Is Elishops Legit {April 2020} Read Elishops Reviews

Is Elishops Legit {April 2020} Read Elishops Reviews

Is Elishops Legit {April 2020} Read Elishops Reviews >> In this article, read about buying women accessories and jewellery collection online.

Get your hands on the trendy jewellery at an affordable price from Elishops.

Ladies are a massive fan of wearing different types of jewellery, and there are so many latest trends coming in the market each day. According to the Elishops Reviews, this online store sells the reasonable priced trendy and latest items.

As of the current records, the site is gaining a massive response in the United State, and customers are all praises about the items sold by the website. The jewellery is known to be uniquely designed and is made with high-quality materials.

In this review, we will tell answer the most asked question- Is Elishops Scam? And we will also share other essential details of the e-store with our readers.

What is Elishops?

Elishops is an online store that sells jewellery items for women. The collection includes earrings, rings, neck chains, and bracelets.

If you are fond of wearing elegant and minimal jewellery, then you will find some of the best pieces here. The colours are aesthetic, including rose gold, silver, and golden. You will also find a few oxidized pieces here.

But why is the work scam associated with this site? Is Elishops Legit? Or is it fooling the customers? Let us tell you more about the site.

Specifications of Elishops:

  • Website- women jewellery
  • Email-
  • Address- No. 89, Zhengbian Road, Guancheng District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, 450047 China
  • Contact number- +86 17100951308
  • Shipping time- 3-5 business days
  • Delivery time- 5-7 business days
  • Returns- an item to be returned in 7 days of receiving the order
  • Exchange- applicable if the item is returned in 7 days
  • Refund- It will be credited in 10-12 business days
  • Payment- Via PayPal

Is Elishops legit?

What makes someone think that the site is a fraud? Why is it hard to believe that the site is not authentic? It depends on how the site has managed itself and how much information does it share with its customers. This site has shared all the contact details like email, phone number, address, etc. with the shoppers and thus it has cleared the first step of proving that this is site legit.

Another perspective is of the registration year. Even if Elishops is registered online recently, it has made a significant impact on the buyers by selling quality-pieces. The items are of excellent quality. And there seems no ultimate reason to say that the site is a scam by any means.

The site is legit and is worth the money.

Pros of buying from Elishops:

  • All the items are made with premium-quality material
  • Prices are reasonable
  • You can easily exchange or return the item
  • Refund is applicable
  • All the designs are comfortable and wearable

Cons of buying from Elishops:

  • You can pay money via PayPal only
  • Returns or exchange of all the items is not allowed due to hygiene reasons
  • The customer has to pay for the shipping of item that is returned
  • A refund may take some time

What are the customers saying about Elishops?

The only data that the site does not share with the buyers is customer reviews and ratings. This might have been one of the reasons that people find it hard to believe this site. But we have gathered reviews from other consumer sites and reviews.

To our surprise, the site has very few responses against it. Otherwise, most of the responses are in favour of the site. Customers highly appreciate the quality and management of the e-store. They are delighted to see the company taking up all the responsibilities so well. They said delivery was made on time, the refund was credited, and even items were exchanged in the provided time.

Final Verdict

Now that you have read all the necessary information about the site, it might be easy for you to decide if this site is legit or not. Return policy, shipping policy, refunds, etc. everything is described for the buyers. And we do not feel that any of the doubts are left unresolved.

Even if the site is new to the online world, it has managed to maintain itself well. Hence, we suggest our readers shop from this site as this site does not look like a scam apart from a very few cons. But everything has a drawback. And all that we need to see is that the site has more advantages. Thus, it is safe to purchase from Elishops.

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  2. I too ordered something from this site, don’t waste your time! I received an email stating my item had been shipped with tracking information for UPS and to get a delivery date estimation I put the number in UPS tracking and it said my item was delivered the day after my item shipped and no package was at my residence which I thought was odd because the site says items ship 3-5 days after purchase and takes about 3-5 days to arrive and it says it was shipped just a two days to “ship”. I’ve contacted them 4 times now with no response. I’ll be contacting my bank and reporting the merchant who was “selling” the item I attempted to purchase. I use quotes with my comment because this site in total is a load of BS.

  3. Same issue here I ordere a step 2 kitchen center for kids and it sent me tracking number for ups and never arrived and can’t contact them the interesting part is when I google the item one of the options to buy was on elishops but when I search for the same product on elishops search bar it’s nowhere to be found

  4. Ordered a pool 4/8. Received tracking information on 4/12 for a package that was delivered on 4/9. Contacted them 3 times requesting corrected information. Zero response. Contacted UPS and the tracking number I was given was for the same city and state, but not my name or address. Going to give it a few more days and try to figure out something via PayPal.

  5. I also feel scammed I thought I had bought a 40qt mini travel refrigerator and the only contact I’ve had with them was through paypal and a UPS tracking code that said it was delivered in two days, which would have been perfect if the package was dropped off at all (my cameras say no deliveries were made) and this so called package was only 0.70lbs not even close to the size of even the smallest travel refrigerator, my suspicions were high when no tax or shipping fees were tacked on but I was too enamored with the good deal

  6. I placed order 4/4/20 a kids dunn racer car never got a confirmation, yesterday 4/14 saying delivered to my home by front door 4/9/20 but I never got this delivery!
    Also the tracking saying 3 lbs. noway so I think company is scam. Of course that have not returned any mail

  7. This website is absolutely a scam they are frauds and this website needs to be taken down I have recently filed a complaint against them with numerous different businesses everything about them is fake. My husband recently ordered something last week and they gave us a bogus tracking number

  8. I purchased a freezer from them got a tracking number through paypal it was delivered 800 miles from where i live. Total scam i hope paypal will step up and do something about this.

  9. I ordered a Mighty Mule Gate Opener on 04/12/20, I have never received it. It was $99.94. The tracking # was off, I contacted the Seller, via e-mail and got no response. I filed a claim with PayPal, Today 5/04/2020 PayPal found for the Seller. The seller now states that the item shipped today. I will most likely never see the Mighty Mule Gate Opener and will have to contact PayPal again wasting even more time, due to the fact that PayPal has closed the Dispute and found for the seller, or I may have lost almost $100 to a Scam. My take away from this, take time to look up the seller and see all of their reviews prior to ordering.

  10. I ordered a Exaco Juwel Austrian Compost Bin on April 5th from Elishops. Admittedly I was a bit suspicious given the fact it appeared to be primarily a jewelry website and the Bin was considerably less expensive than the website I typically do business with for these type of things. The price was $84.94 with no shipping, which was also very suspicious. I received an E-mail with a PayPal check out acknowledgement, a receipt number and a web address that is bogus under merchant details. I have attempted to contact them and receive no response. I have received only the confirmation E-mail for the order with no further correspondence with a UPS tracking number or any type of acknowledgement that it has shipped.

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