Is Google Plus Data Litigation Scam (Aug) Get informed

Is Google Plus Data Litigation Scam (Aug) Get informed

Is Google Plus Data Litigation Scam (Aug) Get informed -> Read how google is handling legal cases and what dates are essential to know updates.

Have your data been breached between 2015-18? You can claim your losses now. “Is Google Plus Data Litigation Scam” is doing rounds on search engines and in the United States. The dates to exclude yourself, object, claim and attend the hearing in court is out. 8th October and 19th November of 2020 are two important dates to remember. 

Google Plus Data Litigation Scam– It is the most significant data breach that ever happened by google plus. Many big companies are affected by it. However, we cannot call it a scam because the court or plaintiffs do not prove it.  

What is Google Plus Data Litigation Scam?

Between 2011 to 2019, Google launched a new social media platform, “Google Plus.” In 2015, this platform started showing software bugs that lasted till 2018. In the bugging period, the applicable permitted app designers to access profile information. Trust us- it is the biggest loop that any google software ever experienced

Mr. Eileen M. Pinkowski, Mr. Matthew Matic, Mr. Charles Olson, and Mr. Zak Harris asked for legal help to fight the data breach. Putative class users are most affected by bugs. Nevertheless, Google straightforwardly denied every claim and refused to take any liability. It says no class members are affected because of the software bugs that happened between 2015-18. 

How will 7.5M dollars be used?

  • For payments of class member settlement
  • Fees of attorney (Less than 25%) 
  • For settlement expenses, costs, and funds not more than 200,000 dollars.
  • 1500 dollars service awards to four representatives
  • Administration costs and fees, if mandatory
  • Cypress money distribution of the remnant funds
  • Not a single penny from 7.5 million dollars will be returned to Google.


Talking about the user reviews, we have not found a single comment that suggests Google Plus Data Litigation Scam. We only found that the users are receiving emails to submit their claims and wait for the court hearing. The mails have baffled everyone out there. Besides, the users are seeking help from each other to know the legitimacy of this claim. 


As Google Plus Data Litigation Scam is talk of the month, many users are claiming otherwise. Bad experiences or reviews directly from the Google Plus Users cannot be found on the internet. Nevertheless, you still have time to request some money if you have been affected by the software bug. Google is liable to pay 7.7 million dollars for the settlement. 

If you are among the affected users, then a share of 7.7M dollars will be credited to your bank account. However, this news has not been aired on television or newspaper yet. Therefore, we are a little dubious because Google has always been the reliable source of information.

Well, do let us know what do you think of this scam or litigation step? The comment section is created only for you. 

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  1. Guess I’m just curious to find out if my info was part of the personal data that was leaked. I haven’t been able find out munch so far. I’ll keep looking. Good luck to everyone else as well…IF IT AIN’T A SCAM!! ?$12…Let me find out…??

  2. I think this is a scam because the ONLY way to get a payment is to provide your PayPal account number or your banks routing number and account number. Most settlements will mail you a check.

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