Is Everlilys com Legit {Sept 2020} – Helpful Reviews!

Is Everlilys com Legit {Sept 2020} – Helpful Reviews!

Is Everlilys com Legit {Sept 2020} – Helpful Reviews! >> Love to discover new voguish online stores to shop trendy, modish clothes, read the reviews here.

Are you fond of stylish and modish apparel and love to shop trendy and fashionable clothes? If yes, here is presenting an article on an all-new upcoming voguish online store named “Everlilys” dealing with all-new stylish and attractive apparel like fancy dresses, modish tops, shoe wear, and many more. Fantastic!  

But while shopping from an online store creates an opportunity for swindlers to generate fraudulent activities so that they can enlace them in their traps with the purpose of despoil people; therefore, we must be aware of that jiggery-pokery and look over the legitimateness of that website. Hence to know Is Everlilys Com Legit? As well as safe for shopping stick through the article.

At present, the online portal mentioned above is associated with the United States; furthermore, we recommend you wade through the Everlilys Reviews to know more.

Is Everlilys Com Legit?

Before culminating the Legitimacy of Everlilys, we would like to inform you of subtle bits and pieces related to the website. Everlilys is SSL encrypted and providing different modes of online payment; apart from this, the website registered its domain on 15-05-2020, which will expire on 15-05-2020 that means the website is just 2 month and 21 days old less than six months.

The above facts and figures regarding the website make it wide of the mark, i.e., not trustworthy. Sounds dodgy! 

Therefore the answer to Is Everlilys Com Legit?, we will say that it can be a scam as well as for more details read Everlilys Reviews under Customer Reviews for Everlilys section thoroughly.

What is Everlilys?

Everlilys is an online haberdashery of the United States co-powered by Shopify dealing with the utmost voguish, modish, and designer apparel for women only. Women especially always love to discover online clothing stores as they like to modify their wardrobes from time to time, It offers a wide range of women apparel and accessories like Vintage Basic short dress, Short sleeve Tie-dye dress, Stripped printed top, Loose long shirt, pants, jumpsuits, and Bohemian ethnic wind earrings, anklets and many more. Awesome!

Everlilys classified its products under Dresses, Curvy, Tops, Bottoms, Swimwear, Shoes, and Accessories. You will get a wide variety of women stuff at Everlilys that can be accessible at low prices. Amazing!                

Specifications of Everlilys

  • The website is dealing with- women voguish apparel and accessories.
  • Estimated delivery time- 5-15 business days
  • Shipping policy- Free shipment on US dollar 59 and above.
  • Return policy- 30 days easy return policy
  • Company’s contact details- Not available 
  • Company’s address details- Not available 
  • E-mail id for support- Payment mode- Paypal, credit card, Master card, etc.

Pros of Everlilys

  • A wide range of women stylish and up to date apparel is available on the website.
  • A wide variety of women shoe wear and accessories are also offered on the site.
  • Products can be accessible at a cheap price.
  • 30 days easy return policy.
  • Free shipment on all orders of dollar 59 and above.
  • E-mail id to support its customers 24/7 is available on the website.
  • Offering various modes of online payment with a secured payment guarantee.

Cons of Everlilys

  • The company’s contact and address details are not mentioned on the portal.
  • Orders can only be return if one has the printed return slip.
  • Pajamas, shape wear, swimwear, lingerie, etc. will not be return even if they are defective.

Customer Reviews for Everlilys

We found numerous positive reviews and ratings regarding the products on the website. But still, it is easy to generate fake reviews on the website using various technologies; therefore, we decide to go into overdrive and check other social media platforms. Woefully we did not find any reviews related to the products and deliveries. 

Hence the company’s details are not mentioned on the website; therefore, we would not recommend you shop from the site, which looks none other than shilly-shally.

Final Verdict

Everlilys is SSL encrypted and provided an e-mail id to support its customers 24/7 as well as customers can also contact the Everlilys team through Facebook. There were many positive reviews and a rating related to the products on the website, yet the website is linked with so many social media platforms. 

However, the absence of the company’s contact and address details on the website make this website shillyshally. Hence considering the age of the website that is just 2 months old, we reached up to the conclusion that this website could be a scam, so be heedful while shopping from Everlilys.

0 thoughts on “Is Everlilys com Legit {Sept 2020} – Helpful Reviews!

  1. Thank you for this info! I got scammed by a few Chinese clothing companies posing as stylish boutiques via instagram ads. I received straight junk and now their website no longer exists.
    Note: To anyone reading this who has been scammed by these type of foreign companies, Paypal will ‘usually’ have your back. So don’t think you just have to roll over and take it when they send you bull sh* $2 flea market merchandise that looks nothing like what you paid for.
    I think something needs to be done by instagram about this

  2. It’s a scam, DON’T BUY. I am currently in the process of trying to get my money back from PayPal. The 1st tracking number provided didn’t exist. When I requested information on why that was the case They gave me a different tracking number to a carrier that doesn’t exist. They then sent in transit info with no details on who the carrier is and what the delivery address is. Don’t waste your time, money, or energy on this fake company.

  3. Please do not order from Everlilys, this is a false company. I placed an order on August 28, 2020 and never received it. I reached out to the company and a woman by the name of Nancy provided two different tracking numbers, both were invalid. It’s now October 2, 2020 and I have yet to receive my order. Again, please do not order from this company. They are located in China scamming people.

  4. Their website is a lie! They claim to offer a return slip but when you try to process a return they refuse you the slip and offer $10 Coupon Cash. If you still want to return you have SHIP IT BACK YOURSELF….it’s ridiculous and FALSE ADVErTiSiNG!

  5. My recommendation is DO NOT BUY. I saw the Everlily ad on Facebook this past summer and was excited about some of the items. I didn’t see any negative reviews online, but I also didn’t see reviews by those who’d actually purchased, just positive comments about the way the items looked online. I ordered through PayPal and saw that there was free shipping and returns and saw in the FAQ on their website that you could return even if you simply didn’t like an item. I knew there would be an issue when the purchase confirmation email they sent me had the company name spelled wrong. I received the items as ordered two months later. My favorite item was the quality you’d expect of Made in China items at this price point and was definitely nice enough to keep as were a couple of additional items. The others either didn’t fit or the quality was way too poor so I emailed for my return authorization as detailed in their return instructions. They were responsive, but first asked me if I could get a tailor to fix the issue. When I said no, they told me I would have to send pics of me in the clothes so they may determine if something was wrong with them. When I refused they said they would not refund my money. I disputed it with my bank which gave me a refund, and I never had to return the clothes I didn’t want but it’s over three months since I ordered and the ordeal is just now being settled. Definitely not worth the trouble but my concern is they will just change their name once their Everlily game is discovered, and keep scamming people. They make these items for a few dollars each, so with no middle man and the cheapest shipping possible, they still greatly profited off my order. Buyer Beware.

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