is Owshoe com Legit {June} Read & Order At Legit Site

is Owshoe com Legit {June} Read & Order At Legit Site

is Owshoe com Legit {June} Read & Order At Legit Site -> Get your hands on an online store that sells baby shoes and maternity clothes at reasonable and discounted prices.

Infants and Babies are small copies of their parents. Are you among those individuals who get baby fever after seeing baby clothes and accessories? We possess something special for you and your small babies!

In every second, the earth is blessed with small creatures delivered by the Human Mothers. In this way, a mother is helping another mother by taking care and giving shelter to a newborn. However, it does not end here. A parent needs to dress its baby in comfortable and fitting clothes and shoes. An online shop, named Owshoe is a rescue point for both the parents and newborn babies. 

Our readers always ask, “Is Owshoe com Legit?”. To answer this question, we are penning down this review for you all. 

As per our algorithmic analysis, we find Owshoe from the United States is only two months and a few days old as well as does not have much audience traffic.

Is Owshoe com legit?

When we locate the company’s address on google maps and Reviews, we only discover a residential place that makes us suspicious of its legitimacy. Besides that, it only uses the PayPal payment method that most scammed online shops use to secure their identity and loot us. The shipping charges are hidden from us; hence, we do not know what we will be spending on each order. The website is also not organized, and the product listing is scattered into bits, which makes our search process quite inconvenient. Our analysis does not find this website a legit one regardless of the offers, products, quality, and shipping time it offers.

What is Owshoe?

Owshoe com is an online retail shop with only one mission to make the best quality baby shoes for both girls and boys. Besides that, this company also takes care of a pregnant mother’s needs by offering maternity clothes that include Tops, Dresses, Jeggings, and much more. The materials of every pair of shoes and clothing item is comfortable and skin-friendly. After a thorough analysis of the kids’ comfort zone, this brand makes low-weight and mesmerizingly designed shoes. 

The company also dictates the quality inspection of every product only to deliver the best to its customers. Nevertheless, the question “Is Owshoe com legit or a scam?” is still unanswered. To conclude, you need to read the below details that we are elaborating-on in this article.

Specifications of Owshoe:

  • Website type: Baby shoes, travel boxes and maternity clothes
  • Delivery time: 6-9 days for domestic and 3-21 days for international deliveries
  • Shipping time: 24-48 Hours
  • Shipping charge: No information found
  • Order cancellation: No information found
  • Return: Applicable within 30 days
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Exchange: Applicable within 30 days
  • Company address: Oak Island, Pelican Dr., 1923 E. NC 28465
  • Contact number: (360) 771-6447
  • Email address: 
  • Payment mode: PayPal only

What benefits do you get while shopping from Owshoe?

  • SSL certified website
  • HTTPS secure connection found
  • Reasonable prices
  • Attractive and comfortable baby shoes and clothes for pregnant women
  • Fastest shipping time
  • The proper size guide is available 

What are the involved drawbacks while shopping from Owshoe?

  • Website is valid for only six months
  • 10-20% charges are applied on return and refund
  • The address is an imitation of a residential place
  • No market credibility
  • Zero customer feedback
  • Only PayPal payment method is applicable

Customer Feedback:

Being established for more than two months in the United States, the website has not attained many audiences and any feedback from the citizens. We have not encountered any product review on any trusting rating and scam void sites; however, we find some videos on YouTube that claim this online store is a scam. Earlier, it was selling electronic gadgets, and this company fools some customers.

Our conclusion:

Following a thorough analysis of this company and website, we find many hidden dangers that you will encounter while shopping. To refute the claims, the site does not have any reviews or solid grounds. The company’s address makes us locate a residential building, which is among the numerous red flags. On these notes, we state Owshoe com is a scam. It is better to know the risk before shopping for clothes and baby shoes from this website. 

With this elaborative review, we seek your leave to work on another website to find its legitimacy or scam level. Till then, could you give us your valued feedback? 

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  1. I ordered 4 tires off the site had make two transactions on the 23 one 24th not even 24hrs got a email saying my packages which would be 4 big tires one package was 3:18pm and other 4:08pm now why would it take 45 mins to unload 4 tires and also I have cameras I was cutting grass all through that time frame no tires were dropped called ups gave them tracking number they stated order had wrong name and address to contact the seller I’ve tried for 5 days now to contact then with no response number always busy so I’m talking to lawyer tommrow and have left a nice report with the bbb

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