Is Cadclea Legit {July} Order On Legit Site

Is Cadclea Legit {July} Order On Legit Site

Is Cadclea Legit {July} Order On Legit Site -> In this review post, we explain a new online retailer selling home cleaners, disinfectants, and much more.

Are you looking forward to cleaning your house using disinfectant sprays to get rid of coronavirus? Then, you must use a quality one for your surroundings. Cadclea provides various disinfectant sprays, other cleaners, etc. for your home. But there are many questions arising out of curiosity to know, is Cadclea legit

Let’s check in detail by considering various factors to decide and put on genuine cadclea reviews. Yes, it is important to see if the website is good as there are various website scammers in and around the United States.

Cadclea is an online retailer that provides all-purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners, cleaning wipes, disinfectant spray, and laundry sanitizer. As the pandemic is prevailing all over the world, cleanliness is the call of the hour. They have a flash sale to sell the products at a reasonable price. Read more to get an answer to your question is Cadclea legit or not?

Is legit?

Coronavirus has already started dominating our lives, and using disinfectants at home is one of the best ways to eliminate all sorts of microorganisms at home. We help you check if you are buying these products from a reliable website through cadclea reviews. Considering the Cadclea, the domain name was registered a week ago, which is a bad sign. Generally, any domain which is less than six months is evaluated as a scam as there is a chance of being fraudulent. 

Furthermore, social media links provided on the website are not accessible, which is not a good sign for any online shopping site. 

Moreover, there is no company profile section on the site which means that they might be involved in fooling the customers in the United States. The site does not accept any other payment option other than PayPal which is a dangerous signal. It is indicated that any site that sells products at a huge discounted price won’t be dependable. It is similar in the case of too. 

Try not to get trapped by the attractive pages without checking the legitimacy of the site.

What is

Cadclea is a new online retailer selling products such as bathroom cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, disinfectant spray, laundry sanitizer and cleaning wipes, etc. The site claims to sell the products as a combo where you get floor cleaners, disinfectant spray, and bathroom cleaners at a jaw dropping price. 

All the products look attractive, and the prices are affordable which you can use in your daily lives. However, how safe is your money while placing an order from Cadclea? Is Cadclea legit or not?

Let’s discuss in detail to decide it’s genuineness.


  • Type: Online retailer
  • Located at:
  • Established in: July 2020
  • Products: bathroom cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, cleaning wipes, disinfectant spray, laundry sanitizer
  • Secured: Yes,  https encrypted
  • Standard shipping: 2-3 business days without any weekend delivery
  • Return policy: within 90 days of product delivery
  • Social media: not accessible
  • Payment methods: PayPal
  • Company address: 2180 Barlow Rs, Hudson, OH 44236
  • Email address:
  • Telephone: +1 330 6503333

Pros of buying from Cadclea

  • The site claims to sell much-needed quality products 
  • Cancellation and the refund is available
  • The domain address is https encrypted
  • Product combos are available

Cons of buying from Cadclea

  • The domain age is less than six months old
  • There are no customer reviews on the site
  • Company profile is not provided
  • Payment mode is only PayPal
  • Social media links are not accessible

What are the customer reviews about

We couldn’t find any customer reviews on the website. So, we have decided to go in detail and found that the website is just a week old. There are no cadclea reviews from the customers on other portals too. 

Even though the company address and contact numbers are provided, there is no information on when the company started or the company background. This is not a good sign as far the legitimacy is concerned. 

Moreover, social media links that are mentioned on the site are not accessible. A genuine company will make all these open to keep all the updates available to the customers. 

However, the site has not been blacklisted and it comes with https encryption which means the data remain safe. 


The website is completed new in the market and is providing disinfectants and other home cleaners. The site claims to sell quality products in various combos which we believe could be fake. Also, a company without a proper profile cannot be recommended. Considering all the factors, this site doesn’t seem like a genuine one.

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  1. This company is a scam placed an order and never received it tried calling the number they provided always busy sent 3 email to no response waiting on PayPal to try to get my money back

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