Is Metonlinez com Legit [July] – Is It A Scam or Legit?

Is Metonlinez com Legit [July] – Is It A Scam or Legit?

Is Metonlinez com Legit [July] – Is It A Scam or Legit? -> Read this review if you want to know the legitimacy of an online shopping site selling coffee. 

Love your freshly brewed coffee as soon as you wake up? Then you will like the Turkish coffee making pots available on Metonlinez com. 

Coffee gives you the jolt of energy you require ever so frequently. It is your perfect partner when trying to stay up late to meet deadlines at work or university. Coffee has warmed into everybody’s hearts over the years, and we all have our ways to drink it. 

Since Metonlinez com is new offers a limited range of products, it has people wondering if Is Metonlinez com Legit or not. This online site has its headquarters in the United States.

Let’s dig into Metonlinez com Reviews to help you find out what all the site has to offer apart from coffee makers. You will also discover if the site is safe to make purchases from. 

Is Metonlinez com legit? 

Fraudulent sites have been known to present layouts and information that seems to be legit on the surface. However, your alarm bells must ring when they only request for online payments. Therefore, it is always advised to take some time to do double checks. 

Is Metonlinez com Legit? For starters, the site possesses an HTTPS connection, which is a good start. But the sites were set up roughly three months ago and had been generating little traffic. They also provide no contact information. 

What is Metonlinez com? 

Metonlinez is an online retailer of kitchen wares like coffee grinders, coffee makers, wine racks, and kitchen food scales. There are a total of 6 products offered by it, and they all seem to be rated five stars. 

The about us section of the site talks about wanting to provide their customers with the best quality of service. However, the site does anything but that! There are no product details provided with any of the products. 

It provides no clarity on the size and other descriptions that could help the customer. To reach out to the brand, you will need to type out the message on the contact page provided. 

What makes Metonlinez com unique? 

The site offers some exciting products to choose from, such as the shower sprinkle holders and Turkish coffee making pots. They are up for grabs at affordable prices. Since there are only six products to choose from, it would quickly make the customers come to conclusions. 

Keep all these points in mind; the site provides some unique products to choose from. But it is hard to ignore the tell-tale signs of the site being a scam. 

Specifications of Metonlinez com

  • Products- Kitchen and bathroom accessories
  • Website- 
  • Email- not provided  
  • Phone number– not provided 
  • Shipping/processing time- 1 business day 
  • Delivery time- 3-7 business days 
  • Shipping fee- Free shipping worldwide 
  • Return- must be made within seven days 
  • Exchange- not mentioned 
  • Refunds- information not clear 
  • Payment- can only be made online 

Pros of purchasing from Metonlinez com

  • You can track your order on the site once a purchase made 
  • The limited range ensures customers make decisive purchases 
  • The products are available at amazing discounts 
  • The site provides worldwide delivery options 
  • The site possesses an HTTPS connection 

Cons of purchasing from Metonlinez com

  • There are no contact details provided 
  • The site is new and was set up three months 
  • There is no return address provided on the site 
  • Customer is responsible for return shipping costs 
  • About us, section provides no clarity regarding its makers 

Customer reviews of the Metonlinez com

At the moment, there are no customer reviews available on the site. But you will notice that all the products possess 5-star ratings, sounds fishy, don’t it? There is also an absence of any customer care phone number or email id to reach out to the company if facing troubles. 

Furthermore, the site generates little traffic, that maybe because it was established three months ago and given that it only shows six products. Customers could have opted not to make purchases from the site. 

Scam doc mentions that there could be a possibility of the site having a very short life expectancy. 

Final Verdict- 

This site possesses a terrible trust score index and seems to be fooling people with its fake 5-star rating on products. It maintains a recent creation date address. So, to conclude, the site could potentially be scamming people. Hence, we do not recommend making any purchases from this site as it does not seem to be safe. 

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