Indigoapply com {Sep 2020} Complete Useful Information!

Indigoapply com {Sep 2020} Complete Useful Information!

Indigoapply com {Sep 2020} Complete Useful Information! >> Want to find out if you indigo apply will help you fix your credit score, read articles here.

Credit cards have today become a necessity and have made cashless payments a new trend. It is always best to have an excellent score to get rewards and better terms!

But what if you don’t? Does that make getting a card difficult? With Indigoapply comyour life will be simplified. 

The company has helped out people in the United States get their credit cards even without a perfect credit score. 

This article explores how they do that and if the company is legit.

What is Indigoapply com?

The website is one that offers an Indigo Platinum Mastercard and is an initiative of the Celtic Bank. It was specially created to help people with a low or less than perfect credit.

In addition to that, the company reports all monthly payments to three prime credit bureaus. This report could help in building positive payment histories.

You can choose a card design that you like with no extra charge. All the cards offered by Indigoapply com follow the chip card technology to provide customers with fraud protection.

How to get a credit card on Indigoapply com?

The first step would be to Pre-Qualify where the bank determines your credit profile and match you with an indigo master card accordingly. 

It is easy, and all you must do is fill out your personal details like the name, date of birth, Social Security number, and email address on the Pre-Qualifying form.

Adding a primary phone number mustn’t be forgotten in this Pre-Qualification form. After this, you will have to wait for your offer that is sent via email. 

Open up ‘Apply’ on the Indigoapply com and fill in your invitation and zip code to get started. 


  • The company helps out customers with low credits get credit cards
  • The website is an initiative of the Celtic Bank in the United States It was created seven years ago and is legitimate
  • This website will help its customers with building good payment histories and even forward them to credit bureaus.
  • They charge an annual fee of $75 to $99, which older customers have called absurd. 

What are the people’s thoughts on the Indigoapply com?

One happy customer from Indigoapply com gives the company a 5-star rating and mentions of getting approvals within a month after filing for bankruptcy. 

Others don’t seem to be happy with this United States company, and one mentions having to pay an excessive amount of annual fee. 

There is no credit increase even though he was on time with payments.

Many others have commented Garbage and the negative reviews overpower the few positive ones.


The website is legit, but their way of rebuilding credit comes with too many hidden costs, which has made its users unhappy.

Indigoapply com also has an overall rating of 1.8 stars on Credit Karma, so you may want to steer clear of availing their services even though they seem enticing.

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