Is Lackmall com Legit (July 2020) Is This A Legitimate Website?

Is Lackmall com Legit (July 2020) Is This A Legitimate Website?

Is Lackmall com Legit (July 2020) Is This A Legitimate Website? >> In this article, you will come across an online store that deals with hygiene-related products.

I am sure you all must have heard about this proverb that “Health is Wealth”. So do you want to keep your family healthy? If yes then read this article as you will get to know about one such store which every citizen of the United States is talking. 

These days everyone is so health-conscious, they will do each and everything to remain healthy, especially in this situation of the pandemic. We all are aware that this deadly coronavirus has already taken many lives and is still growing at a rapid rate. And, experts are saying that the worst is yet to come. So, don’t you think we need a solution?

Further in this article, Lackmall com Reviews will give you information on one such store. All the essential details which are necessary before buying anything online are there.  

The trending question Is Lackmall com Legit? Will also be answered in the article ahead. So, keep reading.

Is lackmall com Legit?

There are many fake websites in the United States and thus checking the legitimacy of this website is essential. The domain is 53 days old, which is suspicious and cannot be trusted.

This website seems to be a scam. As the, “About us” section website says that it is a fashion store whereas the products displayed are cleaners and sprays. Also, the social media icons on the website are not working. There are similar websites found on the internet and thus sounds like this is a scam.

Thus if someone asks you Is lackmall com Legit? Your answer should be No. Help your friends and family to stay away from this website.

What is Lackmall com?

Lackmall is an online store for all daily hygiene-related needs. There are many websites online that sell all kinds of products, but lackmall is only into cleaning products. The site has all sorts of products which are essential for any home to remain clean and tidy. 

We all have seen ads on television wherein it is showed that it is essential to sanitize the home especially the areas which are touched mostly like door handles, toilet flush and seats etc.. Thus lackmall brings a solution to all these needs. The company sells the products of the famous “Lysol” brand. 

All these products assure that they kill 99.9% of the viruses and bacteria. The products also eliminate odours with its fragrance. It comes in various scent.

 It deals in various products like:-

  • Different Cleaners
  • Cleaners and sprays for bathroom
  • Personal hygiene products like wipes
  • Range of disinfectant Spray
  • Range of Sanitizer
  • Range of toilet cleaners

Specifications of  Lackmall com

  • Website type:- Disinfectants and cleaners
  • Website link:-
  • Shipping:- No details  
  • Return:- No details
  • Refunds:- No details
  • Cancellation:- No details
  • Company address:- Not given
  • Company contact:- Not given
  • Company mail address:-
  • Mode of Payment:- No

Positives of  Lackmall com

  • The website has all-purpose cleaners.
  • There are different types of disinfectants and sprays.
  • The products kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. 
  • 2The company has 24/7 customer service.

Negatives of  Lackmall com

  • The content in the “About us” column and the products does not match.
  • There is no social media presence.
  • The icons on the website are not working.
  • The essential information like shipping, returns and contacts are missing.

What do customers want to say?

After going through the website, Lackmall com Reviews noticed various points like there are hardly any customer reviews found on any platform. Also, a few customers who ordered from this site complained that they never received a single product and such sites aim to take away your bank information and sell it to scammers. This site is a scam so stay away from it. 

Final Verdict:-

After a detailed study and research, Lackmall com Reviews concluded that this site is a scam and its purpose is to steal customer’s bank information and make a replica of the credit and debit cards and steal money.  

All the points like the difference in information given and the products available, no social media presence and very young domain say that this is a fake site and customers should stay away from such websites.

We would recommend that if anyone is in a dilemma about  Is Lackmall com Legit please make them read this article and suggest them not to buy anything from this site and stay safe from digital frauds.

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  1. I can confirm that this is a scam. I realized it almost immediately after placing an order for Lysol products. I should have known better. No one has Lysol products in such quantities available right now! I paid using PayPal, and they provided a USPS tracking number and an email address. The USPS tracking number indicated that the items were shipped before I even placed the order and delivered to me the day I placed it! Also, the email address looked fake. I disputed the charge, which PayPal decided in my favor.

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