Is Daisyrare Legit {Nov 2020} See Through The Reviews Now

Is Daisyrare Legit {Nov 2020} See Through The Reviews Now

Is Daisyrare Legit {Nov 2020} See Through The Reviews Now -> We have given a detailed report on a website selling women’s clothing.

Are you planning to buy some women apparel online? Many attractive websites are present online, and one of them is, which has all kinds of women’s clothing and shoes for sale. They are on the internet from the last few days only, and we need to know, Is Daisyrare Legit? Leading scams nowadays force us to analyze a newly launched webstore to safeguard our hard-earned money from scammers.

At first look, people usually get tempted to shop on a newly established web store, but ignoring its legitimacy can risk your money and essential information. Thus, we suggest you judge this new website by reading our review here in this post. This website, from the United State of America, sells clothing at discounted costs. Further on, we will provide you with all aspects that you need to know about a new e-shop.

Is Daisyrare Legit?

The website was set-up only 47 days ago and is extremely young. Ranking of the website on traffic analyzer Alexa is low, and that shows its unpopularity. To get the Daisyrare Reviews, we researched more and found only negative feedback on some sites. The new webstore is not at all in demand and quite uncommon among people. The owner has also hidden his identity and has not provided any contact information for the customers.

There is no presence on popular social media platforms, too, like Facebook, Instagram, etc. There are no reviews available, even on well-known reviewing sites. An https protocol is used to show it as a secure website, but it can be a free certificate, generally used by scamsters. The highly unpopular site has nil presence on the internet world, and that shows its dubious image. People are doubting and asking, Is Daisyrare Legit? Hence, to conclude its genuineness, we looked in for more aspects of the new online store. 

What is

This newly established webstore sells women clothing, like tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, and shoes. There is a wide range of clothing products available to shop. The prices are low, and shipping is free on orders above $90. There is no information available about shipping and returns on the website. 

The payment methods provided are PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, UCB, among other cards. 

There is no availability of the contact address of the United State website. Even the phone number for the customers is unavailable. Only email support is available for contacting them.

Specifications of

  • Type of Website – Online Clothing store for women
  • Country – United States
  • Shipping – No information available
  • Returns – No information
  • Contact Address – Not available
  • Phone number – Not available
  • Email Id –
  • Payments – Visa, UCB, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, PayPal
  • Social media – No presence is available

Worthy aspects of

  • The website has a range of clothing available for women.
  • Many modes of payment are available.

Worthless aspects of

  • The website is quite young (only 47 days old)
  • There is negative feedback available.
  • No details related to contact information is available on the site except email.
  • Social media presence is unavailable.

What are Customers Talking about

The customers are the foremost in providing feedback for a new webshop that has newly got established on the internet. We researched for Daisyrare Reviews given by the customers and found only a few. The reviews available on the internet are only negative. The webshop is considered a doubtful one, and people call it a misleading store for shoppers online.

There is no presence of reviews on popular sites like WOT, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. To justify, Is Daisyrare Legit or not, we researched more in detail. The webshop rarely has any customer that visits it and hence can be called as unreliable. The absence of any buyers and hence their reviews, make it an unpopular website that is not in demand on the internet.

The Final Analysis

The webstore that sells women’s clothing has a lot of negative aspects that make it an untrustworthy website. The hidden information about the owner and contact details make it a possible scam site. The scammers usually hide their identity and provide almost no data for the customers to judge them.

Looking at all aspects of the new webshop, we can conclude that it cannot be relied on for shopping. The buyers are requested to be careful and advised to shop on other legit sites on the web. That will enable them to protect their valuable information from scammers.

25 thoughts on “Is Daisyrare Legit {Nov 2020} See Through The Reviews Now

  1. Oh no i just spent my hard earned money last night shopping. I was so happy about what i bought. And now to find out i might have lost that money. I tell you what right now the only thing i know to do is ?. Pray i get my stuff or if not get my money back because karma is a real thing. And i am a good person and all my ? get answered in which ever way or form. So lets see what happens.

    1. Good luck u have 15 days to get a refund if u follow all there ridiculous rules or they will try to settle with u by offering 25 percent of the full price and let u keep the items u dont like it’s a very dirty sneaky fraud…

        1. They did the same to me. They never sent the dress I ordered. Instead, they sent a bunch of items made of poor material and with a pant leg actually 1 foot longer than the other leg! When I fought it through paypal and my bank they offered me 40% back. Then 50% back as a final offer. I didn’t take it. I had already sent the items back to their return address service (which said it was in SF). They said I had to send it back to China and get the package back (which never came back to me) through the USPS. Of course, I never did get anything back. This is a total scam and I have to wonder about anyone who writes that they liked their clothes. Must be a friend or relative posting a fake review as I can’t wipe my counters with what they sent to me. Complete and utter crap. Couldn’t wear it… much better to be dressed in a paper bag.

