Is Sony-direct-playstation.Com Legit (March) Safe To Buy

Is Sony-direct-playstation.Com Legit (March) Safe To Buy

Is Sony-direct-playstation.Com Legit (March) Safe To Buy >> Read to know more about a virtual portal has brought the latest PS consoles at an attractive price, check all the details here as it seems to be a scam.

Is Legit? Online players from the United States are showing concern about the platform’s legitimacy, but why?

This site appears as a Sony Play Station console seller and claims to be a part of Sony Entertainment.

Are you thinking of purchasing play station console? Are you looking forward to shopping from Sony Play Station Direct online site? But have you checked its reviews? Please stop for a minute and read this content, as many scam websites in the market are ditto to a legit site.

Let’s start the review to provide our audience a clear overview.

Is Legit?

This digital platform claims to be a part of Sony Entertainment; however, we have investigated several drawbacks we have seen that should not be there.

  • Domain Creation Date: The date is 29th January 2021.
  • Domain Registration Name: Same as the site.
  • Any Missing Information: Shipping charges, Delivery timing, Return policy, Exchange availability, Order cancelation facility information is missing.
  • Social Media Connection: The product page contains social media icons that redirect to the Play Station Facebook page.
  • Consumers’ Review: No reviews are available.
  • Misleading Information: The ‘Contact Us’ page redirects to the ‘About Us page.
  • Website Popularity: It has not earned people’s attention.
  • Trust Index Score: Following Is Legit the trust index is too bad, shows 1%.
  • Plagiarized Content: The site possesses 75% plagiarized content.
  • Copied Website: We have not found the same site.
  • Broken Links: The email ID does not redirect to the mailbox; hence it is broken.
  • Payment Modes: No correct details are provided.

Therefore, all the aspects make the site suspicious. However, we let the final on you.

What is Sony Play Station Direct?

It is an online selling platform that claims to be operated by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Ltd. People can shop for Video Games for Play Station 5, Play Station 4, PS VR, PS Now, PS Plus via this site. Following Is Legit people can also obtain Accessories and other hardware of PS 5, PS 4, PS 4 Pro, Play Station Movie-motion Controller, Gold Wireless Headset, Dual Shock 4 Wireless Controller, etc.

Besides, you can shop for PS 4, PS 5 consoles if you want to. The site has provided complete information about the console and games.

What are the specifications of Sony Play Station Direct?

  • Domain Age: It is one month and 11 days.
  • Website Link:
  • Product Sells: Play Station consoles, games, accessories.
  • Website Category: A virtual retail shop.
  • Company Address: 10, Great-Marlborough Street, London-W1F 7LP, UK.
  • Contact Details: 03277793, 6020283
  • Email Address:
  • Cancellation Process: No details available which creates sort of doubt that Is Legit.
  • Shipping Costs: Not mentioned.
  • Shipping Time: Not provided.
  • Exchange Availability: No information is given.
  • Return & Refund Policy: Not mentioned
  • Payment Modes: Not mentioned.

What are the advantages of shopping from Sony Play Station Direct?

  • The site holds an extensive collection of video gaming consoles.
  • People can shop for various console games and Play Station’s latest model.
  • Here, gaming accessories are also available.
  • The product holds complete specifications.
  • The site possesses address and contact details.
  • It has an HTTP connection.

What are the disadvantages of shopping from Sony Play Station Direct?

  • Further checking that Is Legit, we have found the shipping policy is missing.
  • Return and refund process details are not provided.
  • Exchange and cancellation information is missing.
  • Trust score is 1%.
  • No reviews.
  • No social media profile.
  • Payment method details are not obtainable.
  • It possesses plagiarized content.

What are users’ shopping experiences from Sony Play Station Direct?

Customer’s experience is another criterion that helps in detects which site is reliable and which is not. Checking forward Sony Play Station Direct remarks, we have found nothing.

No reviews are available on the site, and there is no single overview of the consumer over the internet. The social media icons have redirected to the Play Station page, not to this site’s page.

Final Verdict about ‘Is Legit’:

In the end, the Sony Play Station Direct portal not seems to be an authentic retail site. It possesses several flaws like a bad trust score, no reviews from the United States, no social media profile, less traffic. Moreover, numerous essential details are missing.

This newly created site lacks several areas to prove its creditability. Viewers are advised not to choose this site before checking it properly.

Is this review article useful for you? Kindly let us know, it will encourage us for better work in future.

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  1. They definitely are FAKE!!!! My cousin tried to purchase a ps5 from them before he knew it wasn’t real and it wanted him to transfer his payment to their bank account it gave their bank name which was Bank of America the routing number and everything like seriously it’s awful how can we report them so they can be shut down so people don’t fall for it

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