Is Cleankish Legit {July} Reviews For Your Assistance

Is Cleankish Legit {July} Reviews For Your Assistance

Is Cleankish Legit {July} Reviews For Your Assistance -> This post gives an analysis on a new website that sells cleaning items and disinfectants.

Are you planning to try a new webstore that sells disinfectants and cleaners? Today many people are buying such items online due to the pandemic that has affected our world. But before trying a new website to purchase such items, know its authenticity. Here in this post, we will judge the recently launched site and know, Is Cleankish Legit or not. It is a newly established website that sells cleaning items, disinfectants, and other home-use products.

You should carefully analyze the new e-shop as it is incredibly young and sells items for household purpose. It is hard to judge a website that is only one day young; still, we will try our best to give you accurate information. The website belongs to the United State of America and sells cleaners. Know the positive and negative aspects of the site in question, further in this article.

Is Cleankish Legit?

The website is too young and is only one-day-old. It also has a short life span of 365 days which is usually not visible in the case of sites that plan to stay longer on the internet. We searched for Cleankish Reviews and could not find any, except for those available on the website itself, which is again a questionable part for a one-day-old website. The website owner has hidden his information, but the contact address given seems correct as it is for the Manufacturing unit of the same company.

There is no association detected with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. but fake icons have been placed on the website, which creates a lot of suspicion about it. All the above information is quite contradicting and makes it a doubtful site. But if you ask, Is Cleankish Legit, we can tell only after further analysis.

The products are low priced, but the fee charged for shipping is much, and this again doubts its legitimacy.

What is

The new website sells bathroom cleaning products, disinfectants, wipes, kitchen laundry, outdoor cleaners, and pet cleaning items. The prices for each product are highly discounted, and shipping is free of charge above $50. The returns are accepted within 90 days, and delivery takes around 2 to 3 days.

The modes of payment include PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, besides other cards. An address of Texas, United State of America, and a phone and fax numbers are also available for the buyers. For support, an email is also given on the website.


  • Website – Seller of Cleaning products online.
  • Country – United States
  • Shipping fee – Charge-free above $50
  • Returns – Acceptable within 90 days
  • Telephone and Fax number – +1 713 672 1666
  • Email contact –
  • Contact Address – 5822, Armour Dr Houston TX 77020
  • Payment methods – Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, and other cards
  • Social media – No presence

Useful aspects of

  • The website has a range of cleaning items available.
  • Contact information is provided for customers.

Useless Aspects of

  • The website is too young to be considered for buying.
  • There is no review available anywhere except the site.
  • The shipping charges are high below the cart value of $50.
  • The presence of fake icons for social media platforms.

What do People tell about

A website that has just launched and is unknown on the internet cannot be trusted easily. So, we looked for Cleankish Reviews on the web and found only on the site itself. That is a very problematic aspect as the website that got launched only one-day back cannot have good reviews about any product, in fact, five-star rating. The delivery time takes 2 to 3 days, then how can people rate a product before it reaches them.

A lot of suspicions are created for such a site that keeps fake reviews and fake social media icons, to attract customers. All these aspects force us to consider this website a possible scam and for the queryIs Cleankish Legit or not, our response is No, it is not at all legitimate.

The Ultimate Conclusion

The website being young could be given some time to create its image in the market, but certain aspects make it a threatening site for the users. It has fake reviews available on its site for users to read, but a one-day-old website cannot have such five-star ratings for products that take 2 to 3 days to get delivered. That makes it highly unreliable.

The readers are requested to be careful while shopping online and avoid this particular website that sells cleaning products.

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  1. I ordered 60.00 worth of stuff yesterday. Should I put stop payment on it? Am thinking about calling that number and question them about their website

  2. Cleankish is not legit. I made a purchase and it sent me an email stating I purchased 1 item when I purchased 2. Then I got my tracking information the next morning less than 24hrs after my purchase. I plugged in the tracking # it showed the product was delivered 5 hours before I had even made my purchase and it also showed the tracking began on the 28th when I did not even place my order until 7.30.20 around 8pm. The delivery showed via usps delivered at 3:40pm. I had not even placed my order let me state that once again. I placed the order paying through paypal now I have to wait a long lengthy process to get a refund. It’s a shame so many scammers are out to take advantage of people who work hard for their money.

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