      1. I did indeed. I was as to track my shipment, I got notifications as it got close to delivery and when it was finally delivered. My purchase was well worth it, I’m happy with my purchase and my transaction experience.

      1. I sure did and I love my purchase, even better than expected. I was able to track my purchase, and when it made it to the states I received notices regarding status of delivery till delivered. I knew I’d wait ( almost a month) but I was stl happy with my purchase and overall transaction.

    2. I bought an item (the multi pack buttons)…..I just received them. I am thrilled, they are exactly as advertised, even better. The tracking number is humongous but I was able to track my purchase, then received notice it was close, then it was delivered. So I would not give up hope or freak out just yet. My buttons took alittle over 3 weeks to get. But I can truly say I am so happy with my purchase and overall transaction. Regards, Taylre Burton

  2. Thankyou so much for your information. They’re clothes are beautiful and I wanted to buy a few things but I’ve been scammed online before and now research a company more thoroughly. Your information was very helpful.

  3. Have spent $150 + and have not even received a conformation email. I am freaking out now. I also emailed to ask a few questions about invoice and shipping and I have not received a response.

  4. Image searched one of the dresses just to see and it lead me to an etsy site where the original picture was from. Who knows if they’ll actually send stuff out and what it will be like but they are definitely just copying other designers stuff either way

  5. I ordered a cute top I was under the impression it was a company here in the states it is not it’s a front for China the item was hideous way to small and the return / refund process is a nightmare nothing is as it seems the clothes are adorable but what u get is something completely opposite I’m extremely disappointed I will never ever again order on line no fone number u can’t talk to a humane lucky to get a response to a email China china china so done so beware ladies it’s a huge scam fraud fake I lost 25$ for no reason except pure greed I’m so ashamed !!!!!!

      1. me too….so upset about it…not fair…so sick of these type of places scamming …..I will not shop online anymore….DONE

  6. The dress I ordered looked nothing like the dress I received. It is AWFUL. They will not give me a refund unless I send back to China…..DON’T BUY FROM THEM

  7. You will get your order albeit in about 4+ weeks. The items are a very POOR knock off of what you see on their website. It’s fraud. It’s cheap and that should be the first red flag. The quality is horrible.

  8. Wow, I also ordered from them and it states that it was shipped but the package has not moved yet. I emailed them twice now with no response.. To all those reading this STOP, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY… So jacked up. Ugh..

  9. I upsized for overseas sizes… I’m a Texas…we have curves… one dress im going to try to exchange the other two were cute but just didn’t fit my body. In all fairness, it isn’t easy. I did get my stuff fast and if the exchange goes well them I wouldn’t mind shopping there again.

  10. I just ordered a few sweatshirts! Reading this article leaves me a little worried! Did you receive the items you arderes and we’re they good quality. I’d hate to have wasted my money on a scam or poor products. I’ve just kept seeing the sponsored ads and love the cowl neck look!

  11. This company is a complete SCAM!!! DO NOT buy anything from them!!!! What they advertise on their site is not what they send you. What I received looked NOTHING like the picture on their site. They offered me the same 25% refund to keep my item. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!

  12. GREAT! I took a solid 30 days but I just got my first package of 3 and I am very pleased. When it appeared my packages were not moving I started looking at reviews of the site and became concerned I had been scammed. This was not the case. Tracking is very slow right now. It says my order is still in Greenwood yet is was on my door step this morning. The tracking seems to have updated for my other two packages though and says they are with usps and should arrive in a couple days. NOTE ( it still says the package I received isn’t here). I love what I received. One of the dresses is a little more sheer than I expected, most materials are a blend. One seems to be mostly cotton and was the most expensive item I purchased. Most of what I purchased was on clearance and less than 10$ and item, and for that price what I received it awesome. Sizing seems pretty accurate. I contacted customer service 3 times, including a message asking why my package wasn’t moving, and they promptly replied within 24 hours and also provided additional tracking numbers so I could see what my order was doing outside the US. I’m not returning anything so I can’t say anything about that, but for my first online clothing purchase (ever) I’m pretty happy! We’ll see if the shoes are as satisfying when they arrive!

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