Is Bluestar Stores Legit {June} Read & Order At Legit Site

Is Bluestar Stores Legit {June} Read & Order At Legit Site

Is Bluestar Stores Legit {June} Read & Order At Legit Site -> This post provides reviews on an online jewelry store. Is there any new jewelry store you came across recently? You might have, and one of them is It is a website that sells jewelry items like chains, necklaces, and gemstones. To find out Is Bluestar Stores Legit or not, we provide you with a detailed review.

In this world of shopping products available online at low prices, we need to research a lot. We need to be careful while spending our money on such products as such sites can be fake. To know more about this United States webstore, we analyzed the website deeply.

We came across such information that can help a buyer to beware of such potential scam sites. Here we have provided the customer feedback to judge this website as these sites are made only to steal money online from buyers who do not research a website before using it.

Is Bluestar Stores Legit?

To know the legitimacy of a newly launched website, a lot of analysis is essential. is a newly built site with an unknown reputation. It is only 75 days old and cannot be trusted completely. Thus, we have provided Bluestar Stores Reviews, here in this article for the customers to read.

A site that is less than six months old and sells jewelry items. The prices are so low that a buyer feels attracted to the website and spends his money haphazardly. If we find things at low discounted prices, it becomes crucial to doubt.

The address provided is a residential one and creates suspicion. The phone number provided is of a different state, and the address shows a different one. That is the most significant point that makes us doubtful. There are such feedbacks provided on various sites that force you to ask Is Bluestar Stores Legit

And the answer is hopefully no.

What is

It is a newly launched website that sells jewelry products. The range of items includes gemstones, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. The price range is quite low, even for gold products. The shipping fee is reasonable, and they take 6 to 9 days for the delivery of a product.

The returns are acceptable within 30 days. The payment method is only PayPal.

A contact address and a phone number is available on the website for contacting the owner. An email address is also available for this United States website. To find more about this e-store, keep on reading further.

Specifications of

  • Website type – Online Jewellery store
  • Country – United States
  • Shipping speed – 6 to 9 days delivery
  • Returns – Accepted within 30 days
  • Contact Address – 806 W Main St, Madison, IN 47250
  • Contact Number – 702 403 6769
  • Email Address –
  • Contact Person – Shawn Mclean
  • Payment Method – PayPal
  • Social Media – Not available

Pros of buying from

  • A range of jewelry available
  • The shipping speed is good.
  • Returns are acceptable.

Cons of Buying from

  • A very new website (just 75 days old)
  • Address given is doubtful
  • The phone number appears fake too
  • Social media presence is nil
  • Only one method of payment is available.

What People Are Saying About

So, coming to the reviews and feedback available on the internet by various people. We found that has a negative image all over. Although some people say it is a very new site to judge, some have given youtube reviews. 

These people have judged the website as fake and are asking other buyers to beware. 

It is a must to read other peoples’ reviews before shopping online. 

We came across many Bluestar Stores Reviews,and hence we have detailed them here so that the new buyers do not get trapped in the scam of such websites.

The people are even telling how they advertised on social media for products that are not yet available on their site.

That shows how untrustworthy they are.

The Final Verdict

At the end of this article, we provide you with the conclusion of what we analyzed. After careful study and analysis, we can say that is not worth trusting. It is a potentially threatening website that can scam you, and you will be left helpless. So be careful as this is a newly launched website that cannot be trusted entirely.

Before spending our money, we need to judge a webstore accurately, to our satisfaction, and then only proceed.

I suggest the buyers be extra cautious when buying jewelry online as it is an expensive product.

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  1. Scam . Ran up fake charges to order. Never delivered. Hacked tracking to show delivered before order date. Phone no good. Ordered jewelry, post timeshare as product bought. Dragged feet on PayPal refund, still in contention after30days

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