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Is Cvaluely com Legit {July} Is It the legit Business?

Is Cvaluely com Legit

Is Cvaluely com Legit {July} Is It the legit Business? -> In this article, we would be reviewing a website that is selling different kinds of accessory pieces for its customers.

Are you looking for some multi-purpose pieces for your place? The website that we’ll be talking about today has come up with some amazing pieces that can solve your problems in just one go. Let’s get further and find out Is Cvaluely com Legit?

Cvaluely com has bought everything a person needs at home or office. These are all the accessories that are necessary for the people. They need it from time to time and in different situations.

This Cvaluely com Reviews will introduce the people to a new website, revealing all the relevant information.

People usually need caps, hats, glasses while playing sports at different points. They may also adopt headbands and turbans, which eliminates the hair disturbance and adds up to the entire look. 

The website originated in The United States. Let us give you more information on this website.

Can customers consider Cvaluely com Legit?

Cvaluely com is the website that is selling some accessories pieces that can help people in getting what they need at many times. We researched regarding the website to know and list the facts and about it. Also, to know Is Cvaluely com Legit or a scam.

While gathering the pieces of evidence, we got to know that the website is just 35days old and was introduced in the market on June 17, 2020. So, this means that the site is not very old and is recent in the market. That is why it has not gained much popularity amongst the customer or on the internet.

The website had mentioned that they deal with accessories that include turbans, headbands, glasses, bracelets, anklets, but when we visited the site, these things were nowhere to be found. Instead, we found that the website has painting frames, tables, machines, and other non-related stuff.

The website’s catalog for different items is also empty and does not have the mentioned collection. This is a misleading act by the website. They have an exactly opposite collection of items from the one indicated on the site. Also, the display of the website seems to be selling something else. Also, they have not mentioned any detail regarding the return or delivery of the products.

Therefore, all this evidence proves that the website is a scam, and our readers should not trust it.

What is Cvaluely com?

Cvaluely com website deals with products that can help people have some amazing and extra accessories for their places and themselves.

The website claims to sell turbans, headbands which are necessary sportswear for players and other sportspersons. They also have a collection of bracelets and anklets, which are essential and an added advantage for the ladies.

Also, they have a collection of baseball and trucker caps and some attractive glasses as well.

So, the website has a full collection of sports accessories and other items that will be of some or the other use for the people.

Specifications of Cvaluely com

  • The website offers a collection of accessories.
  • E-mail:
  • Tel: +18183373525
  • Address: 30 Fuller st. Apt. 202, Brookline, Massachusetts, 2446
  • Payment mode: PayPal, Debit and Credit Cards

Pros of  Cvaluely com

  • Attractive Jewellery pieces for the people
  • A collection of sports accessories

Cons of  Cvaluely com

  • The website has not stated any clear return policy.
  • The site is practicing misleading activities.

What are customer reviews on the website?

As we went ahead with our research, we found that the website is new on the internet and was introduced just 35 days back. This factor somewhere affected the Cvaluely com Reviews as we could not find any review.

The website has not gained any popularity or eyes until now, which is the main reason we could not find any customer reviews.

Final Verdict

The website is offering some accessories for different purposes. To know Is Cvaluely com Legit or not, we researched and collected evidence that can clear the air for people. 

The website has mentioned several product categories, but the catalog for different items is empty and does not have the specified collection. This is a misleading act by the website.

The website has a very different collection from the one they have mentioned, and the way the site operates seems suspicious.

Also, details regarding the return or delivery of the products are not mentioned anywhere. One more thing that is pointing to the direction of suspicion is that the website is just 35days old and was introduced in the market on June 17, 2020.

Hence, all this proves that the website is a scam.

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  1. it is not legit..charged more than bill,,and called a mass. no. it was no good,,,,and it was billed a china co

    1. Its is a huge scam. I spent about $180.00 on weights. I got the delivery today from China and its all masks. Im refusing to wear these probably full of diseases.

  2. The website is a scam. I ordered a 45 pound, 7 foot olympic barbell and received a handful of disposable masks. The barbell was only $70 including shipping. I should have known, but that was pre COVID pricing so I took a chance. Paid through PayPal so I thought it was a legit site.

    Do not send these people your money.

  3. This site is a front for a Chinese scam. I attempted to purchase a piece of exercise equipment from the site. Within 5 minutes of my pressing the complete my order button multiple fraudulent charges were made on my card in China. After a few days I was sent a tracking number and awaited delivery of my purchase, guess what? Instead of a 30lb piece of exercise equipment, the tracking number was for a envelope weighing less than a pound and containing a few paper face masks. The vendor charged me as “SuMing Sheng”. Good luck trying to get someone to respond, they don’t exist. Stay away from these crooks.

  4. Definitely a broad will send you face mask instead of what you ordered no matter how much money you give them do not send them any money

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