Is Imana Cares Fraud (April) Check The Reviews Below!

Is Imana Cares Fraud (April) Check The Reviews Below!

Is Imana Cares Fraud (April) Check The Reviews Below! >> In this post, you will know the truth about a health care association taking donations to fulfill hospital requirements in this situation.

Do you know about Imana? Chances are yes; you might have heard about it on the social media platforms Instagram, Twitter, etc. Have you donated money to the Imana associations fund? 

If yes, you need to stick to this post to the end, and if no, you need to read this post to know the truth about the Imana health care association. So, most of the peoples are donating in Imana association fundraise Worldwide to help other but Is Imana Cares Fraud

Let us know more about it further on this post.

What is Imana?

Imana is a Medical Association of North America and is known to raise funds for donations to help others. The situation is becoming critical of the pandemic, and everybody should help each other the most as we can to fight this situation. 

The initiative of this association very well to help others, and hence it is a non-profit organization. So, all the donations go directly to the care for which it was given. That is not enough to make you trust this association and give the donation. Let’s discuss Imana Cares Is Real Or Fake in brief.

What is Help India breathe initiative of Imana? 

From the last few weeks, India has been badly affected by the pandemic hospitals are running out of oxygen, medications, and beds. To sum up, the condition is much critical than any other country worldwide. Imana has taken the initiative to airlift much-needed requirements of oxygen delivery systems. 

Imana has mentioned working with COVID-19 hospitals in major Indian cities to facilitate the delivery of these resources. So, Imana is accepting donations to provide the required beds, oxygen, and requirements to India.

Is Imana Cares Fraud or legit?

The news of the donations is spread all over India, and many are donating money to this North American medical association. The website of the Imana is not accessible in India, which is a major problem, so you wouldn’t know if your money is used for the betterment or not.

 Instead of donating the money to the PM cares fund majority is donating it to this association. Suppose, if they use the money to fulfill the requirements, it will cost a lot of time to get to the needy ones. The situation is critical now. 

We can’t say if this Imana care Is Real Or Fraudso do not donate your resources to random health care associations. 

Final verdict-

We advise you to donate your money to the association that you feel reliable, not some random North American health care that got viral. If you can’t trust the PM cares fund, how can you trust some random health association. 

Have you already donated to this health care association? Let us know what you think about this association and initiative in the comment section below. Do share Is Imana Cares Fraud post to inform others. 

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