Is Hystking Com Legit [July] Is It the legit Business?

Is Hystking Com Legit [July] Is It the legit Business?

Is Hystking Com Legit [July] Is It the legit Business? -> In this article, we are informing you about an e-shop that sells personalized products like steel wine chiller, grill griddle stations, hanging chairs,  etc.

Are you willing to purchase some personalized household products? Well, then, Hystking is the one-stop solution to match all your interior designing ideas. 

After all those long tiring days, we deserve a peaceful space that is full of joy and brings comfort. Our space should not only allure others but also reflect our style and personality, and now that’s a crazy job to do!! 

No matter if you hire a professional or do it yourself, you will always need the best looking and best quality products. To match those needs, Hystking the United States-based e-shop had made its way into the e-commerce sector. And it has a lot of personalized products for your space at a reasonable price. 

We understand that the website is quite suspicious with the price tags, which is too good to believe, so we are here to quench all your queries such as ‘Is Hystking Com Legit?’ or ‘Is Hystking selling good quality product?’ etc. 

Let’s read on our thoroughly researched Hystking Com Review to know the website’s authenticity, after which you will be free to make your shopping decisions. 

Is Hystking Com Legit?

The answer to Is Hystking Com Legit?’ is NO, and we suggest you read further before you make any purchase. Hystking the United States-based online shop is selling only a few products with a huge discount offer, and as the domain creation is too recent, you must read Hystking Com Review to know every aspect of the company. 

The online presentation is entirely professional and has all the essential information, but can we trust in Hystking? Or Is it even safe to purchase from the hystking? You will know it by the end of this review. 

What is Hystking?

Hystking is an e-shop with several household tools and products available at a very low price on the website. It is the United States-based company that has registered itself recently to boost up its business. The site is well equipped and designed and claims to have over one lakh customers across America. 

It also claims to start its business from 2019 and that it provides excellent shopping experiences. It also sells the product that is one-of-a-kind and is rich in quality. But how far are these claims valid? We are scrutinizing it thoroughly to answer your question- Is Hystking Com Legit?’. 

Specifications of Hystking 

  • Address- Mordenly Inc, Anchorage Square, 333 Jefferson St, San Francisco CA 94133, United States
  • Contact Number- Unavailable
  • Email- 
  • Refund- Available
  • Return and Exchange- Available
  • Cancellation fee- 20% of the amount
  • Shipping Time- 5-7 working days
  • Delivery Time- 10-14 working days
  • Privacy Policy- Available
  • Payment- PayPal, Debit, and Credit Cards

Pros of Hystking

  • Professional Website.
  • Good quality products.
  • Genuine HTTPS connection.
  • Well maintained social media handles.
  • Excellent return and refund policies.
  • Not Blacklisted.
  • Great discount offers.

Cons of Hystking

  • No COD available. 
  • No contact option other than email.
  • Recent Domain Registration (26.03.20)
  • No feedback comment section on the website.
  • No Hystking Com Review found online.
  • Low traffic.
  • No website reviews by WOT or Reddit.

What are people saying about Hystking? 

We could not find any customer reviews over the internet, but we can see some fake customer feedback on the website. Adding to it, you might also find positive customer feedback on the Facebook handle of Hystking. Also, there is no comment box on the site to type the reviews of the purchased product, which is suspicious. 

Although there is no specific Hystking Com Review on the internet, it is hard to decide what people are saying about Hystking. 

Final Verdict

This website is a scam without any doubt as no site has a fake ‘about us’ page with some fraudulent and incomplete information. We cannot find the name of the person who owns this domain. The domain is having a short life and is also linked to one or more countries known for fraud websites. 

You will not find cash on delivery options, and also the return and exchange rules are applied with suspicious terms and conditions. All the above-mentioned factors are well researched and provided as a matter of goodwill for our readers. 

Now you are free to make your own shopping choices, but if you have already purchased it from the website, feel free to comment below your experience. 

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  1. I ordered a breadmaker on July 29th and still have yet to receive anything. When I emailed the address listed on the site, the person said that address is incorrect, they do not make these kinds of products. When I called the phone listed on the website, it went to an individual’s personal cell phone that lives in Wisconsin and told me she has been getting these calls for the past few weeks! such a scam, there goes my $50!

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