Is Rocketchbra Legit [July] – Is this a Scam Website?

Is Rocketchbra Legit [July] – Is this a Scam Website?

Is Rocketchbra Legit [July] – Is this a Scam Website? -> In this article, we explore the legitimacy of the ecommerce portal selling trendy clothing.

Is Rocketchbra Legit? Are you looking for a one-stop destination for your shopping requirements? 

The past two decades have seen a massive ballooning of the internet shopping industry, more commonly referred to as ‘e-marketplace.’ These online selling portals offer a buyer, the luxury of satiating their shopping needs, sitting in the comfort of their abode. 

Rocketchbra Reviews suggest that they offer such an opportunity for buyers looking for online purchasing options in the United States. Here will have a look at the different online resources available across the web and try to understand how legit is Rocketchbra.

Is Rocketchbra legit?

The products displayed on the ‘Home page’ are the only ones visible on their entire website. Other tabs are devoid of any products as they seem empty, with zero items showing under any of the mentioned categories.

Also, the absence of an ‘About Us’ page prompts us to question the legitimacy of the seller. The only details we have about the company is its Contact id and address; we are unaware of the organization’s origin, its founders, or the management.

The website protocols seem to be a scam but do not have any suspicious codes. It does have a mail server, which is a good sign but a guarantee of authenticity. The website is protected by SSL, which is crucial for any online shop. 

As it protects its visitors from any cyber-attacks or MiitM (Man-in-the-middle) attacks and the communications seem to be encrypted. But the external links for the website seem to be low, which is abnormal for any business entity. 

What is Rocketchbra?

Rocketchbra claims to be an e-commerce platform selling products ranging from Clothing & Apparel to Home Furnishing products to Toys & Kitchen Utensils.

Rocketchbra does indeed offer an assorted collection of products for those not inclined to spend much time searching for individual products on different websites. But is it safe to save your money and energy in Rocketchbra com? 

In order to arrive at a conclusion, we will have to forage a bit more extensively into a webspace. 

Specifications of Rocketchbra

  • Website type – Online seller of Apparel, Furnishing & Household accessories. 
  • Company address – 205 E Nelson Ave, Warren, Minnesota 56762, United States
  • Company email id –
  • Delivery time – 7 – 14 days during regular seasons
  • Delivery fee – $4.99 per item (within the US)
  • Return – within 30 days of receipt of shipment
  • Exchange – No specific policy suggested
  • Refund/Return – if meet conditions 
  • Cancellation of order – Not mentioned
  • Mode of payment – Online payment only

Pros of buying from Rocketchbra com

  • Assorted Collection of products
  • Single stop selling destination for Home Furnishing needs
  • Lucrative pricing
  • SSL certified online portal

Cons of buying from Rocketchbra com

  • No Cancellation Policy mentioned
  • No Customer care number provided
  • No Cash on Delivery Option
  • No mention of Exchange policy

What are people saying about Rocketchbra?

There is an absence of any specific Customer Reviews or customer queries, even though the website portrays different arrays of product lines. No positive user information could be found about the applicability or durability of any after purchase experience with respect to Rocketchbra.

The web address is a new entry, which does raise few doubts of it being a scam site since most scamster sites have relatively recent origins. A careful analysis of the website depict that it is not banned by any cyber security platforms.

The FAQ section also shows only a limited number of questions, which is not a good indication, as it does not help the customer in clarifying his/her doubts for making a sound purchase decision. The icons pointing to the payment page are not functioning adequately. Also, the social media links shown on the website are inactive.

All of which leads us to question the legitimacy of the website.

Final Verdict

The website is a recent emergence, and there is a lack of authentic details regarding the company’s origin, exchange policy, and social media links.

We could not verify any customer feedback, neither positive nor negative, as none were available.

Our suggestion to potential customers is to avoid the seller and look for alternate options if possible. A lack of authenticating user reviews did not help us to evaluate the past experience of Rocketchbra buyers.

The website seems to be fake or illegitimate.

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  2. I ordered a sand pool filter through this website and I never received item although they sent me a bogus UPD tracking number. I contacted PayPal and reported it and PayPal did refund me. DO NOT BUY!! SCAM

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