Is Hairdoy Legit [June] – Buying Here Is Good or Not!

Is Hairdoy Legit [June] – Buying Here Is Good or Not!

Is Hairdoy Legit [June] – Buying Here Is Good or Not! -> In this article, you will learn about the new online store for home improvement products and accessories.

Are you one of those who have faced issues while purchasing furniture and home accessories online? Now check out Is Hairdoy Legit? and suitable to improve your home?. Though it is a new website, it has garnered the love for customers thanks to its product range and the after-sales services. As there are not many reviews available online, we are bringing all the relevant information for our readers. 

Currently, the website is gaining popularity in the United-State and is receiving a good response from the shoppers. Their product range spans from home entertainment accessories, furniture, storage, and more. If you are passionate about making your home look go unnoticed when you call your friends for the party, then look for no other place.

If you are looking for options to buy trendy home improvement products at an affordable price, then this online marketplace is the best you have. 

What is Hairdoy?

Hairdoy is a new age online store offering products making your home look stunning. It has a vast collection of decorative home items, accessories, furniture, garden furniture, and several other improvement items. These items make your space look more beautiful, feel cozier and your family will love it.

The designs are modern, and these are not only improving your home appearance but also make your look the best home manager amongst your relatives. But how safe is your money if you buy from this website? Is Hairdoy Legit? Or the company is running a scam.

Several questions require answers, and many reasons can tell us if a platform is a scam or not?

Specifications of Hairdoy

  • Website Type: Home improvement accessories and furniture
  • Shipping Time: Within 24 hours
  • Delivery Time: 3-10 business days
  • Exchange: Applicable
  • Refund: Refunds are applicable
  • Shipping Charges: Free to all UK Mainland Address (Standard Delivery)
  • Next Day Delivery: Next day delivery £2.99 
  • Cancellation: Possible before shipment
  • Contact Number: +12563695004
  • Email Address:
  • Company Address: 1926, South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106
  • Payment Modes: All payments options are available except COD

Is Hairdoy dot com legit?

The website is new and is running its operations from the past 20 days; however, it comes with years of experience by our expert interior designers. The company uses DHL and EMS as shipping methods, and the tracking code is sent to customers within 36-48 hours after payment.

This online marketplace has all the information, including telephone number, company address along with the shipping time. However, the email address does not have web-hosting, which is not a good sign. Moreover, the company uses SSL security that keeps all the information you enter safe and encrypted.

The above information clarifies all doubts, and the e-store seems genuine and keeps all the background information on an open page.

Pros of buying from Hairdoy

  • Latest designs to improve home appearance
  • The products available are affordable
  • You can exchange, return and cancel the item
  • Timely refund
  • Quick delivery available at a nominal charge
  • Uses good quality raw materials

Cons of buying from Hairdoy

  • You can only make an advance payment. Cash on delivery options not available
  • A fee is applicable for next day delivery.
  • The company uses a third-party email address.
  • As a new website; fewer customer reviews available

What are customers saying about Hairdoy?

The website is new, and little reviews are available on the site. Hence, we looked deep and searched the web-world to find out what all customers have to say about it. Most of the people have an outstanding experience with the service; the products are up to the mark.

The orders were on time and were same as shown in the picture and no complaints mention by buyers. 

Final Words

The website is new in the market, and very few reviews available online. It has SSL security, keeping your data safe and secure. Also, it has all the information about shipping, delivery, returns, company address, contact number and email address, which is a good sign.

The manufacturer has done proper listing and arranged all the items in different categories. I hope all the information will let you make the sound judgment about this new online shopping site. Hence, we suggest you give it a try and share your experience with us. Do let us know in the comment section and ask if you have any questions or doubts?

0 thoughts on “Is Hairdoy Legit [June] – Buying Here Is Good or Not!

  1. YOU ARE SCAM ARTISTS!! I placed my order 9 days ago and I have not received any info about my order, as of today 5/8/2020. I’ve even sent emails to Customer Service AND the sellers with NO REPLY. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT THE PRICES WERE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! If you are a scam please just tell me and I’ll count my loses. If I don’t receive my merchandise I’ll never use you again anyway so what do you have to lose. Can you tell me why Customer Service (If it really is that) tells me that once they receive the tracking info they’ll forward it to me??? Unbelievable…

      1. I ordereda package 2 months ago and nothing came in and no one answers the inquiries. I cant believe that still not closed down!!

