Is Rocojoy Legit [Mar 2021] Get a Fair Review Here

Is Rocojoy Legit [Mar 2021] Get a Fair Review Here

Is Rocojoy Legit [Mar 2021] Get a Fair Review Here -> Go through the above website review to decide if the site is legit or not.

Is Rocojoy Legit?  Looking for some good online shopping stores? Not able to get affordable clothes from good online stores? Do not worry. This article about will help you know about this online store. 

The site is gaining good popularity in the United States. If you are looking for some amazing online stores that could provide you with good clothes at affordable rates, keep on reading the article to know your answers. 

Is Rocojoy Legit?

After our research work, we can say that the site is not legit. Social media presence in today’s world plays a very important role. has no social media presence. It only has very few followers on Instagram which shows that the site has not gained much popularity among people. 

When we look at the Alexa ranking of this site, we see that the site has not gained much traffic. Not much people are visiting the site, showing a good response and no positive review can be seen about the site and its products. So, we can conclude that the answer to the question – Is Rocojoy Legit is a clear ‘Yes’.

What Is

Rocojoy is a website that is kind of popular all over the world especially in the United States. The site offers clothing products to customers. The site is offering heavy discounts as well. When we open the site, it is offering 70% off on some clothes. The site is also accepting online payments. Before moving ahead it is better to find the answer to the question – Is Rocojoy Legit is the real deal.


  • Type of website – An online E-commerce site.
  • Product – Clothing and fashion products.
  • Company’s mail id –
  • Company’s contact number – Not mentioned.
  • Company’s physical address – No. 18, Chenjiu District, Yansi Village, Yantou Town, Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province
    Postcode: 322203
  • Age of domain – 1 month 29 days
  • Mode of payment – Paypal
  • Shipping duration – 15-29 days.
  • Return – Contact for return within 7 days and return within 30 days of purchase.
  • Refund – Within 2-4 working days after receiving back the product.

Pros Of

  • The site uses the HTTPS protocol.
  • According to Rocojoy Reviewsthe site has a presence on Instagram with few followers.
  • The site offers great clothing products to its customers.
  • The site uses online shopping methods to provide the products to its customers with an option of online payment using PayPal.
  • The site also offers money-back warranties to the buyers.

Cons Of

  • The site has a very bad trust index which is only 3.8. This shows that the site has not been trusted at a great level by the customers.
  • No contact phone number of this online store has been provided. In case of any issues, the customers have no option. According to Rocojoy Reviews, customers can only contact the store through its mail id.
  • If we look at the popularity of this site, it is also very low. Alexa ranking if this site says that the site has not been very famous among the customers.
  • We cannot see many positive reviews of this site.
  • The site is just one month old which is not enough to comment upon its legitimacy. This newly formed site has not got enough time to gain the trust of the customers.

What Are Customer Reviews?

The site has got no good response from the customers when they came to know that Is Rocojoy Legit. We can see some complaints about the site, about its products and its services on the internet. Customers are not very happy with the site and its services. The Alexa ranking of the site is very bad which states that the site has not gained a great amount of popularity. The trust index is quite low which shows that the site has not been trusted by the customers.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for some online store to shop for clothing products, then this article is for you. We have talked about In this article, we have answered the question – Is Rocojoy Legit? And the answer is quite a clear ‘No’.

According to our in-depth research, we have found that the site has not been trusted by the customers, it has not received much traffic. Being just one month old, the site has not got much response from the customers. Although the site uses HTTPS protocol, it is not always secure. Before shopping from the site, do your complete research and decide accordingly.

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