Is Joel Osteen Leaving His Church? (Aug 2023) Where is Joel Osteen Now?

Is Joel Osteen Leaving His Church? (Aug 2023) Where is Joel Osteen Now?

Is Joel Osteen Leaving His Church? Find current realities about Joel Osteen’s supposed takeoff from his congregation and find out where he is presently. Find out about his total assets and get experiences into the existence of this noticeable TV minister and creator.

Who is Joel Osteen?

Is Joel Osteen Leaving His Church, brought into the world on Walk 5, 1963, is an American lay minister, TV preacher, money manager, and creator situated in Houston, Texas. He is commonly known for his week by week broadcast administrations and a few top of the line books. Joel is the ongoing chief minister of Lakewood Church, which was established by his dad, John Osteen, in Houston.

He experienced childhood in a family profoundly engaged with service, and subsequent to going to Oral Roberts College, he got back to Houston to chip away at Lakewood’s TV program, delivering his dad’s lessons for a long time. In April 1987, Joel wedded Victoria Osteen, who later turned into the co-minister of Lakewood Church close by him. They have two kids.

Joel Osteen’s lessons are related with thriving philosophy, which has earned both acclaim and analysis. He is assessed to have a huge total assets, fundamentally from his book deals, and his congregation has a significant financial plan. Regardless of debates and tricks utilizing his name and similarity to advance items, Joel Osteen keeps on being a conspicuous figure in American outreaching circles.

Is Joel Osteen Leaving His Congregation?

In June 2023, there was a web-based article dishonestly guaranteeing that Joel and Victoria Osteen declared their renunciation from Lakewood Church to seek after a skincare product offering called Rejuva Derm Skin. Be that as it may, this news was important for a trick, facilitated on a misleading site,, known for spreading bogus data about popular people embracing different items.

The Osteens have not left their congregation positions, and the trick meant to delude perusers into accepting they were leaving their positions of authority. In actuality, the couple remains effectively engaged with their service at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, with Joel as the top leader and Victoria as the co-minister.

Joel Osteen’s Total assets

Is Joel Osteen Leaving His Church total assets is above and beyond $50 million, making him perhaps of the most affluent evangelist on the planet. This huge abundance principally originates from his fruitful book deals and different undertakings. As the top leader of Lakewood Church, which brags one the biggest gatherings in the US, Joel has decided not to draw a compensation from the congregation. All things considered, he depends on the pay created from the deals of his top rated books and other individual undertakings.

Regardless of being censured for his relationship with thriving religious philosophy, Joel Osteen’s prevalence and monetary achievement can’t be denied. He has amassed significant abundance through his messages of energy and personal development, reverberating with a wide crowd across the globe.

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