Is Clickasnap Legit {Jan} Know All about this portal!

Is Clickasnap Legit 2021

Is Clickasnap Legit {Jan} Know All about this portal! >> Are you looking for a portal where you can download, upload and view photo of your choice, read the article below.

The online sale of products and services has opened new avenues for many professions. 

How it works, what are its feature and above all, Is Clickasnap Legit? This article will discuss everything related to this site. So keep on reading this article till the end to know more about Clickasnap. 

Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay allow many entrepreneurs to test their skills on its platform. Content writing and imaging play a crucial role during the cataloging of products.

With a rise in sales of online product photography industry curve is also moving upwards in the United States, is a portal that allows amateur photographers to earn some money while showing their skills. 

Is Cickasnap Legit?

The domain is in operation for the last five years and has a WOT trust rating of 60 out of 100. People in the United States and worldwide are using this site, but each one has experience of their own. When we tried to reach the site, we were denied access to it due to security reasons.

The Alexa ranking of 33,173 speaks a lot about traffic coming into the website and its popularity. According to a secondary source, the website says .25 cents on a single view of the photo, but it is .15 cents, and you need a minimum of $15 to get your payout from viewing.

But to answer the question, Is Clickasnap Legit? We need to look at its reviews, which is our next topic of discussion.

What is

This website was started five years as a platform for a photographer to show their skill, improve their craft and earn some money. Photographers can upload their photos on it, and if someone prints their pic, download it or view it for more than five seconds, he will earn money out of it.

One can join it as a free member and later upgrade to premium if he feels that it will allow him to earn more money. One can earn .25 cents per view. And it makes them aware that Is Clickasnap Legit.

Clickasnap com reviews:

Most people come on this site either to watch photos, download them or print them depending on their need. Nothing is written about the customer who uses an image from Clickasnap, but the photographer who uses this platform to earn and showcase their skill has written a lot.

Trustpilot has a 3.8 out of 5 from eighty-three reviews, while Sitejabber has 4.1 out of 5 from fifteen opinions. However, many people complained about its payout and delayed payment, which is typical for almost all freelancer sites.

But Is Clickasnap Legit is still a relevant question which we will try to settle in the final verdict.

Final Verdict:

After analyzing almost every aspect and the information which we got from a secondary sourcelike its payment method, Alexa ranking, and minimal payout scheme. We can say that still a lot of improvement is needed in the freelancer service provider website.

Issues regarding payout are common among photographers, though one cannot expect to earn much from Clickasnap it can be a good platform for an amateur photographer. SPN of Amazon is great for professionals who want to test their skills.  

To the question Is Clickasnap Legit we can say with satisfaction that this isa legit website but needs improvement in its working.

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