Is Applebeast Shop Scam [Mar] Check The Reviews Now!

Is Applebeast Shop Scam [Mar] Check The Reviews Now!

Is Applebeast Shop Scam [Mar] Check The Reviews Now! -> Does every new store of electronic gadgets selling its item on sale can offer safe deals? Read our content to know the answer.

Is Applebeast Shop Scam – Do you searched for its answer over the internet? People of the United States prefer to use the latest and branded electronic gadgets. So, we thought of sharing details of Applebeast Shop that sells Smartphones and many other devices.

By exploring the specific features of the portal, we will know the services offered by it. Many online stores claim to provide electronic devices at high discounts, but it is essential to know all the facts before purchasing from the portal. Let’s explore Applebeast Shop.

Is Applebeast Shop Scam?

Applebeast is a hub of useful items that was registered on 2 March 2021. The main page of the portal does not contain the icons of social media. While doing research, we do not found Applebeast’s, Facebook Page.

The trust index of the shop is 5.7%, as indicated by the scam detector. The domain name is absent in the email address shared by the portal. The address shared by the company is incorrect as it does not show the way to Applebeast Shop. The company does not refund our money on all the returns. Refunds are granted if and only if it satisfies all the conditions.

The about us page has insufficient information about the company. Moreover, no reviews are available.

Is Applebeast Shop Scam– The site is young and has many red flags. But we cannot give our final judgment as the shop needs time to get explored.

What is Applebeast Shop?

Applebeast Shop is a store with a collection of the latest designed Apple watches. iPhone, which are always in demand by the people of today’s era, can be purchased at $89.95 from the portal. MacBook with 16-GB are offered on sale for the buyers.

The site has collected all the necessary and useful products for the customers and has put them on heavy discount offers. But people have not used the portal’s offering yet. Moreover, we are not sure Is Applebeast Shop Scam or not.

Applebeast Shop has air pods and an iPad. It has shared proper images of the product and has offered many colour options for the MacBook, iPhone and iPad.

Specifications of Applebeast Shop

  • Type of site – Shop with latest smart phones, MacBook and watches.
  • Refund policy – refunds are offered only if the company approves them.
  • Shipping Cost – the portal offers free shipping.
  • Email Address –
  • Address of the shop – 1450 Ala Moana Boulevard, Honolulu, United States.
  • Delivery timing- 5-10 business days for domestic shipping.
  • Return policy – this policy last for 30 days 

Pros of Applebeast Shop

  • The fantastic collection of electronic gadgets with heavy discounts is available.
  • It provides service of free shipping worldwide.

Cons of Applebeast Shop

  • Applebeast Shop Reviews are not put down by the people on any platform.
  • The portal was registered just one day back.
  • The site has not shown its presence on any social media platform. Icons are also absent on the web page.
  • The contact details seem to be dubious as the address is incorrect, and the email address does not contain the name of the portal.
  • On exploring the about us page, we do not get to know about the story behind the company’s establishment.

What are Applebeast Shop Reviews?

Applebeast Shop is a young portal, and no one has shopped from it. As a result, we do not know people’s opinion. The store wants some time so that people can learn about the collection of the site.

Moreover, it does not have its own Facebook or instagram page at this moment. 

The portal is registered only for a year. So, we are not sure whether the customer will purchase from the portal or not. 


Applebeast Shop products are fantastic and eye-catchy. The free shipping and discount offers are provided to increase the shop’s popularity, but we cannot trust the portal right now. Moreover, people’s feedbacks are still not available, and we cannot answer Is Applebeast Shop Scam?

We have found certain red flags that discourage us from using Applebeast. It’s a suggestion to all the readers not to shop from the Applebeast and wait for some time. Let it get explored in the world of e-shopping.

Guys, which is your favorite iPhone that you want to buy? Please pen your thoughts about it in the comment section given below.

4 thoughts on “Is Applebeast Shop Scam [Mar] Check The Reviews Now!

  1. Apple Beast is a scam website trying to sell expensive apple products for less than $100. The address on Ape Beast’s website is 2301 Kalakaua Avenue Honolulu, Hi. I looked up that address and it belongs to an actual legitimate apple retail store Apple Royal Hawaiian. Apple Beast stole the address of a legitimate company to use as their own and stole the name to use as their email. Buyers, shoppers, consumers, please BEWARE! Stay away from Apple Beast!!! It’s too good to be true. Apple is NOT selling their expensive products for $89 lol ?

  2. Definitely a scam… I feel stupid but I was tempted and made two purchases, and of course they never arrived. I reported the website. They do not have any working email address and they do not have any telephone number. Don’t buy anything there!

  3. I can honestly say I was one of the ones who fell for this site. I have purchased a MacBook, or that’s what I think. I have a receipt for it to show I bought it. Whether I receive it or not, I’m not holding my breath.

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