Is Jishaku Patch Legit [Nov 2020] Is Online Shopping a Scam?

Is Jishaku Patch Legit [Nov 2020] Is Online Shopping a Scam?

Is Jishaku Patch Legit [Nov 2020] Is Online Shopping a Scam? -> In this review, you will find out all the crucial details of a patch that helps you to lose weight.

Do you want to lose weight? There are many weight loss solutions in the market that claim to reduce your weight within a few weeks.

One of those products is Jishaku Patch. However, Is Jishaku Patch Legit? Can it reduce your weight? Is it approved by the FDA in the United States?

There are not many Jishaku Patch Reviews on the internet that answer those questions. Therefore, we have done a detailed review of the Jishaku Patch to help you out. So read it till the end to find out if the product is the right one for you.

Is Jishaku Patch Legit?

Jishaku Patch is a product sold by the Mint Patch website. Mint Patch registered its domain name on the 11th of November 2019. 

As a result, it didn’t even complete a year on the internet. Moreover, it has no social media presence, and there are very few reviews about it. 

According to the description of Jishaku Patch, it is tested and approved by JASSO and NCBI. However, there are no proofs to back up the claim. Moreover, NCBI and JASSO organizations do not conduct tests and research. 

There is not enough proof that Jishaku Patch is legit as of yet. However, the product may gain more reviews if the website lasts longer than a year.

What Is Jishaku Patch?

Jishaku Patch is a weight loss patch by the Mint Patch website. The website claims that it is best for obese and weak people who love eating and cannot exercise. 

Jishaku Patch is a weight loss remedy developed by Dr. Kojima. However, there is no information about the qualifications and career background of Dr. Kojima. Moreover, the website didn’t even mention his full name.

According to the website, Jishaku Patch does not have any side effects on diabetes patients. The patches have only natural ingredients like Korean Ginseng, Hokuto Mint, and Capsaicin. These ingredients improve blood circulation and metabolism in your body. Eventually, they burn fat cells and reduce their weight.

Specifications Of Jishaku Patch:

  • Product: Weight loss patch
  • Email:
  • Number of patches: 50 pieces per pack
  • Offer: Buy two get one free
  • Ingredients: Hokuto mint, Capsaicin, Korean Ginseng, etc.
  • Order Cancellation: Applicable within 24 hours 
  • Returns: Applicable under certain conditions
  • Refunds: Applicable under certain conditions
  • Company Address: Statesville, NC, United States

Pros Of Buying From Jishaku Patch:

  • All of the ingredients are natural
  • It improves blood circulation and removes toxins from the body
  • It has no side effects
  • It shows results in three weeks
  • It works best with proper diet and exercise

Cons Of Buying From Jishaku Patch:

  • There is no scientific evidence that patches really work
  • It cannot replace exercising and a good diet
  • Your returns are applicable only if you apply within 24 hrs 
  • The company doesn’t provide a contact number
  • Returns and refunds are applicable only under certain conditions

What Are People Saying About Jishaku Patch?

Losing weight is one of the most difficult tasks. Therefore, people look for different solutions to get quick results. Patches have become one of the weight loss solutions sold in the market.

There are many reviews about Jishaku Patch from the customers on the Mint Patch website. All of those reviews are extremely positive.

However, the website is new on the internet, and therefore, there are only a few reviews about it on the other websites. According to those reviews, Jishaku Patch or any other patch is useless for weight loss.

Moreover, Mint Patch doesn’t even have a social media presence. Therefore, it is difficult to determine if people are really happy with the product.

Final Verdict:

There are many scammers who want to exploit people’s needs and insecurities to gain profit. Moreover, their products rarely deliver the promised results.

Jishaku Patch is just one among those many weight loss solutions that have no scientific significance. Weight-loss patches are not approved by the FDA as they are not reliable.

Moreover, many experts don’t recommend weight loss patches as a few herbs won’t show any magical effects on the body. According to them, a proper diet and exercise is still the best way to lose weight.

Since the Mint Patches website is new in this field, there is no guarantee that it is legit. Therefore, we recommend you not to waste your time on it.

0 thoughts on “Is Jishaku Patch Legit [Nov 2020] Is Online Shopping a Scam?

  1. I tried the patchs for a week, I did notice a difference and made it a point not to change my diet to see if it worked. It does work, but there ARE, side effects. They make you have vivid dreams, sweet a lot, pee a lot, repress hunger, break out a bit (or at least I did and I don’t usually), and I started getting anxiety, depression and anger problems.
    Stopped using them 2 days ago and have been getting mild withdrawal symptoms, nightmares and been really thirst and hungry. No anxiety though.
    However, I wasn’t using them correctly. You’re supposed to use them 4 times a week and ever other day. I used then for a full week and every day. So,that very well could be the problem.
    However, they do definitely work. At least they do for me. I might try them again in a week after I’ve cleared my system, but will take them the right way this time.
    (Wasn’t that I did that intentionally btw, I didn’t get instructions with them.)

  2. This is a total scam!! Save your money. Classic bait and switch. Think you’re buying one thing, then you get something totally different in the mail. And GGM Brands won’t give a refund! They should be shut down!

  3. I definitely want to leave a review of this patch. I used it for almost 3 months with no results!! Can you tell me how I can leave a review? I want to warn others not to waste their money!!

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