Is Thermofit Advanced Tracker Legit {Sept 2020} is it Legit

Is Thermofit Advanced Tracker Legit {Sept 2020} is it Legit

Is Thermofit Advanced Tracker Legit {Sept 2020} is it Legit -> In this review, we will get to know about a new fitness tracker that offers early fever detection, immune system checking with longer battery life.

Are you guys looking for top fitness trackers? It’s never been this easy for selecting fitness trackers, but with more choices comes confusion. Is Thermofit Advanced Tracker Legit? Everyone should ask this question before buying anything. 

The world is becoming obsessed with health, and the fitness technology market is increasing. No matter if you are a gym-goer or enjoy running in your local park, everyone needs tracker on their arm. In United-States, fitness trackers have become daily needs for the people who love to track their steps, heart rate, and other fitness activities. 

To know how it works and helps you track, you need Thermofit Advanced Tracker Reviews. It will allow you to find out the authenticity of the product. Several companies are coming up every day claiming to offer the best fitness tracker, and choosing the top amongst them has become a problem.

In this article, we will get to know everything about this new age fitness tracker and its pros and cons so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Is Thermofit Advanced Tracker Legit?

Thermofit Tracker is new in the market and competing against the likes of various known brands. But within this short period, it has garnered people’s excellent attention thanks to its specification and information it provides to the individual who are fitness conscious. It has all the essential features required to have a top-class tracker and additional benefits, which makes it an excellent gift for friends and families looking to get healthier together.

Going by the specifications and features, the product looks genuine and is available at a high price. With long battery life, large, bright color screen, it happens to be water-resistant as well. It is perfect for all, regardless of gender and age. The strap fits easily and remains soft on the skin even if you wear it for a longer duration.

What is Thermofit Advanced Tracker?

It is the latest entrant in fitness technology, offering multiple features such as your body vitals, including blood pressure, heart rate, step counts, sleeping patterns, burnt calories, and much more. With real-time insights, it empowers you to live a better life. You can connect it with your device iOS or Android and charges in 2 hours, which delivers up to seven days standby time. Isn’t it amazing?

Since its introduction in the market, it has received positive words from people, and due to the same reason, we were asked to review it by our readers so that they can consider it an option. However, the real question is, how safe is your money if you buy it? Is Thermofit Advanced Tracker Legit? Or is it a scam? Well! We will discuss its pros and cons, along with the customer reviews in detail below.

Specification of Thermofit Advanced Tracker:

  • Product Name: Thermofit Advanced Tracker
  • Product Type: Unisex Fitness Tracker
  • Screen Size: It comes with ultra-bright 1.4 inches easy to read large LCD screen
  • Setup: Fast and Easy setup
  • Compatibility: Compatible for both iOS and Android devices
  • Bluetooth: It comes with 4.0+ Bluetooth
  • Water Resistance: It has IP67-rated water-resistant body
  • Mobile Application: It gives access to free, and you can sync it directly with Apple Health and Google fit

Pros of buying Thermofit Advanced Tracker:

  • Check body temperature and early fever detection
  • Monitor Blood pressure on Demand
  • Long battery Life
  • Water-Resistant
  • Affordable price
  • Check the status of the immune system
  • A large Bright color screen
  • SMS and incoming calls notifications

Cons of buying Thermofit Advanced Tracker:

  • New product; less trust
  • Not sure about the accuracy

What are customers saying about Thermofit Advanced Tracker?

The product is new in the market but is gaining a good response from the people. It has received over 2000 stars ratings from people. People are happy with what they have received at this price. The item looks genuine, and the feature it offers undoubtedly makes it a lucrative deal. Users are satisfied with the insights and are not making many complaints about it.

Most of the Thermofit Advanced Tracker Reviews are good, and people did get what they expected.

Final Words

Being a new product it delivers what it promises. For the same reason, it has become quite popular in United-States. Besides basic features, it tracks fever detection, immune system checking, and heart rate function with electrocardiogram, which are missing in leading fitness trackers, making it stand against the competition.

In case you have any more information to share about the Thermofit tracker, make a comment below.

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  2. I purchased this product from and I love the watch. The first night I wore it to sleep the band broke. It like cracked in half. I emailed customer service to just get a replacement band but got nowhere. Gave them all the info. I received as proof of purchase and they said they couldn’t find my order. I love the watch but the Inspire company is crap. Not happy with them so be ware. I’ve since ordered the same watch again with extra bands from a different company and will give my wife the
    second watch on I have the extra bands. The watch is fantastic. I hope the bands are long lasting.

  3. I got one, it is CHEAP! The band broke in 2 days, and the replacement bands are sold out. It took 2 days for the date and time to correct itself. The sleep function isn’t working and none of the videos out there help. There is a video on YouTube that helped for many problems (but not the sleep function). I almost cried when the guy said he got it for $14.99 when I paid $50 . The return policy sucks, you can’t return damaged products, but they don’t have replacement parts. It starts on Celsius with no instructions to change to Fahrenheit…but no problem, it randomly changed to Fahrenheit by day 3. It also took a couple days for the date and time to correct itself. I really though I was saving money not buying a Fitbit, I was wrong. GOOD LUCK

  4. Ecg function is “canned”, not the users own rhythm. My husband’s and mine were identical. I taught ecg rhythms for many years. Misspelling in app. Never stayed paired. Most current reading for heart rate, b/p, O2 sat do not show when scrolling through the 14 touch/swipes from clock face to clock face. I had to re-pair to my android each time I wanted to review. Desired clock face will not stay set

  5. Not pleased at all – clock does not keep time. Keeps going back an hour and is constantly 15 minutes behind. Does not hold charge very long and sometimes does not charge at all.

  6. Don’t buy it! It dies after a couple weeks – just after the 30 day policy expires. It was nice for the first few weeks even though there were synch problems. Now it’s a dead, ugly, black bracelet at best. Customer service is nice until they realize you’re past the 30 day return date.

  7. I bought 2 and cannot get either one to work. This is not my first using something like this and thought it was better than what I had. I was wrong. I also bout the ear buds and they don’t work either. Waste of money.

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