Is Legit {Sep} Read Reviews Before Order

Is Legit {Sep} Read Reviews Before Order

Is Legit {Sep} Read Reviews Before Order -> We have given a complete description of a website that sells razors for women.

Have you bought razors online ever from a website? Many websites are available today that sell women accessories like razors, and we came to know about that sells such items. It is not a young site and was created a year ago. But being an old site does not make it legit completely, and we should find out, Is Legit or not? It would be best if you were careful while browsing a site you have never browsed on earlier.

It is crucial to analyze a site because it may harm your privacy and scam your money out of your bank account. Hence, we have researched and given all information related to the prevalent website in the United States, Canada, and other nations. Before using a product, it is a prerequisite to know everything about the site that sells it.

Is Legit?

The website that sells razors for women was launched around a year ago on the internet. We found many Reviews online that were available on various sites. The customers have given their feedback for the razor product available on many other websites apart from The website has no reviews available for its services and has a fake address given for the people.

There are no links available with leading platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Hence, it makes it a doubtful site. They have a shipping policy that takes 30 days to deliver the product, which is a long time. Apart from that, returns are to be sent on an address that looks suspicious and fake. People are therefore asking, Is Legit or a scam site? We can suggest that please read the complete post for analyzing it correctly.

Know about

The site is present on the internet from a year and sells a product Flawless NuRazor, which women use to shave hair from their skin. The product is available at a friendly price, and the cost of shipping is also nil. The shipping policy is unacceptable as they take 30 days to deliver the product. They take the returns within 60 days, but the address available is doubtful.

They have payment modes like PayPal, visa, and other credit cards available. Have a customer service number available for contact and email id provided on the United States, Canada, and other countries.


  • Kind of Website – Retailer of Flawless NuRazor online
  • Website Country – United States
  • Charges – Free of cost shipping
  • Delivery – Within 30 days
  • Returns – Within 60 days
  • Address – 400, Returns Rd, Wallingford CT 06494
  • Email –
  • Telephone – 1 866 733 4270
  • Payments – By PayPal, and Credit cards
  • Social media – No association detected on any platform

Worthy features of

  • The website sells a well-known product
  • The shipping charges are nil.

Worthless Features of

  • The shipping policy is entirely unacceptable. It takes 30 days to process the orders.
  • The address available for a return looks like a fake one.
  • There are no reviews available for the website, although good ones are available for the product.
  • No links are available with leading websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What Customers say about

When we researched Reviews onlinewe found only the product’s feedback, and none was found for the website. The website legitimacy is questionable as the similar product is available on many well-known sites too. This site has an extended delivery time, whereas other sites take only two days to deliver the product.

There is nil presence of website reviews anywhere, and no association is found with social media too. Hence, we can doubt the site’s genuineness, and if your question is, Is Legit or not, our answer is it is not a legit site probably. You can, however, decide after looking at all the aspects and judge yourself. The website sells a product that the customers liked, and a few good reviews are available on the site itself, but cannot be trusted completely.

What we Finally Conclude?

In the end, we can infer that the website selling Flawless razor is a doubtful site, as can be seen by its shipping policy and address. Both are unacceptable at the end of users, and we cannot trust such a site that hides information.

The reviews available for the product are positive, but none are available for the site’s service. We, therefore, request you to be careful when shopping on this site.

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