    1. I placed an order for a wahl hair clippers on may 6th 2020 , after reading reviews online about this website I decided to cancel the order the same day, first reply I got from seller was “ I’m sorry your item has been shipped” a month later I got in the mail 3 dust masks instead of the wahl hair clipper, I contacted PayPal and seller, seller replied me back saying:

      “ Hi,
      Sorry for the inconvenience
      How about we refund 65% to you directly?
      You can keep the items as compensation.Needn’t send it back.

      Re: Re: Order ID: 15344 $56.19 Item #SKUNO4066395

      Thank you.“

      Mask are in the garbage, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE,

  2. I didnt get a receipt when I brought my product but they took my money out my account. Hope its legit will keep you informed. If not legit this whole site will be shut down if I have received a receipt or any kind of confirmation of my purchase

  3. I was smammed out of 55 dollars by the Hairdoy site for a wahls brand hairclippers and have been unable to get a refund for over 2 weeks now ..Warning do not buy from this website

    1. I too ordered oster hair clipper blades and have yet to receive it. I emailed customer service and received a reply that it would take 10 to 20 business days before I would get a shipping number or delivery… i am giving it a week going to my bank and reporting them as fraudulent and have them investigate to get a refund. Will never order or recommend this site to anyone.

  4. If I would have search this before I ordered I wouldn’t have! I did get an email recipe but now my account is gone that I made. It’s saying my email is not found??

  5. Another thing the phone number is no longer working. Some people’s kids that have no morals knowing the world is under de stress so let’s F—K everyone

    1. I guess we are all in the same boat. Purchased wahl clippers about a month ago and have not received it as of 5/26/20. They did provide a tracking number, but when I go to track, no information. We all have been scammed.

  6. I placed an order for a pair Of wahl clippers on 5/11/20 and received an order confirmation within 30 minutes. I received a shipping notification on 5/12/20 with a tracking number. It was a LS tracking number which indicates china post. I placed my order using Paypal so if there’s any kind of problem or fraud at all, such as non delivery, counterfeit item, Item not as described or anything else not right I will be refunded thru Paypal without having to go thru the retailer. I will update when Item arrives. My conformation email says 10-15 days for shipping, which is another sign of shipping from china.

    1. i received my item when i purchase wahl clippers. it was kn95 mask. I ended up disputing with paypal. fuck this site.

  7. I contacted PayPal days after my order when I saw that everything online said it was a scam. I did get tracking from China and the last time it shows any movement is on 5/9. It is 5/29 and no new tracing movement. My case is still open with PayPal so I’m not worried, but aggravating none the less. And it was for Wahl hair clippers

  8. This review is clearly a SCAM. I love how it mentions that the listed contact information makes it legit when clearly all of the contact info is FAKE! I bought Wahl clippers back in April 29. I think I was one of the first cause I could not find ANY comments online. The website looked legit. PayPal and secure CC payment was legit and I received a professional receipt at payment although it had no shipping information and it was from a 3rd party email. I did research on the 3rd party email address and started finding many negative reviews. I also tried to go back to website and view my order and it said that it did not exist! That when I noticed street address and phone number were fake. The website said it would ship in 48hrs and receive in 3-10 days. After 48 hrs and I heard nothing I IMMEDIATELY contacted PayPal and opened a claim. However, PayPal gives sender 20 days to respond before action. Once I opens the claim I received a tracking number from CHINA!! I have been tracking my package and it is in the USPS system and supposed to deliver today, 6/1. I will update this post and let you know what I receive.

