Is Revolve Legit (Oct 2020) Effective Reviews for Clarity.

Is Revolve Legit (Oct 2020) Effective Reviews for Clarity.

Is Revolve Legit (Oct 2020) Effective Reviews for Clarity. >> The article, as mentioned above, talks about a website that sells different clothing options online.

Online shopping is therapeutic. Whenever you feel low, such shopping sprees can put you in a good mood. Apart from the ease that it provides, this is the reason people are now opting to shop online.

 Also, it is the reason why so many online stores are cropping up. But then it is also resulting in more scams. Revolve is one website based in the United State that we are going to review today. Is Revolve legit? We will find out in this article. 

Is Revolve Legit?

The question that lingers our mind whenever we see a new website is whether the website is legitIs Revolve Legit? Let’s find out. We tried analysing Revolve on all the parameters that we had set for the website to investigate its authenticity. However, we were not disappointed. There have not been any discrepancies noted. 

The website has the owner’s information. The contact information is also adequate. The website has a strong presence on social media, where the brand engages with the users effectively. We also found the users writing positive things about the website on social media platforms. All of this build our trust in the website and makes us think that the website is legit. 

The website also claims that it has been conceptualized in 2003, which is a long time for any website. We think that the website has enough valid points that keep it in the category of legit websites.

What is Revolve?

As soon as we got to this United Statebased website’s landing page, we were greeted with some gorgeous designs of dresses ready to win our hearts. The website has the dresses that will become any girl’s desire on first look. The website offers more than fifty brands, and also various designer outfits are available on the website. The website provides a great fall collection right now. The users will find multiple patterns, designs, and fits on the website. The layout of the website is also very professional. The website also has a dedicated page for returns and refunds. Is Revolve legit?

The website has some categories, such as clothing, dresses, tops, shoes, accessories, beauty, etc. So, we will give a brownie point to the website for neatly keeping everything. We like how it makes it easy to search for something on the website. Also, there are ambassadors for the website that add another layer of trust to the website. Keep on reading to find the answer to the question, ‘Is Revolve Legit?


  • Website’s URL:
  • Products it sells: The website ‘Revolve’ sells various clothing items, accessories, shoes, beauty products, etc.
  • Website’s email address: Not written
  • Website’s Address: Not written
  • Website’s Phone number: 15629265672

Advantages of Revolve:

  • The website is user friendly.
  • The website offers unlimited pieces to choose from.
  • The user gets fifty brands under one roof. 
  • There are designer clothes available as well.
  • The website provides global shipping.
  • The website has a strong presence on social media.

Disadvantages of Revolve:

  • The website doesn’t offer the most pocket-friendly options.
  • The website doesn’t have a contact address mentioned.

Customer Reviews:

We tried to find authentic customer reviews for this website; we would like to add that we were pleasantly surprised to see various people writing many positive reviews. People thought that the website is doing great work. They appreciated the collection, on-time deliveries, and the customer support of the website. Is Revolve Legit? Yes.

A few users have thought that the website lacks timely deliveries, but then the negative reviews were too low compared to the positive reviews. The website also has a strong social media presence that is another factor that has to be considered.

Final Conclusion:

Thus, after analyzing all the factors mentioned above, we would like to pass this website legit. All the information about this website proves it to be legit. There is no doubt that it has been originated until now about the origin of the website.

 We recommend our readers to go ahead and shop on this website. However, we still recommend our readers to do a cross-check of all the information before placing an orderIs Revolve LegitYes, we think so. 

If you have ever purchased from the website before, you must share your experience in the comments section below. 

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