Is Gravel Master Legit [June] Is It A Scam or Legit?

Is Gravel Master Legit [June] Is It A Scam or Legit?

Is Gravel Master Legit [June] Is It A Scam or Legit? -> The above investigation will give you an idea of the site’s credibility.

Renovating your home and planning to design a colourful play area for your kids? Gravel Master is the online shopping platform to order fancy horticultural and landscaping goods at competitive prices.

Is Gravel Master Legit? is the first thought that comes to our mind before shopping through it. We will hereby investigate the website to determine the trustworthiness of the shopping site.

Gravel Master Reviews tell that online business is functional in the United Kingdom. Before judging the shopping portal, let us go through its features, social presence and shopping pros & cons.

Is Gravel Master a Legit website?

Online shopping is prevalent these days. Therefore, a lot of businesses are introducing themselves in the digital space. Most of them have turned out to be fraudulent websites involved in harming online buyers. So surfers have got to be more cautious and smart enough to identify the legitimacy of the website. We should only collaborate with the sites that qualify to be streamlined and polished against a set of verification mechanisms.

We will employ an in-depth analysis of the website and verify the genuineness of such websites. Our report will impart some of the quick investigation mechanisms for our readers to spot the red flags of the site. 

Gravel Master is a shopping site performing well since 2009. The website is involved in selling colourful and fancy landscaping sands, gravels and horticulture goods. It has a unique option of allowing its users to “Promise Price Match”.

What is Gravel Master?

Gravel Master is an online business selling various decorative horticultural landscaping goods like chipping, gravels, pebbles, rockery, winter salt, etc at pocket-friendly prices. The platform promises to deliver the ordered items within 48 hours. It also facilitates the inquiries and complaints of its users and potential buyers via helpline number and email support.

The brand is doing well for more than ten years in the online marketplace. It cares enough to provide adequate information on product shipping, delivery, returns, and refund policy. 

Specifications of Gravel Master:

  • Product: decorative horticultural landscaping goods
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Parent Company: Gravelmaster
  • Address: Unit 10 Hayfield Business Park, Field Lane Finningley, Doncaster DN9 3FL
  • Contact number: 0330 058 5068 except Sat-Sun
  • Working Hours: Mon-Fri (8:00am – 5:00pm); Sat-Sun (8:00am – 5:00pm); Holidays (8:00am – 5:00pm)
  • Shipping fee: Free Shipping for standard delivery
  • Delivery time: Standard Delivery 2-3 working days; Express Delivery costs £15
  • Order Tracking: Email Notifications or call 0330 058 5068
  • Order Cancellation: Fully refunded within before product is shipped
  • Replacement: Not Mentioned
  • Returns: Accepted within 14 days
  • Refunds: Processed within 3-5 working days
  • Refund Queries:
  • Mode of Payment: Accepts major payments via Visa, Mastercard, American Express & PayPal

Pros of buying from Gravel Master:

  • The website is more than ten years old
  • Huge fan base on social brand pages
  • Customer can seek support on a helpline ( 0330 058 5068 except Sat-Sun ) as well as email (
  • Found “Privacy Policy” and “FAQ” pages

Cons of buying from Gravel Master:

  • Inadequate information on Exchange policy
  • The last blog was updated in March’20
  • No COD payment option

Customer feedback on Gravel Master:

The online shop has a fully populated customer support helpline number and email id along with a physical address enabling customers to avail assistance on their queries and inquiries. With the detailed “FAQ” page, the website has managed to cite answers to commonly asked questions on product shipping, delivery, returns, and refund process tilting in favour of the site’s genuineness.

The e-shop is SSL certified, allowing it to facilitate a safe internet connection for its visitors and ensures to prevent their personal information to be hacked or manipulated.

Conversely, the online business has not been able to deliver sufficient information on product exchange. The website has a blog which was last updated in March’20.