  9. Ken. R


    I also received a second shipping confirmation email on 5/13/20 from hairdoy with a second tracking #. The clippers I ordered where a combo clippers and T liners. On 5/30/20. The package from the second email confirmation arrived containing three cheap face mask. The type being used these days for Covid 19. The first tracking # hasn’t shown any movement from the 1st day it posted saying arrived at sorting center to the 2nd day saying processed through facility Fuzhou ems, China. So something is moving thru the mail system on the first tracking # I received. That last update thru china post was 15 days ago. which is about normal under the Covid 19 conditions. Do I believe it’s my clippers? No I don’t. So I will be placing a complaint in the resolution center in Paypal later today for my refund when I have the time. this will be a slam dunk case for Paypal, they love protecting there clients.

    1. Ken R. Please keep us all updated. I am in the same boat. Wahl clippers and tracking #’s. Waiting on paypal and their review. I also filed a claim with the BBB the name was totally different, address didn’t match.

  10. I also ordered via Hairdoy (SCAM 100%). Ordered Oster Fastfeed Clippers, 25 days later I got my shipment from China for two face masks. So anyone whom has ordered with them, be prepared they will ship (takes forever with little movement for weeks), but you will not get your order for the items you ordered, rather you will get face masks. Paypal got my case on May 2nd, still open and waiting for a resolution, have sent them pictures of the invoice for the clippers and the pics of the items that were received. Long process, least for my situation. DO NOT BUY WITH THIS GROUP

  11. This operation is a scam run out of China. Wu uses Paypal to act like his operation is legit, along with bogus tracking information. I’m disputing it through Paypal and hopefully will see a refund one way or another. Hopefully Paypal will pull his ability to use them as a front to his slimy operation – Don’t buy the $55 Wahl Hair Clippers! IT IS A SCAM!

  12. This operation is a scam run out of China. Wu uses Paypal to act like his operation is legit, along with bogus tracking information. I’m disputing it through Paypal and hopefully will see a refund one way or another. Hopefully Paypal will pull his ability to use them as a front to his slimy operation – Don’t buy the $55 Wahl Hair Clippers! IT IS A SCAM!

  13. It’s a scam. Ordered merchandise and it never came. Complained and they gave me a fake tracking number, which they also gave to PayPal to claim they sent the merchandise. About to initiate a chargeback with my bank. Seller appears to be in California but really in China but really a scam.

  14. I have placed a order and send to emails with no response. The phone number listed is not connected . RUN RUN FAST ..

  15. I ordered clippers for $62 dollars… they sent me 3 face masks. TF.
    I contacted them and about 4 different people responded ALL attempting to negotiate the refund. finally I agreed to a return of $54.

    That was two weeks ago. no return. and so far no more response from emails.

    WHO do I contact in China to put a foot up their a$$?

  16. Please do not buy from this website.I ordered a clipper and they shipped me a small package from china and it took over a month to deliver and the item inside the package was an underwear which is not what i ordered and also on the packing label clearly written underwear.I immediately opened a case with paypal and waiting for the sellers response and case outcome. This company or person PengWei Zhou cheating people and committing online fraud by sending wrong items.

  17. I ordered an item from 8 weeks ago and they sent medical masks instead. It looks like they send light weight items to generate tracking numbers. They offered to send a new item in 6-8 weeks I said no, they offered a 60% refund, seriously. They are a Chinese company that tries to make it look like they have an office in Nebraska. The phone number is disconnected by the way. You really should avoid this company at all costs. Read online you will find others with the same problem.


  19. KEN. R


    So much for slam dunk with Paypal. I filed a claim with Paypal on 6/3/20 while they waited for the seller to respond. The seller responded to Paypal on 6/9/20. Paypal stated they where reviewing the case and should have a conclusion by 6/19/20 that date moved to 6/24/20 on which Paypal decided in the sellers favor because they provided a tracking number with confirmation. I filed a claim with my credit union for item not received, sent the pictures of the mask in the little package with the tracking number provided to paypal, my order receipt and order confirmation email. Within an hour I was refunded. Banks normally send you back to Paypal to file a claim, however I explained the non human factor and error pages I kept getting when trying to post my evidence. Paypals resolution center is closed due to covid 19. There are no humans working these cases in my opinon. When you try to upload pics on Paypal on a mobile device or computer browser you get an error page. So when you call in on the phone to file a claim it’s very generic just item not received with no specifics or pics to prove your point.

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