14. Sure wish I would have read these reviews before I ordered. I ordered around 100.00 of Yellowstone clothing over 2 months ago. I have nothing!!
    I would stay away from this outfit.

  15. I will not recommend this company. It is Slow to respond to my emails, I have been trying to exchange my shirt for a month with no response from them

  16. I ordered a YELLOWSTONE blouse on 8/30/20 and received it on 9/21/2 0. WRONG SIZE ! I have been trying to return for correct size for the last month ! I keep getting the runaround. Next step is to open a dispute for resolution with PAYPAL.

  17. On August 30 I ordered two items from Trouserholoc. On September, after emails inquiring of my order I was told the order had been shipped. I finally received it October 11 and was very disappointed in the jacket. The zipper is on the wrong side. On October 14 I emailed them asking for return instructions. They told me to send it back to the address on the shipping bag. This morning I received the following email.
    2020-10-19 16:00
    Hello there,

    As the return shipping charge is high and need a very long time till we received. Besides, the refund will only cover or part-cover the product price, not include the original shipping fee. We sincerely suggest if you will consider again to keep the item. As I see, the style you bought is really popular and cost-effective, maybe you can give it to a suitable friend/family as gift or transfer it to colleagues/neighbors. Which would be perfect. Meanwhile, we would like to make up 5USD gift card for you in this case for our sorry. How do you think that?

    They are not a reputable company. Do not order from them. And, maybe this is one reason to buy MADE IN USA goods.

  18. The main issue is that the boots I ordered are not the $80+ boots that they are advertised to be. They are more like $10 Walmart boots. The sole is similar to what you would find on a child’s costume that is only meant to be worn a few times. I ordered these back on 08/30 and did not receive them until 10/02 (I know they came from China but that’s the worst delay I have ever experienced) I e-mailed them on 10/06, 4 days after receipt, well within their 15 day return window. After e-mailing back and forth with them for over a week, they still refuse to give me an address to return the boots to so that I can get a refund. They keep trying to get me to keep them for a $5-10 credit. I have made it quite clear that I am not interested, that I want them returned for a full refund of the $42.99 that I paid for them. I have an e-mail chain that I am trying to get PayPal to help resolve now. STAY AWAY

  19. I have bought a black cowboy hat for $13.99 on October 6, 2020. It finally came November 3, 2020. They charged me $23.99 total. It was supposed to be delivered in 2-3 weeks. It took 4. When I saw a plastic bag/envelope sitting on my steps, I had NO CLUE it was the cowboy hat that I had ordered. It was pretty much flattened! When I opened it up, it was so creased in many places, I couldn’t believe it. It’s also so flexible any springy that it sprung up to inflate, but still crushed. I was LIVID, so I looked for a phone number or address or something. All I see is an email address and you have to email your complaint within 2 weeks of the delivery date. I emailed them the next day (11/4) telling them that I want my $23.99 back, what is the address where I send it back to, and pls document the date when I emailed them (as proof that it was within the 2 weeks). They wanted pictures. I emailed them the pictures (11/5) as proof as to how badly damaged when it was received. They don’t believe that my pictures are of the same hat that they sent me, so no refund. They have told me to keep the hat or give it to someone else.

    I only read Shanna Glover’s review and it looks like they did the same exact thing to her. As Shanna said and I TOTALLY AGREE…STAY AWAY. Mecedorama should be more visible. I just saw it today (11/9).

  20. I placed a order back in September received only half the end of October Tried contacting them phone line is busy for a week emailed get no response they ripped me off for $102.00 . This is a scam I was lucky I got half .

  21. This company ripped me off 89.00 for trash dress I would not wear to a dog fight…shawl synthetic stretch material,,when they answered me only wanted to send me 9.00 on it..which is totally ridiculous. In china made by children by hand . Poorly sewed horrible Beth Dutton would not wear at all what a laugh, what a scam…I want my money back…help please if anyone has gotten a good address or something ,,this is horrible what they are doing to people in the USA. Total bullshit…HELP PLEASE ANY INFO…IS GOOD…

  22. Absolute garbage, A bunch a alcoholics sitting at sewing machines with oven mits on could produce better quality
    Just appalled, be warned
    Very disappointed ,I can t even gift these items
    It s embarrassing
    Nothing like the advertised pictures
    Scam is an understatement

  23. I was definitely scammed!! $83.00!! For boots that look like costume boots, with quality so cheap, I’m embarrassed to wear them! My blanket was supposed to be a Pendleton blanket, only to look like one, more like a sheet. They would not let me return my items, just wanted to give me back $8.00, I would still return my items if I knew they would really give me my money back! Thief’s!!

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