Is Nextwarehouse Legit (Sep 2020) Know More About It.

Is Nextwarehouse Legit (Sep 2020) Know More About It.

Is Nextwarehouse Legit (Sep 2020) Know More About It. >> In this article, you will read about an online mail-order enterprise.

Do you want a solution provider in the technology industry?

Are you looking for both software and hardware technology solutions? Do you want a reliable site to make purchases from? If so, then you will get all your queries figured out. 

In this unbiased article, we will explore a website named nextwarehouse com. This website has its servers placed in the United States.

To make your finding for the right website effortless, we will also let you know Is Nextwarehouse Legit’ or not. 

Let us inquire into it. 

Is the Nextwarehouse website reliable? 

Our research found that the website is not fulfilling all its assertions as they don’t provide timely refunds to their customers.  Problems like delay in shipping and delivery of inferior quality products could be seen from its side. Also, the website is not a popular source. 

Therefore, it can be said that this site is not reliable. 

What is the Nextwarehouse website about? 

The NextWarehouse website is an online platform that directs and provides Information Technology and Industrial Operational Technology system integrator or distributor services

An online mail-order enterprise that holds up thousands of computer peripherals from almost five hundred varied from distributors and manufacturers. 

The nextwarehouse com website also delivers services such as engineering assistance, integration or deployment assistance, timely delivery, and reliable customer service. These services are offered based upon their past tested reports and their thriving experience in the market. 

What products are available on the Nextwarehouse website? 

The website delivers products related to both hardware and software solutions. You will see various computer peripherals on this site.  

Some of the website’s products are Moxa Iologik e2242, Contec Dtx INC ad12-16u(Pci)Ev, Konica Minolta 4039322gx, Power Com Smk-2000a, Iei Technology Kino-Dbt-j19001-r10, Etc. 

To know the explanation behind Is Nextwarehouse Legit or not,’ let us read its specifications, safety, and customer reviews. 

The specifications of the Nextwarehouse website are:

  • To access the website, visit
  • The company’s address is 14712 Franklin Avenue, Suite F Tustin, CA 92780
  • The phone number for sales is 1-877-235-6628
  • The phone number for returns and Tech support is 1-877-235-6628 
  • The fax number is 1-866-640-5851

What are customer reviews for the Nextwarehouse website? 

While searching the ameer for the question ‘Is Nextwarehouse Legit?‘, we came across various customer reviews for this site. It has 1.8 ratings out of 5.

The website shows a wrong trust index based on its low customer rating. This indicates that people are mostly dissatisfied with the purchase from this website. 

Also, they complain about neither getting the product nor refund. Accordingly, it can be said that this site isn’t worth trusting. 


Our exploration to answer ‘Is Nextwarehouse Legit not’ finds that the website is not a safe source to make any purchases. As many complaints are registered against it. 

Accordingly, it is not worth money or time. 

Dear Readers, if you have any queries, reviews, or opinions regarding this website, let us know about it in the comment box below. 

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