Is Tiger Woods Mom Alive {Feb} Let Us Know About This

Is Tiger Woods Mom Alive {Feb} Let Us Know About This

Is Tiger Woods Mom Alive {Feb} Let Us Know About This -> Are you searching any news about the golfer mother? Read this article to get full details.

Here is the news about the most favorite sporting mother of a famous American Professional golf player Tiger Wood. He is one of the greatest golfer and athlete of all time. 

Everyone curious to know Is Tiger Woods Mom Alivewhich is trending a lot in the United States. Let’s discuss this further and get full details about this fact.

Who is Tiger Woods Mom?

KultidaPunsawad Woods is Tiger Woods’s mother. She is also known as ‘Tida’ to her friends and family. She was born in 1944 in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. She was brought up in Kanchanaburi, finished high school in Bangkok. She is a Thai woman who later migrated to America. She had three siblings, and her parents divorced when she was so young.

Kultida is in Wood’s foundation projects in Thailand. She was involved in Philanthropy through this foundation. She is into Buddhism and passed it on to Tiger Wood. She is interested in social work and worked as a banker.

Kultida’s Family and Relationship:

Is Tiger Woods Mom Alive article gives you all the details? In 1996, she met Earl Woods Sr., a United States Army office secretary and stationed in Thailand at that time. After her wedding in 1969, she left Thailand. At the age of 31 years, she gave birth to Tiger in California in 1975. 

She often took trips to her hometown and applied her culture while raising her son. Kultida was also Enforcer in the family. She became a widow after her husband Earl’s sad demise in 2006 due to prostate cancer.

Kultida and her son Tiger’s Bond:

Let’s discuss further Is Tiger Woods Mom Alive.

Tiger is her only child. For most of Tiger’s tournaments, her mother frequently seen. She was in the spotlight and give interviews, and always following her son. In the early days of Tiger, her mother’s influence on golf was made him mentally tough and focused.

Kultida stayed with his son in 2009; during that time, Tiger’s marital affairs got exposed. This broke his marriage, and his mother’s reaction to those affairs was tough, and she was not happy with that. His mother’s impact on his golf was very strong as she always wanted him to wear red shirts in the final round of tournament.

So again the question is still here, Is Tiger Woods Mom Alive?

Final Verdict:

Here, we are taking about Tiger Woods Mom, after the search, we found that she is still alive, lives in Florida. She is the strong supporter of her son. After all the discussion, I’m sure you will agree,she has had an interesting life story which inspires many people.

She is 79 years of old and is living in Florid. Now the mystery question Is Tiger Woods Mom Alive has resolved. Have you come across any news about this to share with us? Do tell us by writing in the comment section. 

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