Is Accfc Electric Surfboard Legit {July} Check Reviews

Is Accfc Electric Surfboard Legit {July} Check Reviews

Is Accfc Electric Surfboard Legit {July} Check Reviews -> In this article, you get to know about the legitimacy of an electric surfboard.

Have you bought an electric surfboard before? Now check out the all-new Accfc Electric Surfboard.

Is Accfc Electric Surfboard Legit? It is a new product on the market. So there is a vast majority of people who are still not aware of this product.

Several websites on the internet have started new enterprises. And many notorious people start a new website in the veil of a new enterprise and scam people. Often there are reports of wrong order delivered or no order delivered at all after the payment is successful.

Currently, this website is more famous in the United State. We read a few reviews from there. 

And for our beloved readers, we have made this Accfc Electric Surfboard Reviews.

Is Accfc Electric Surfboard Legit?

Is Accfc Electric Surfboard Legit? Many reasons can tell about the genuineness of this product. The website’s domain age is almost four months. The registration date of this website is March 26, 2020. 

We researched this product, but we didn’t find any significant social media presence. That is a significant turn off for a product. The website is new, and the product is not that popular to fall easily on your trust index.

What is Accfc Electric Surfboard?

Accfc Electric Surfboard is an electric surfboard offered by Accfc Com. This surfboard is eco friendly as it runs on battery and not gasoline that emits too many pollutants. And this surfboard is offered in four colors: blue, orange, yellow, and pink. 

The electric surfboard is the choice of many people as electric motors power it, and you do not have to wait for waves to surf the joy out of your heart. People often use sports, and many entertainments and sports service providers have a booming business of renting such identical products.

Indeed this product has excellent personal as well as commercial use. And such goods can gain a ton of likes and comments on your social media pages. A surfboard worth a flaunt.

The website recommends that one shall not use fast chargers as it will affect the battery.

Specifications of Accfc Electric Surfboard

  • Surfboard type- electric surfboard
  • Powered by- battery
  • Battery type- lithium-ion
  • Air chambers- three air chambers with double valve
  • Handle ergonomy- front handle
  • Load-bearing capacity- 200 pounds
  • Foldable- yes, easy fold
  • Paddle mounts- two paddle mounts
  • Special feature- waterproof, resists frost, no-slip material, and resists age
  • Battery run capacity- depending on speeds 3 to 5 hours
  • Extra battery perk- runs for 50 minutes on a speed of 3 miles per hour
  • The time required to charge the battery- 1.5 hours

Pros of Accfc Electric Surfboard

  • It is battery powered, save money on fuel, and go eco friendly.
  • Stylish and appealing products, catch the eyes of many.
  • The battery can give back up from 3 to 5 hours depending on speeds and gives 50 minutes more backup at 3 miles per hour speed for 50 minutes, so you can reach a safe place easily after the battery runs out.
  • Anti-slip and anti-aging material, which may give more extended durability.

Cons of Accfc Electric Surfboard

  • Once the battery drains, you have to charge it with a proper charging facility. Whereas liquid fuel-powered surfboards can keep running for miles as you can refuel it anywhere.
  • The load-bearing capacity is only 200 pounds.
  • They do not recommend fast charging, and a fast charger is not available on the website.
  • The charging time taken is 1.5 hours. It may hinder your holiday plan if you wake up late.
  • Only four color options are available. The Company shall provide more colors, and also options to customize the product.

What are customers saying about the Accfc Electric Surfboard?

Indeed we did extensive research to get you customer reviews about this product, but we found no customer reviews about this product on the website or some other sites. Maybe this product is so new that people have not done reviews, or the website has not published the reviews they have received.

Final Verdict

There are no reviews at all, many statements of guarantee contradict with each other on the website. There is no significant market presence and social media presence. All these reasons make us conclude that Accfc Electric Surfboard is not Legit.

We do not recommend our readers to buy this product, and we request them to tell us if they have any experience with this website in the past, so we can help many people by making them more aware of this website.

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  1. It is a total scam. We ordered it and got a blow up kick board worth maybe $3.oo. We can’t get money back and I was so stupid. Total fraudulent Chinese company sale. Don’t do it.

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