Is Sowntly com Legit [July] Is it a Possible Scam?

Is Sowntly com Legit [July] Is it a Possible Scam?

Is Sowntly com Legit [July] Is it a Possible Scam? -> In this article, you get to know about an online store that offers a wide range of innovatively crafted beauty, fashion, and home décor essentials.

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Today, it has become prevalent for people to shop for almost all their items online. Whether it’s something related to their daily use or any non-essential products, accessories, or apparel, instead of searching for such things by going out of their homes, people utilize the advantages that an online store offers. 

Therefore, you can see several online platforms coming up offering such kinds of products to fulfil the diverse needs of people. People of all age groups can purchase varied products in one place now. Moreover, they can also benefit from the choices that they get access to in them.

Read the full Sowntly com Reviews to get to know about a site that sells a range of products designed to light up your home, wardrobe, and accessory collection. You will also find out whether Is Sowntly com Legit or not. The site is recently created in the United States.

Is Sowntly com Legit?

We examined this site carefully to arrive at an authentic verdict regarding its legitimacy. We have concluded that the site is not legit, and as a customer, you should avoid shopping from this site.

Firstly, all the information on the About page is copied from other sites. After reading the page, no one can determine what the site is actually about and whom it caters. Also, other pages related to shipping and refund also seem to have copied content. A few of the graphics in the site also appear to be taken from other duplicate websites. 

Secondly, we searched the whole internet but could not find any mention of the site. No customer experiences or feedback can be found either in the site or anywhere else. It means that many people have not tried the products, and we cannot be sure if they are worth purchasing. 

Besides, they have no social media links through which their influence could be spread among a wider audience. It also testifies for the lack of traffic that this site faces. Hence, the site is not legitimate.

What is

It is an online store offering products related to fashion, beauty, and accessories, and kids learning material. You can also subscribe to their newsletter in case you want to know more regarding their products.

Site Specifications

  • Website type: Online store offering a vast selection of beauty, fashion, and related accessories.
  • Email:
  • Shipping time: 3-7 days
  • Delivery time: 10-22 days
  • Exchange: It is applicable 
  • Refund: It is applicable
  • Return: It is applicable 
  • Order cancellation: Not provided
  • Phone number: =12513208429
  • Address: The Woodlands, Texas, 7738,1 30 Wood Cove Dr
  • Payment modes: Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal 

Pros of purchasing products from

  • The site offers a large number of items on home décor, beauty, accessories, etc.
  • All the products are available at very reasonable and discounted prices.
  • Easy return and refund procedure for all of the products.
  • Free delivery for all orders is available on the site.

Cons of buying purchasing products from

  • There is a lack of customer remarks or review of the products on the site.
  • There is a lack of social media presence of the site
  • COD is not applicable
  • One can notice a considerable presence of copied content and graphics on the site.

What people are saying about

As previously mentioned, there is a lack of feedback on its products available for this site. Outside the site also we could not find any customer remark or comment related to their products. Thus, we cannot form an opinion about its products.

Final verdict

After through the site we found a complete absence of Sowntly com Reviews that has lead us to believe that the site is not genuine and authentic. One can discern many loopholes in this site. Right from the About page, which does give us a clear idea of the site or its products, absence of customer traffic, and copied content and graphics. All this forces us to conclude that the answer to Is Sowntly com Legit is indeed no. 

The site is one of the scam sites that you come across every day when searching for something online. With its beautiful graphics and reasonable prices, the site is a tool to trap customers into buying from it. Hence, we would not recommend you go ahead and decide to buy from this site.

0 thoughts on “Is Sowntly com Legit [July] Is it a Possible Scam?

  1. Seen a 1200 BTU Air Conditioner for sale for less than $62.00 USD. I sent an email, and got a respo email at 4 am. The email was short, direct and to the point, assuring me their products are legitimate, in brand new condition and free delivery. I tried to look them up through the B.B.zb., find articles, social media sites, and unfortunately there wasn’t anything helpful. I didn’t buy the air conditioner.

    1. they are a fraud and scam. Ive been waiting on a a/c unit since July and now they say it got lost first they sent me masks. so u will have to go to your bank and make a claim to get your money back that’s what I’m in the process of doing now. cause their liars and they scam ppl to get there ?.

  2. I recently ordered the 12000 BTU air conditioner for $62 and it was a complete rip-off. They are running a scam because all I got in the mail or face masks. They are con artists but luckily was able to get my money back from the credit card company. Completely disgusting!

    1. yes it’s a scam get a hold of ur bank make a claim to get your money back. Ive been fighting with these ppl about that too. I got mask now my stuff is saying it got lost for the 2nd time. it’s a scam and they are frauds to get your money. u can get a refund just call it bank and make a claim.

  3. well I bought a a/c window unit like 23 days ago and I aint got it yet. I bought the 12,000. BTU. it was not enough for are apartment. we are dealing with the heat and fans and Windows open and its so hot. I didn’t realize once u pay them u got to wait wait a month 1/2 to get it. B.a. Im going to have a heart stole by then. I think they scammed me too. I am so pissed.

  4. oh yeah the a\c I bought was from sowntly they are the ones that got me for 61.96 and sent me mask instead what bullshit. when I need a a/c. I got Windows up and doors open with fans so I bought a a/c for me and my little one and they send me mask for 62.00 i should just say. now u got to come up with money again to buy another a/c cause sowntly scammed me. I believe in Karma and watch she will get the ppl behind sowntly.

  5. i unfortunately fell for it….i paid $61.95 for the air conditioner…they sent me tracking information and everything…when said “pacakage” arrived,…it was a pack of disposable face mask

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