is Nntrade Space Legit {June} Read & Order At Legit Site

is Nntrade Space Legit {June} Read & Order At Legit Site

is Nntrade Space Legit {June} Read & Order At Legit Site -> In this review, we will get to know about a new online shopping site that offers water sports equipment for kids.

Where have you been buying kids’ products? You must have found it difficult for kids’ adventure items. Now you can check out Nntrade.

A lot of people have been asking us to review this new website as products are available at a cheap price. Here is the main question “Is Nntrade Space legit?” Or the company is running a scam like many others.

So, we decided to review this website and find out what all does it has to offer? As the website is new, there are not many Nntrade Space Reviews available online; hence we are sharing its details for our readers who require adventure sports equipment for their children.

Now websites are coming up every day and trying to reach more customers by way of offering lucrative deals, free shipping, and various other rewards. The company aims to target customers across the United-States.

Read below to everything about this new shopping portal.

Is Nntrade Space Legit?

As the company is new, no Nntrade Space reviews available online. Therefore, we went ahead to search on other points to find out if it is a genuine company. When we go through the website, we can find the company details such as office address, email address, payment modes along with shipping and delivery information.

However, there are a few important points we cannot ignore. Firstly, the email address it uses belongs to third party hosting, which is not a good sign or a genuine company will not do it. Moreover, the e-store does not have many products to choose from, and the interface does not look good. The product images are not up to the mark, and social media links are not active. It leaves a wrong impression.

What is Nntrade Space? is a new online website dealing in water sports kits for kids. It has various products to offer including raft sets, tubes, floating pool, floating island with sunshade, towable tube and much more. The company claims three principles, i.e. excellent price, excellent products and excellent customer service.

The domain is less than a month old, which means there is a lot to learn about the company; however, the price of items on-site looks cheaper. But the question is, how safe your money is if you buy anything from this website.

Well! There are many things we can discuss to find out its authenticity.

Specifications of Nntrade:

  • Company Name: Nntrade. Space
  • Company Website:
  • Shipping Time: Claims to ship the order within 1-3 days
  • Standard Delivery time: 7-12 business days
  • Expedited delivery: 3-5 business days
  • Exchange: Available
  • Return: The company offers 30 days return policy
  • Refund: You can get a request for refund
  • Trackable shipping: Option only available when you order an item over $75
  • Customer Service: 24 hours customer care services
  • Email:
  • Address: 267, Batterson Dr New Britain CT 6053 US
  • Payment modes: PayPal and credit cards

Pros of buying from

  • Excellent Price
  • You can exchange, return, and can ask for refund
  • 30 days return policy
  • Quick delivery option is available
  • Free shipping across the United-States

Cons of buying from Nntrade:

  • No cash on delivery option; only prepaid order are accepted
  • When you return the item, customers will bear the shipping cost
  • Less than a month old; no trust
  • No reviews to find out the authenticity
  • Uses third-party email services
  • Unfriendly interface
  • Unprofessional images of products

What are customers saying about the company?

The website is new; therefore, no customer reviews are available either on site or anywhere else. It means no one has ordered anything from this website. If no order delivered, no information about the product quality is available. However, the pricing is fantastic and lucrative, which is of no use due to less trust.

Final words

The website is new in the market; thus, no customer reviews are available. Though it uses SSL security to keep the data safe, no antivirus is there to safeguard against malwares. You can easily access all the information relating to shipping, delivery, exchange and return, and the company uses a third-party email server. Another website is registered with the same address, which means it is a clone website. 

Moreover, social media links are not working, which I think is essential for every online shopping portal. Hence, we do not suggest this website. Do let us know if you have any doubts or questions to ask.

0 thoughts on “is Nntrade Space Legit {June} Read & Order At Legit Site

  1. God do I wish I had seen this article before I made a purchase from this website a few days ago. I recently tried to purchase a item from Nntrade Space and have had nothing but silence from them. After purchasing the item I received a receipt for my purchase, but since then it has only gone down hill. The following morning at 3AM I received a email from the “seller” stating that it was shipped with correct address but then when I dug deeper the tracking number they provided said the item was delivered back in May when I only purchased the item a few days ago (in June). I have sent multiple emails to this “seller” (Brandy Dawson) with no responses and the email they have online is a deadend and bounces back and there is no phone number to call the “company” to get a refund. I am lived and would love help if someone else is dealing with them. I want my money back!!

    1. Omg Cody I am so sorry! I have been there trust me I feel your pain and anger! Try the BBB now considering the company is still up and running. I waited to long not knowing any better just to find out I was too late and the company had closed up shop. I hope this helps or someone else can direct you better than I can.

      1. Jessa, what good comes from me addressing this with the BBB? I was just gonna confront my bank and see if they can pull the funds back because the consumer did not provide the promised goods.

  2. Thank you so much, I noticed all of what you pointed out and I also noticed…

    -a red flag to me was all the products were priced the same at $99.

    -their privacy policy:
    is a template which wouldn’t be that concerning considering a lot of new websites use templates to get them started.
    (tbh I recently researched policy and cookie policy templates myself)
    BUT has not edited the template they used with their info AT ALL!?!!!
    It literally states (“you site here”) instead of their company, – [[INSERT DESCRIPTIONS OF OTHER TYPES OF TRACKING TECHNOLOGIES USED]], -(including credit card numbers [[INSERT ANY OTHER PAYMENT TYPES ACCEPTED]]), and every other line used in the template as an example showing where to enter what information where. They did not edit a single part of it with any of their own info.

    -The ABOUT US section:
    not only has numberous spelling and grammar mistakes but also states “shop is today and see 1HSTL COM difference” which stood out to me as not only oddly written but also seemed out of place. So I looked up that line and 1st thing to come up was SCAM along with many others including site warning to not continue bc it was not secure and may be a duplicate site.

    Thank you so much for your review and for getting this info out there to others wondering if it was legit!

  3. Again ty!
    Iam so glad to see others out there looking out for others the way you have with this website review! I’ll be honest I fell victim to a scam site a year or two ago n the BBB couldn’t help bc the business had shut down. So I was just out the money. So when saw that site with a product I’ve been eyeing for 2 years now at a top good to be true price I had to investigate further. If for no other reason that to help anyone else from becoming a victim as well.

    I am still somewhat new to website details (considering starting a crafting and or review blogsite n obviously, WOW my eyes are open now lol) I am amazed at how much I was so oblivious to!!! Like SERIOUSLY had not just recently looked into the importance of privacy and cookie policy as well as what makes a site trust worthy; I may not have realized the red flags. So that makes me SOOOO glad that I had decided to see if there was any info about company to maybe report the site or warn others who may be considering giving it a shot.
    I hope you don’t mind my adding to your awesome information and review.

    I am now a fan! Keep up the great posting and confirming my suspicions.

  4. Nntrade has also just changed their website name; completely fraud. Still working with my bank to get my funds back from the fraud!!!

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