Is Solis Bot Legit {Oct} Read Its Complete Details!

Is Solis Bot Legit {Oct} Read Its Complete Details!

In this post, we have discussed the Solis Bot for Discord and whether Is Solis Bot Legit or if it is a scam.

Are you searching for bots to computerize and automate tasks on the Discord server? Have you come across some bots and wonder if it’s legit or not? If yes, then this article is at your help. 

Solis Bot is a newly launched bot, and many people in the United States are curious about it. The bot is a self-acclaimed best Discord Server Bot that features an enhanced user experience. So, in this post, we will discuss Is Solis Bot Legit.

About Solis Bot 

Solis Bot is a space-inspired Discord Server Bot. It was written and developed by developers who have used Python Programming language and discord py library to develop the server. The server bot is very much customizable and can be personalized.

The Solis Bot has its own set of great features, including the Astronomy Photo of the Day, pictures of the Mars rover and the earth, pass times and sighting of the International Space Station, and the Epic Earth pictures NASA. The platform also has some awesome modules such as Moderation, Giveaways and Music. Before knowing Is Solis Bot Legit, let us know more about some features of the Solis Bot. 

List of Some Features of Solis Bot

  • The roles are limited, but users can customize.
  • Users get the ability to delete or create channels.
  • All options are present, including kicks, suspensions, and deletion or creation.
  • In the Solis, Bot log channels are also customizable.
  • There is a whitelist function which is to allow individuals and bots to join the list.
  • Whenever anyone goes above a certain limit, the penalty may be tailored.
  • Also, if users introduce bots into their server that are not approved, that might lead to penalties.

Is Solis Bot Legit?

Before using any Discord server bot, users should examine its legitimacy. There are various factors that determine a server’s legitimacy. In this post, we will discuss some of the important factors to check whether Solis Bot is legit or not. 

Domain Age – The official website of Solis Bot was created on June 25th 2021, which means that the domain age to be around 113 days, and it expires on June 25th 2024, after three years. The website’s domain age is just three months old, which doesn’t seem reliable. 

Trust Index– The website’s trust index is 20% which is average and cannot be used to determine

Is Solis Bot Legit.

Customer Feedback – After an extensive evaluation on the internet, we have discovered that there are no reviews, comments, or feedback from the users of the server bot. There are just a few comments online questioning and enquiring on the Discord bot and its various features. These questions couldn’t serve the purpose of determining the authenticity of the bot.

Social Media – There is no social media presence.


The Solis Bot has a large variety of features, yet it’s unclear whether Solis Bot is legit or not, as we haven’t discovered any consumer feedback or reviews. Visit the Discord Support Community page   to know more

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