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Is Repulse.Website Legit (June 2020) Is It A Trustworthy Site?

Is Repulse.Website Legit

Is Repulse.Website Legit (June 2020) Is It A Trustworthy Site? >> This article has a detailed review of a website that sells gaming products.

Are you a gamer who is searching for a Nintendo console? If you are, then you should be very careful while buying it online.

There are many websites on the internet that sell Nintendo consoles. The Repulse website is one of them. However, Is Repulse.Website Legit? Or is it a scam? Did anyone in the United States buy its products?

There are a few Repulse.Website Reviews on the internet. However, they don’t give all the details of the website. Therefore, we have done a detailed review of the Repulse website in this article. Read the article completely to get all the information about the website.

Is Repulse Website Legit?

Repulse website uses a cheap top-level domain that is usually not used by legit websites. Moreover, the website registered its domain on the 30th of May 2020. It shows that the website is pretty new and has not even completed a month.

We have also noticed a small spelling mistake in its contact address on the website. Such mistakes give rise to suspicion and make the website look unprofessional. 

The website doesn’t have any social media pages. An active social media presence is highly crucial for gaming websites to attract gamers. However, Repulse did not show any effort in creating an active social media presence.

Due to the above reasons, we can conclude that the Repulse website is not trustworthy yet. It needs to do a lot of hard work to establish its authority.

What Is The Repulse Website?

The Repulse website is an online store that sells Nintendo switches, consoles, and games. It also sells other outdoor gaming gadgets on its websites.

The website is easy to navigate as it neatly categorizes every product. The menu section has four categories, named as Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Gameplay, Nintendo Switch Accessories, and Outdoor Activities.

They further divide the Outdoor Activities section into other subcategories. The website accepts PayPal and Credit Card for payments. The website has SSL protection, and therefore, you can make a safe online transaction on the website.

Specifications Of The Repulse Website:

  • Product: Nintendo consoles and games
  • Email: 
  • Payment Method: PayPal or Credit Card 
  • Processing time: 2-3 days 
  • Shipping cost: Not mentioned
  • Shipping time: 12-18 days
  • Returns: Applicable within 14 days
  • Refunds: Applicable
  • Exchanges: Not mentioned
  • Contact Address: 921 e 52nd St.  Los Angeles California  United States,90011
  • Contact Number: 3232167777

Pros Of Buying From The Repulse Website:

  • You can buy gaming products at affordable prices
  • The website sells Nintendo switch at different colors
  • They offer multiple payment options
  • They provide all the contact details on the website
  • The products have a short and accurate description 

Cons Of Buying From The Repulse Website:

  • Delivery can take more than two weeks
  • The return period is just fourteen days
  • The website does not have any exchange policy
  • The website does not mention the average shipping costs
  • The products on the website didn’t get any reviews yet

What Are People Saying About The Repulse Website?

The website didn’t even complete a month since it started a business online. As a result, there are not many reviews about it online from the customers.

Moreover, the lack of a social media presence doesn’t allow the customers to interact with the website on its social platform. Therefore, we can’t get public opinion about it from social media platforms.

Some other websites have done a short review of Repulse. According to those websites, Repulse is not a trustworthy site.

There is an option for the customers to leave a review of the products on the website. However, there are no reviews from the customers about any products as of yet.

Final Verdict:

The gaming industry has made a huge profit in recent years. Although gaming was considered as a useless activity some time ago, many people have started to adapt to the gaming culture now.

As a result, the video game market expanded a lot in recent years. Many scammers have used this opportunity to scam people through fake websites. Therefore, every gamer should be careful before they shop from a gaming website.

The Repulse website is new in the industry and hasn’t established itself as a trustworthy one. Such new websites have a higher probability of turning out to be a scam.

Therefore, we recommend you to stay away from the Repulse website and search for some other alternative.

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