Is Google Nest Mini Spotify Scam {Sep} Checkout Here!

Is Google Nest Mini Spotify Scam {Sep} Checkout Here!

Is Google Nest Mini Spotify Scam {Sep} Checkout Here! >> Thus, the article, as mentioned above, is for Google Nest Mini Spotify and its legitimacy.

Well, in the pandemic, everyone has become a lot more positive towards the good things in life. Well, when it comes to freebies, what could be better than that? People in the United States are rejoicing on the new deal that Spotify offers a free smart speaker to the users who pay for Spotify premium.

But many questions are floating on the internet like, ‘ Is Google Nest Mini Spotify Scam?

In this article, we have investigated the matter and got you the details about this deal and its legitimacy.

What is Google Nest Mini Spotify

Spotify is one reputed brand in United States. It has garnered a lot of attention of late because of its offer of a free Google nest mini to the subscribers of its premium services. This offer started in August and is going to continue in September. It has resulted in more new signups for the company as nobody wants to miss a lucrative deal.

Spotify had done it earlier as well when it provided the Google home speakers to its subscribers. Now the users can avail of a smart speaker after just paying for Spotify. But, ‘ Is Google Nest Mini Spotify Scam? It doesn’t seem to be. But in case a user had already received a speaker last year when this deal came for the first time, then the user is not eligible for this deal of getting a speaker again. Also, the user has to link their Spotify account with Google Assistant. 

Eligibility Criteria for availing the offer for Google Nest Mini Spotify:

  • The user should use a recurring payment method.
  • The user should not be in a trial offer period 
  • The user should not be an invited member of the family/Duo plan.
  • The user must not have a premium with the partner company. 
  • The user must not have claimed a Google nest mini through any previous offer. 

How does Google Nest Mini Spotify function?

It is a deal that is available only for the premium users of Spotify. Only the users who had not availed for the Google Nest Mini when this offer came last time can not avail of this offer and must have thought Is Google Nest Mini Spotify Scam.

Customer Reviews:

The users have availed the Google Mini through Spotify earlier as well. The company is doing it again. The users are excited about Spotify offering the Google Nest mini also. 

It is one lucrative offer that nobody wants to miss out on. People are more eager to sign up for Spotify now owing to this excellent offer that provides them with a free Google Nest mini when they sign up for SpotifyIs Google Nest Mini Spotify Scam had already occurred last year, so it’s not a scam.

Our Final Take:

Is Google Nest Mini Spotify Scam? We think that the offer is legit. However, we recommend our readers to go through the terms and conditions carefully before signing up for anything. 

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