Is Cango Store Legit [June] Is it Trustworthy or Not?

Is Cango Store Legit [June] Is it Trustworthy or Not?

Is Cango Store Legit [June] Is it Trustworthy or Not? -> In this article, get to know whether the online shopping store that sells Easy Set pools is genuine one or not.

Are you fascinated by various pool sets during this prickly heat? Wish to buy the pool sets online? might be the answer for you!

The online store consists of categories of Easy Set, Metal Frame, Prison Frame, and Ultra frame Pool Sets at the most discounted prices. The large set and cheap price makes this website quite appealing.

Cango Store Reviews in the online web store are minimal. Each product has received a 5-star rating, though!

With the upcoming summers, people are highly cautious about beating the heat. As the online store consists of large pool sets to accommodate family or friends, this online store is a talk of the town in the United States.

So is this information enough to move ahead to the website and continue shopping for the products from here? Well!  

With the increasing fraudulency of the websites nowadays, the customer needs to go through the specifications, pros, cons, and customer feedback of the particular website. So through this article, we will make you understand Is Cango Store Legit or not? So let us proceed further.

Is Cango Store Legit?

With the increasing fraudulence of online stores nowadays, it becomes incredibly important to go through the specifications, pros, and cons of the online store. The privacy policy, return/refund policy, and its drawbacks and benefits need to be analyzed in-depth. 

Therefore we will bring up the real picture of this online store through this article. It will help you understand whether the site is genuine and worth shopping or not.

What is

It is an online store consisting of the Easy set, Metal frame, Prism Frame, and Ultra Framesets. As the website depicts, these are incredible pool set made of metal. 

The framesets are quite spacious and at cost-effective prices, non-hazardous returns, and free returns. Presently they are offering a 30% discount on the orders. It also has free shipping facilities in the US.

This online store consists of Easy Set Pool Set, which can be useful for spending family time or friends. Being spacious, it can be of great use. 

The ultra frame Pool set is also quite a fascinating product, as displayed on the website. These sets are best to beat the prickly summer’s heat.

Why is unique?

The online store has free returns and has cost-effective prices for each of the products, and they also have free shipping facilities in the US. They are offering a 30%discount for the orders recently. The mode of payment is also quite feasible, and it offers the following forms of payment like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, etc. 

They also give the chance to enter a new card number or the alternative form of payment to complete the purchase if your first payment does not successfully process. The hassle-free returns, no charges returns, and exchanges, snappy shipping commitments are some various features that make this online shopping store a unique one. 

Specifications of

  • Products: Easy Set, Metal Frame, Prism Frame, and Ultra Frame
  • Email
  • Shipping Fee: Free in the US.
  • Return/Exchange Policy: 90 days return guarantee
  • Payment Mode: online

Pros of

  • The online store offers a 30% discount on all orders.
  • The shipping is free in the US.
  • The return and exchange is free.
  • It provides non-hazardous returns.

Cons of

  • The email id provided is suspicious as multiple scam sites use this email id.
  • There is no company address or contact number.
  • The site is entirely new and low traffic volume.

Customer Feedback of

The online website lacks any written customer reviews and only has the rating. Though each product has a five-star rating, the written experiences and feedback of the customers are lacking. 

The research also says that this site is created two months ago, and the domain has shallow traffic volume. Therefore it is highly risky to go shopping on such websites that have no customer reviews and lack of information.

Final Verdict

Therefore, we would not recommend you to invest money on this online shopping store by looking at the specifications, advantages, disadvantages, and the lack of customer reviews. The website with the least reviews and low traffic seems quite suspicious. Being a wise customer, one cannot risk their money on such online websites. 

Thus, it is recommended to think twice before placing an order here. This online site seems suspicious and non-trustworthy. 

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