Is Keyoxp Legit (July 2020) Is It A Legit Website?

Is Keyoxp Legit (July 2020) Is It A Legit Website?

Is Keyoxp Legit (July 2020) Is It A Legit Website? >> The article is to detail a web store that sells fluffy bed sheets, pillow covers, clothes, and accessories.

Are you looking for a new shopping destination with a lot of options? If yes is your answer, you are lucky you landed on our page today.

The vast market for fashion accessories in the United States, would helped and unfastened abundant opportunities for individuals to open up e-commerce shops to sell all types of jewelry and accessories.

As our crew was searching for websites vending such goods and, we stumbled upon Keyoxp; it has so many exciting products and offers that you wouldn’t be able to resist. It has so many options and choices to provide that, it forced us to ask ourselves- Is Keyoxp Legit? 

Today’s Keyoxp Reviews are sought to give you a solution to the question above. We promise you that this article is entirely authentic, and after you read it carefully, you won’t have any doubt about this website. So, read it until the end.

Is Keyoxp legit or scam?

We conducted a detailed investigation on the internet and referred to all our possible sources for the evidences to deduce if this site is legit or con for this Keyoxp Reviews, We have made our research on the website judiciously and presented the reviews so that not even single point shall slip out on any specifics. 

The first problem with this website is that all the products are either highly discounted or aren’t any products, but they are trying to pull a scandal. We noticed that a lot of the pictures had watermarks on them from other companies or designers. 

When you open the website, you will find a couple of pictures of soft toys and towels. Now, the problem here is twofold; one that these are unrelated to their product range and two that these images are unresponsive. 

Another problem is that the website and the text content is similar to a site that we reviewed a few days ago. The policies and terms are copied word to word. These aspects clear doubts that the website is not legit.

Thus, we close that this website is a scam, and we suggest you stay away from it. 

What is Keyoxp?

Based within the United States, Keyoxp is jewelry cum accessory store that sells online. Released exactly one month ago on the 22nd of June, 2020, it has an extensive range of products categorized as follows-

  • Anklets
  • Baseball caps
  • Trucker caps
  • Bracelets
  • Glasses
  • Headbands and Turbans
  • Rings
  • Bags and clutches
  • Shoes and boots, etc. 

The products are gorgeous, and we won’t blame you if you are drawn to them at once. But there is so much more that you want to know before spending money here. Please keep reading and make a decision only after you finish. 


  • Website: E-commerce accessory cum jewelry store
  • Website URL-
  • Phone: +13342451986 
  • Address- 4912 ALBANY RD, OTHELLO, Washington, 99344, United States.
  • Payment method- Credit card and PayPal (online transfers)
  • Delivery fee- Free within the United States 
  • Worldwide Shipping- Not allowed
  • Processing time- within 3-7 business days
  • Standard Delivery- 10-22 business days
  • Express Shipping- No information available
  • Return: Within 30 Days of dispatch
  • Refund- Yes, within 30 days of a triumphant return
  • Email:

What are the PROs of Keyoxp?

  • They offer a 30 days return period.
  • The payment methods are secure.
  • There is a wide range of products. 

 What are the CONs of Keyoxp?

  • The domain age is just one month. 
  • They do not have a social media existence.
  • The price range of the products are too high for the quality they offer
  • They have no WTO ratings.
  • The product descriptions and images are stolen from other websites.

 What are people speaking about Keyoxp?

The Keyoxp Reviewsobtainable on the internet are very harmful; however, there are no customer testimonials and ratings. The website is not so common in the United States as people are not talking about it on social media. 

 Final Verdict

Given our investigation findings, Keyoxp is a dangerous website; one shall not endorse it as an honest place to shop for accessories and jewelry. You ought to look for other e-commerce stores and sidestep from disgraceful sites as such. 

We have presented the Keyoxp Reviews for the helpfulness, and it protects you from scams. 

We attempted to put in everything in the review, but still if something that we forgot to mention something, you want to share your thoughts with us, please suggest it by writing in the comment segment under and support us by rating our columns more resourceful for our readers. 

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