Is Bluxair Legit {July} Read Reviews And Then Shop

Is Bluxair Legit {July} Read Reviews And Then Shop

Is Bluxair Legit {July} Read Reviews And Then Shop -> In this article, you get to know about Legitimacy of a portable air conditioner.

For how many times have you bought a portable air conditioner? Now check out Bluxair.

Is Bluxair Legit? It is a new product, so many people are not yet aware of it.

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner

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In this digital era, people are getting smart, and so are the robbers. Digital advancements gave birth to many online enterprises and a platform for scam websites too. There are many scam sites that do not deliver the products once the payments are done or deliver you a faulty or different product.

At present, this web is more prevalent in the United StateWe come across some reviews from there.

And to make our genuine readers more aware, we have come with Bluxair Reviews.

Is Bluxair Legit?

Is Bluxair LegitSeveral reasons can tell genuineness of this product. The domain registration date for the website of these products is on August 6 2019. So this website is almost one year old as of July 20 2020.

Such a right domain age will make you trust the website. But there are many more factors that will help you to trust or not to trust this product. The warrant and guarantee statements, customer service, and customer reviews matter as well.

Allow us to spread more light on this product in our Bluxair Reviews.

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner Review

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What is Bluxair?

Bluxair is a portable air conditioner offered by Colorfulsense Com. It is compact, can be plugged in a wall socket, and comes with batteries, as stated on the website. It is indeed an excellent choice for people who have a small floor area, or people who need a personal air cooler, or people who need an air cooler in their office cabin or cubicles.

It has three functions. It can run as an ordinary fan; you can also add normal water and iced water as per your comfort. It works on water evaporative technology, which gives a cooling effect and humidifies the air when you feed water in the cooler. The best feature is that water fed in the cooler can last until 24 to 36 hours.

Such portable coolers are in enormous demand, and people are also using it in public transports and cars. It is so compact and sweet in design that you will love it at first sight.

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

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Specifications of Bluxair

  • Air conditioner type- Air cooler
  • The cooling agent used- water
  • Operations on battery- yes
  • Rechargeable batteries- yes
  • Battery capacity- 2500 mAh
  • Coolant tank capacity- 500 ml
  • Technology used- Hydro-chill
  • USB charging- yes
  • The angle of air supply- wide angle
  • Spray turn on / off feature- yes
  • Intelligent wind control function- with adjustable third gear

Pros of Bluxair

  • It is compact in design, which is suitable for ergonomic reasons.
  • It can run on battery.
  • The cooling agent required is water, that is cost-free, safe, and environment friendly.
  • Three fan operation functions to choose.
  • Redefined fan for better performance.

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner legit

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Cons of Bluxair

  • One needs to handle it with care as it is delicate.
  • Water spillage can cause issues when in transits.
  • Stated battery capacity is low 2500mAh only.
  • Refilling water is an extra effort.
  • As it is smaller in size, the area of active cooling and intensity of the cooling is less.
  • More identical products are available in local markets as well as on significant eCommerce website at much lower rates, and often with better features.

What are customers saying about Bluxair?

The website of this product is almost one year old, and there are no significant customer reviews on the website. Also, there are not many reviews about this product on other websites. That is a negative impression of this product.

With our hardwork, we found a few reviews, and those are bad. Customers state that it has indigent customer services, and order is not delivered even after three months of placing that order, with 30 follow-ups emails and communicating through all channels; the website of Bluxair gave no responses.

Bluxair Portable Air Conditioner  where to buy

Final Verdict

The product is extremely costly, the customer reviews are absent on the website, and the customer reviews apart from the site indicate that poor customer services is weak. They do not deliver the product at all, even after three months. We conclude that Bluxair is not Legit.

We advise our readers that they shall not buy this product, and look for better identical products on some good eCommerce website where better customer services is provided with assured product delivery.

0 thoughts on “Is Bluxair Legit {July} Read Reviews And Then Shop

  1. LOUSY PRODUCT…unfair business practices by seller. I bought 2. One arrived damaged, They offered a $4 credit LOL.
    The other, fully charged and the “massive reservoir” fully loaded, ran out after one hour. What good is it if you are trying
    to use it to sleep by? Should you get up every hour to refill it? Seller knows it will cost a lot to send it back to them due
    to International Postal agreements (they pay next to nothing to ship here while we pay outrageous amounts for return
    shipping. This product does not meet the “merchantability” test and they must be put out of business for their deceptive and misleading (omitted) claims about its usefulness.

  2. Lousy product alright. Purchased 3 last month and the product is so tiny, can’t even cool down a small room let alone filling up water every few minutes. It such a useless product. Waste of money. Trying to email the seller to return the product but email address is invalid.
    The seller/merchant: Daniel Store Ltd.

    Everyone, please do not waste your money on this so called portable a c.

    1. If you purchase this product from PayPal you may have purchase protection and get a full refund. I filed a claim and they are contacting the vendor. They did change their email address to
      I returned the lousy item and it cost almost $30 but PayPal picked up the tab so I was not out anything.

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