Is Adorafitter Com Scam (Sept 2020) Read The reviews Below

Is Adorafitter Com Scam (Sept 2020) Read The reviews Below

Is Adorafitter Com Scam (Sept 2020) Read The Reviews Below >> In the given article, you will read about an e-commerce shopping site providing reasonable trendy products.

Shopping has become inexpensive and effortless as one can find their admired product at special discounts and sales. However not all shopping 

experiences are reliable one as not all websites are genuine. 

Therefore, to have a pleasant experience and protect valuable money, researching about the website’s authenticity is essential.  

Are you looking for a website with awesome fashion accessories and outfits at the best prices? Do you wish to have a reliable shopping experience? 

If yes, then in Adorafitter Com Reviews, you would read about a website delivering similar products based in the United States.

In this unbiased review article, you will be given accurate information about this website so that you can quickly get an answer to the question Is Adorafitter Com Scam? ‘. So, let’s know further. 

Is Adorafitter Com Scam? 

Adorafitter Com Reviews shows that the Adorafitter Com website was created eighty-five days ago. Being a new website, it does not show much information regarding customer reviews. 

Also, the website displays limited information on its About Us page, Contact Us page, Shipping policy page etc. Furthermore, the payment modes displayed on the website are not accessible. 

Accordingly, seeing all the suspicious signs given above, answer to Is Adorafitter Com Scam?’  seem to be yes.

What is the Adorafitter Com? 

The Adorafitter Com is an e-commerce site providing various fashion products and outfits on it. This site delivers you with the most innovative products to keep you residing ahead of the cutting edge of fashion.

The diversity of the products displayed on the website includes T-shirts, bottoms, Sweaters, Outerwear, dresses accessories, tanks, hoodies,

Blouses, etc. 

All the products displayed on the website are obtainable at discounts and attractive offers. Further, all the items displayed on the website are in the latest and attractive styles.

This website also provides international shipping services for various countries, including Canada and Australia.

The Specifications for the Adorafitter Com website: 

  • The link to visit the website is
  • The Adorafitter website has a new domain name. 
  • This website displays a variety of items on it. 
  • The site offers a rebate for almost all the products. 
  • The Adorafitter website provides you with a 30-day return policy. 
  • Refunds for the product usually take 2-3days. 
  • The shipping timing of the product is 3 to 7 days. 

Is Adorafitter Com website worth your money?

In our Adorafitter Com Reviews, many suspicious signs came across regarding the website. Such as payment methods given on the site weren’t accessible, prices of the product appeared too good to be true, limited products displayed, grammatical errors etc.

As a result of this, the Adorafitter Com website doesn’t appear to be worth your money as in the absence of customer reviews, we could not confirm the authenticity of the website. 

The pros of the Adorafitter Com website: 

  • The website offers free shipping for items costing over $69.
  • The site also provides free giveaways and other attractive deals on subscribing to its newsletter.
  • The products on the site can be grabbed at impressive deals. 
  • This website has a good refund policy.

The cons of the Adorafitter Com website: 

  • The Adorafitter Com website doesn’t show any social media presence. 
  • This website procures a limited quantity of items on it 
  • No customer reviews are available for this website
  • This website is not a popular source. 
  • The website exhibits grammatical mistakes on it. 
  • This website shows a poor trust index.
  • The site looks like a scam.

Customer Reviews on Adorafitter Com website:

To find the factual answer to the question ‘Is Adorafitter Com Scam? ‘, we did careful research. In our review, we found the Adorafitter Com website to be suspicious. 

Also, due to the presence of many doubtful signs on the site, including insufficient contact detail and limited items, people assumed this site to be risky, 

Therefore, no customer reviews could be discovered for the website. However, if you have any reviews or information regarding this website, then share it with us in the comment box below. 


After confirming from other valid sources, we came to know that this website exhibits a poor trust index. Also, due to the presence of many fraud indications on the site, we could confirm that the Adorafitter Com website is a scam. 

Therefore, the final response to ‘Is Adorafitter Com Scam? ‘, is yes. Accordingly, we won’t recommend you to make any payment for its products. Also, we acquaint you to shop wisely after verifying the genuineness of a site. 

0 thoughts on “Is Adorafitter Com Scam (Sept 2020) Read The reviews Below

  1. ADORAFITTER IS A SCAM. I was so excited for a beautiful sweatshirt and I actually paid for express shipping. A week and a half later it hasn’t even shipped. Tried to refund my money and the page “didn’t work”. They don’t have a phone number for customer service, just an email address which they won’t respond to people on. Please don’t waste your money like I did.

    1. Same!!! My Sweatshirt material description said it was a cotton blend… But I just received it today and it is 100% polyester… And the graphics are so shitty. Smh I wish I could post the pictures of what it looks like versus the advertisement picture…It’s so bad! I’m so bummed.

  2. SCAM! – I ordered as well and paid for express shipping. No product, no reply from customer service email! Does anyone know of any any resources to recoup your money?

  3. Yes, I too received the order I placed, but the product looked nothing like what I ordered and is made with cheap material and likely cheap labour. Would not advise ordering from this site.

  4. I received products and they were really cheaply made polyester. I don’t believe they were advertised as such. I have been trying to return the items and get a refund since September 6. They have delayed and delayed and delayed. First they wanted a picture of the items. Then the SKUs. Then the envelope it came in. Then when I was able to provide all that, they tried to convince me that the return shipping is high, and that I should keep the clothes and accept a $3 gift card instead. I declined and said i want to return for a refund. They responded again by telling me to consider accepting them and taking a $5 gift card. I said no, give me the address to send these back. Came back again asking me to accept them and offered a $7 gift card. I’m still fighting this fight…idk what to do.

  5. Shittiest material and not what I ordered AT ALL. Spent a good amount of money and waited almost 2 months to get my items. Needless to say I’m PISSED. Such a rip off. Please do not be as hopeful and naïve as I was…

  6. Don’t order! They Sent me the wrong size shirt (ordered a medium and they sent small- it doesn’t fit) and they will not let me return it, nor exchange it to make it right.

    “the return shipping charge is high and need a very long time till we received.
    We sincerely suggest if you will consider again to keep the item.
    maybe you can give it to a suitable friend/family as gift or transfer it to colleagues/neighbors.
    Which would be perfect.”

    I’d prefer to get the item i paid for. But hey, they’ll give me five bucks off my next purchase for my trouble. NO THANKS!

  7. Absolute SCAM. Horrible people! Desperately tried to send back the poor quality items and the did not provide a returns address no matter how many times I asked. i ended up finding an address on their website and paid £50 to send the goods there but the goods got refused and so I was still no able to get my refund. The customer service people are time wasters, never answering your question and ignoring any request to obtain your refund. F*CKERS!!!!

  8. I emailed them 27 times before they gave me the return address! 27!!!
    It is:
    Address: Warehouse No. 5, Chaoyang Furniture Factory, Xingguang Village, Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

    Post Code: 523750

    Still no refund. DO NOT buy from them!

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