Is Legit (Oct 2020) To Know, Read The Post!

Is Legit (Oct 2020) To Know, Read The Post!

Is Legit (Oct 2020) To Know, Read The Post! >> The article is about an online gaming store that provides video games at a low-cost price.

When it comes to playing a video game, one game always comes up in our mind is Mario, the developer who made our childhood, so fun is Nintendo. They created a few more famous video games that people love to play in this PlayStation era. In this article, we will talk about Is Legit.

The website is registered in the United States and claims to provide video games at a low-cost price; you can also get various other products like Sony products, Xbox, and others. There are several gaming online stores available, which created confusion among the buyers that whether they are legit or fake.

What is

The website is a gaming store where you can order the products like Sony PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox. The website says that you will get the product at the best possible price range, according to the market price, the offer that this website provides is comparatively less than others.

You can make different order games that can be played on various platforms like in Nintendo. You can buy Switch 2, animal crossing, Arms, astral chain, Bayonetta 2, and other products like joysticks, crossword plus portable video games, and many more items.

In the Sony PlayStation section, you can buy PS4. You can also choose the product according to the RAM and other technical specifications. But the matter is that whether it Is Legit or not.

Is Legit?

When it comes to online purchasing, buyers become choosy. The reason may be the website is fake. Sometimes it becomes difficult to determine whether the website from where we are buying is legit or not, and the same thing is with this website, whether it Is Legit or not.

We researched it and found several flaws that the address and the other contact information given is fake. The unmatched and unrealistic price range makes us think about its legitimacy. And we believe this website is not fit for our readers and other buyers. It will help if you look for another website.

What is the customer opinion on this website?

When it comes to customer opinion, a buyer gains trust in that. It is necessary to verify the consumer’s feedback so that it is essential to identify each website’s aspects. When we dig out all the information about the website, we found some customer reviews.

And we started thinking about whether it Is Legit and we found in our research that it’s just another scam website. In one of the comments, one user has mentioned that he found a mismatched warehouse address. He said that they are misleading the consumer by citing the wrong official address. 

They have given some residential addresses of the United States, and there is no warehouse in that mentioned area. So, this website may be a fake one.


After our research and reviewing the customer’s feedback, we think the website is not legit, and people should avoid it. Please tell us your thoughts on the comment section below.

0 thoughts on “Is Legit (Oct 2020) To Know, Read The Post!

  1. I was looking at customer feedback on the site and the item said 4 stars with customer reviews under it but if you read the reviews the reviews are from different sites such as Amazon do not buy it is a scam

    1. I ordered a $260 video game paid extra for 427 day shipping got it a month later after PayPal harassing them for tracking number what I received was a two and a half cent iPhone case

      1. Yup, got the same damn thing. Good thing i used my credit card. since paypal doesnt wanna help im going to dispute with my CC company.

  2. I believe they are a scam because of the unbelievable low prices on the PS4s, plus they already have the PS5 and Xbox one x for sell for $239 and neither one is out yet.

  3. I think they are scams! They took money out of my bank account though papal and I never got a confirmation number from them or paypal. It was a gift for my childs Birthday! Shame on you Fundgaming Online!!!!!!

  4. They took 177 from me Nd send me a phone case I be damned I want my money back if anybody knows how to get it let me know

  5. I purchased a Playstation 4 Pro from this website. I just received a cell phone case valued at $10. I filed a dispute with PayPal and submitted an complaint against (aka Specialty Store). Also note, there is no warehouse in the US. These cell phone cases are shipped from China, which took 2 months at “Expedited Shipping” to reach me. Now PayPal informs me I must pay for the shipping of the cell phone case back to China out of my own pocket to get my refund. I will be fighting this wrongful action to the fullest. This is not my responsibility to pay for anything. Do NOT buy from this website. Other people wronged by, please create an ic3 complaint @

  6. Do not order it is a scam! I had 2 separate orders from them ordered the same day. 1st order Nintendo Switch and 2 Switch games. 2nd order Nintendo Switch. I payed $15 for 4-7 day shipping on each order. 1st order took 15 days to arrive and 2nd took 1 month 1 day to arrive. I recieved a cheap super thin clear phone case for each order??‍♀️ i payed through paypal and seller offered to refund me but only if i returned the items first, id have to pay $20 to ship it back and the return address they provided seems fake. I told paypal and they said to file a complaint with Internet Crimes Complaint Center, send them a copy and then theyd refund me in a few days with having to return the item, i did all that on 10/6 its now 10/17 i still havent been refunded and anytime i ask for an update they ask for the copy again, say ill be refunded in a few days and to just wait till they send me a message with an update??‍♀️

  7. I ordered from the the website. I sent an email to find out where my merchandise was and still I don’t have an answer. The ph# is disconnected. I’m hoping it doesn’t show up on my visa. Safari on line says the website doesn’t exist. I think it’s a fake. My nephew gave me the link to order his birthday present. People like should be
    Caught and punished !

  8. I ordered from a 94$ PS4Pro with 5-7 day delivery. It ended up sending me a fake phone case cover for phone saying delivered on order. I just wanted to be a gamer happy. website is gone and the shipping came from the tracking receipt China to a scam fraud not delivered. I lost 94$ and I’m low income disability payments thinking how to figure the refund or really good deal for 94$ PS4Pro. It was a scam or company caved in or if anyone could help my email is

  9. Scam!!! I’m out $150.00, and received a cheap phone case…. Pretty frustrating. I’m not as mad about the money loss, as I am that they have name, address and phone number. GRRR

  10. I was also scammed for a PlayStation I ordered for my brothers birthday. I ordered it last week, I noticed there was no tracking sent to me, as my job is in shipping, this was very suspicious to me. Also I emailed them twice with no response. I email PayPal, they got back to me and said I needed to go to the site I ordered from and contact them. When I did, their website was gone! I did a google search for fungaming, and here I am, in this little comment box, Waiting in my bank line to report it.

  11. For anyone who needs advice on this, call PayPal they will open an investigation and in about two weeks, if the seller doesn’t respond, you’ll be refunded your money.

    1. Hello,

      I went to PayPal and stated that the transaction was unauthorized so that it would stop the payment and they sent it back to me stating that it looks like it was authorized and no refund would be given. How can I get my money back because I tried to email the company and the email was returned undeliverable and I tried calling the number under contact us and it doesn’t even work. Please help!!! Please send to my email address Thank you for any advice.

  12. So I know this is a little late, but I thought I’d add to the testimonials anyway. This site is a SCAM. I purchased an Xbox one s from this site. payed extra for faster shipping. It didn’t come in on time, but I figured mail was just slow coming in from China. NOT the issue. What came in the mail instead of the Xbox, was a flimsy iPhone case. I immediately sent in a complaint to Paypal. (thank god I paid through them). It’s going to take up to a month to fix this horse****. But at least I’ll get my money back.


    hope this helps

  13. I ordered something a month ago. It took a month to get a shipping slip. The tracking info said it was delivered, but instead of a NES System, they sent me a $3 silicone phone cover. The website says it’s in California but it’s all from China. I just lost $60.
    Don’t use this company!!!

  14. It’s a scam site
    1 prices are resiculously low ,
    2 email address doesn’t exist
    3 Fake address
    4 Phone number is a 570 area code which is from pa not california where warehouse is supposed to be from and number isn’t registered to there company it’s a cell number which is probably high jacked number
    Stay away from them

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