Is Polar Chill Portable AC Legit (July 2020) Is It A Fake Scam Or Legit?

Is Polar Chill Portable AC Legit (July 2020) Is It A Fake Scam Or Legit?

Is Polar Chill Portable AC Legit (July 2020) Is It A Fake Scam Or Legit? In this review, you get to read about an AC that is compact, mobile, and cost-effective.

Have you ever heard or read about an air conditioner that can tag along with you where ever you go? If you haven’t, we are here to tell you about one. 

Despite how much we enjoy being outdoors during the summer, the heat and humidity can kill one’s will to step out of a room with AC. Nobody in the United States wants to be soaked in sweat while they are trying to relax.  

While you are wondering how nice it would have been to carry your air conditioner with you, we worked hard to bring you this Polar Chill Portable AC Reviews. We are about to tell you that ACs like this exist. 

But, Is Polar Chill Portable AC Legit? We will tell you everything you need to know. Please keep reading. 

Is Polar Chill Portable AC legit or scam?

As much as we would like to believe everything that we hear about the fantastic product that Polar Chill Portable AC is, we still have to look at all the facts and analyze every little detail to conclude its validity. 

For the sake of an unbiased Polar Chill Portable AC Reviews, we methodically looked into the background of the product and went through all possible sources available on the internet. 

The only thing that we found strange was that the website was tough to locate, and when we did find a link to the site, it was unresponsive. The page was blank white. 

Other than that, there was nothing unusual about the product, and it is not a scam. There are so many reviews that recommend this product so that you can give it a try. 

What is Polar Chill Portable AC?

Polar Chill Portable AC is like a dream come true for many. It is a compact size portable air conditioner cum humidifier cum air purifier. Yes! Everything is just one neat device. Apart from that, it is cost-effective and energy-efficient as well. 

The best part is that you will not need a technician for its installation. It runs on battery, so, once you buy it, you are good to go! Polar Chill Portable AC comes with a USB port for charging. This universal cable charger is another reason things become relatively simple. 

It works with the same mechanism as a cooler. You have to fill in the device with water, and within no time, the hot and humid air of your room doesn’t concern you anymore. 


  • Product- Mobile Air Conditioner
  • Pricing- $89.99 per unit 
  • Shipping- 10-21 days
  • Return- within 14 days

What are the PROs of Polar Chill Portable AC?

  • The device runs on a rechargeable battery, and the battery itself has a long life.
  • It is an economical substitute for a wall mount AC.
  • The water curtains last a good 6-8 months and are further changeable.
  • It also works as an air purifier and filters out dust from the air around you. 
  • You can pour in the water as per your needs.
  • There is no noise emission.
  • It will save you from substantial electricity bills.
  • Minimum care and maintenance are required.
  • No installation costs.

What are the CONs of Polar Chill Portable AC?

  • We could not locate a website from where you can buy it. 

What are people speaking about Polar Chill Portable AC?

All Polar Chill Portable AC Reviews are very positive. We found so many reviewers who recommend this air conditioner. We also went through some of the customers’ testimonials and reviews. People are saying perfect things about the AC. Some have even said that it works better than a regular AC in terms of cooling. People find it travel and kid-friendly as well. The product is a favorite in the United States

Final Verdict

After weighing in the pros and cons of Polar Chill Portable AC, we do not doubt that it is a great product that can change our lives and make it simpler. It is an eco-friendly appliance and will help you save up on a lot of money that you would have to spend otherwise. So, we suggest that you should get one for yourself if you wish to.

With this, we have come to the end of the Polar Chill Portable AC Reviews. We sincerely hope that it was helpful.

We have put in all the information that we could find about the product, but please do not shy away from using our comment section below if you can add to it. 

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