Final Verdict:

The brand has significantly promoted its awareness across a massive audience through social media platforms extending a sense of credibility. Also, the website has been thriving in the digital space for almost ten years.

The customer reviews and ratings attest the quality of products offered; therefore, which is a green light for the online buyers to shop through the platform.

As per our investigation report, the website qualifies against almost every cybersecurity verification technique creating an impression of legitimacy amongst its visitors. Therefore, we would recommend this webstore to our readers and announce it to be a legit shopping platform.

0 thoughts on “Is Gravel Master Legit [June] Is It A Scam or Legit?

  1. Gravel Master is a sham, it boasts to having been on love your garden, in my opinion the only television programme that they should have featured on is” ROGUE TRADERS.”
    Yes they do have help line numbers, but unfortunately they do not answer the phones, so customer service is a joke.

    This shambolic Company take your order and money very swiftly, but do not for fill on the orders placed, and have no qualms about fleecing the public of their hard earned cash.



  2. Play bark arrived a week after the advised delivery date even though this was booked a week in advance. The quality of the Play bark was not even fit for an allotment, it had stones, durt and mud in it. This product was for a kids play area and nothing like the pictures. GM did not respond to emails and had me waiting in the phone que for 30mins a time with no answer. Escalated via Paypal, was offered a refund but only if i returned it but i have no way of returning 1 Ton of Bark Mulsh so i cant get refund as they refuse to collect it

  3. Placed an order on 6th August for a 850kg bulk bag of Cotswold Buff chippings.
    Selected delivery on 11th August between 8:00am & 6:00pm.
    They had a box that you could type in ‘special instructions’ so I requested that the driver park in the road outside the house & lift the bulk bag over the fence into the garden (easy access) assuming they would send a lorry with a crane as it was a bulk bag order (how wrong was I to assume).
    They took immediate payment.
    Made sure someone was around all day to accept delivery (the very person who is going to lay the chippings).
    I received an email at 11:27am to say that it had been delivered to the local hub & delivery would be completed within 24hrs (I thought that was a little odd but then thought maybe it was just a standard notification & I was working so could not act on it anyway).
    Delivery had not taken place by 4:45pm so I thought I would give them a call to find out if it was going to be delivered by 6:00pm on the 11th August (Tuesday).
    After explaining my concern that time was running out, the female at customer services said, there has been a delay & it will be delivered on Thursday (13th August)! I then asked why I wasn’t notified & she replied “You would have notified via email that it had reached the hub” to which I replied that it had at 11:27am & said that it would be delivered within 24hrs. She then said “yes, on Thursday” to which I replied, but that’s more than 24hrs anyway but more to the point, why was I not notified that it would not be delivered as specified at point of order & payment. She then replied “there are delays due to covid”. Now, whilst I can appreciate possible delays, they should not have allowed me to choose a specific delivery date in my opinion & they have no excuse for lack of contact.
    I then requested to cancel the order as they had failed to deliver on time. She then said that there would be a cancellation fee of £50.00 (could even have been plus VAT). I then said “but surely you have breached the contract”? she then replied “there is no contract” to which I replied “I think you’ll find we entered into a contract the moment you accepted my online order & took immediate payment”. She was quite adamant that no contract has been entered into (I need to look into this). She then said that it would also just be a kerbside delivery as the lorries sent out do not have cranes. I then asked what is the point of allowing customers to type in special instructions & once again, why wasn’t I contacted with regards to this to which she had no real answer. When I referred back to the non-delivery on the specified date, she then replied “that is your desired date but delivery on this date is not guaranteed”!!! She then threw up the terms & conditions saying that the delivery date is not guaranteed, kerbside delivery only & an order cancellation charge is all stated in the terms & conditions which I agreed to when I placed the order!!!!
    I have requested a phone call from a manager tomorrow (12th August) because they were all ‘in a meeting today’ (yes of course they were).
    All I can say is avoid, avoid, avoid.

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