Idepothome Reviews (Dec) Is Idepothome Legit Or Scam?

Idepothome Reviews (Dec) Is Idepothome Legit Or Scam?

Idepothome Reviews (Dec) Is Idepothome Legit Or Scam? >> This post will help you in identifying the authenticity of the website that sells multiple products.

Are you finding a legit Idepothome Reviews? If so, then please stay tuned with us in this article. 

The holidays are coming, and it is the best time to shop for home and kitchen appliances because the festive season means enormous discounts and additional offers. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your requirements now at the steal deal prices from Idepothome store.

Idepothome store is placed in the United States with a motive to capture the US customer’s attention. The store sells kitchen appliances, air purifiers, and refrigerators, etc. The store contains the latest games of popular brands like Nintendo and Xbox at unrealistic prices.

As we all are aware of the current situation and due to this the Idepothome store is claiming to provide best services to its shoppers and safe delivery at your doorstep to still enjoy your holidays just like every year. 

But, we have something to expose regarding the Idepothome store. Please read further to know. 

What is Idepothome?

Let us begin our Idepothome Reviews with a few words about the website.

Idepothome store is the online store situated in the United States. The store is newly discovered and holds a wide range of different products like kitchen appliances, household items, games, and other essential products at the best competent prices. Now you can shop by sitting at your home comfort as the store has worldwide delivery. 

Besides this, Idepothome store is claiming to provide quality goods so that you never regret buying from it.  

Enjoy your favorite cookies, cakes, and muffins at home as the Idepothome store offers a stand mixer device at only $225. This mixer will upgrade your baking skills and add more perfection to your cooking. However, the store sells mixers.

It also includes other products like a refrigerator to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh for a more extended period, professional light-weighted iron that provides crease-free clothes, and an air purifier to maintain the healthy and germs free environment.

The site is only a few hours old, so we can’t entirely rely on it. For more details, please read below in these Idepothome Reviews

What are the specifications of Idepothome? 

  • Website link –
  • Products – Multiple products (kitchen appliances, games, and other devices)
  • Domain creation date- 27th November 2020
  • Brand office location – 1213 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814, United States
  • Telephone number – +1 916-879-5120
  • Email address –
  • Delivery fee- $4.99
  • Estimated shipment period -4-5 business days 
  • Order cancellation duration – before shipping 
  • Tracking options- Not specified 
  • Shipment return policy – Within 30 days ‘
  • Refund – Not specified 
  • Newsletter – Not available 
  • Warranty- Not mentioned 
  • Payment method – VISA, American Express, MasterCard, DISCOVER, PayPal

 What are the advantages of Idepothome? 

  • The store contains a wide variety of multiple products.
  • It is providing its entire collection at fair prices.
  • It has provided the company address, contact number, and email address.

What are the disadvantages of Idepothome? 

  • The domain name of the website is only a few hours old. 
  • It does not have any social media existence.
  • There is negative Idepothome Reviews are found over the network. 
  • It does not contain a valid contact number and company address.
  • The interface of the site is low and a lot more similar to the fake websites.
  • It does not have specified much information regarding its policies.

Is Idepothome Legit?

Idepothome is the multiple items selling store that includes a wide range of electronic devices, games, and other products. The site is only a few hours old as its domain is registered on 27th November 2020.

 In addition to this, there is negative Idepothome Reviews are found over the network. Due to all the following reasons, we don’t think we can rely on this site.

What are the customer reviews regarding Idepothome?

No customer has shared anything regarding the store and its products on the website but we have found negative customer reviews from the internet where people have posted that the site is a scam. 

Bottom Line 

For your record, the site does not seem genuine to us as we have found a bunch of red flags regarding the Idepothome store. Moreover, the store is only a few hours old, and has gained negative customer feedback over the online sources where people has clearly mentioned that the site is a total scam and please don’t share any information on it. 

Please drop your feedback in the comments section of these Idepothome Reviews below.

0 thoughts on “Idepothome Reviews (Dec) Is Idepothome Legit Or Scam?

  1. Yea I think a Scam also, i hope they are not taking peoples money. Stop payment on your Credit Card now, I am waiting for the Bank to open, Stop payment now. Firat i Saw a Receipt but now it want let you print it off.

  2. I ordered something on November 27th with no confirmation email send to me. The phone number listed on site is not their phone number as well. IK left message in their message portal with no response as well. Most likely a scam

  3. I’m hoping its not a scam and merely someone is trying to set up their website and isn’t sure how. I tried purchasing an item on the site and provided my cc number. I don’t see a charge on my card and it has been at least 4 days. It’s weird tho. It says my payment method is Stripe. Also, it provided me an order number. It never asked for an email address so I’m not sure how I would’ve been able to confirm my payment if I didn’t screenshot my proof of purchase. I tried calling them and received a voicemail. I tried emailing through there website and it gave me an error. Over I feel like it is a possible scam but also like to give benefit of doubt that it’s just someone trying to create a website of their own and probably just needed some help with it. That’s my thoughts. Hope this helps out whomever.

  4. I stumbled upon idepothome while shopping Cyber Monday. The prices were so much lower than any other site. I did place an order, received confirmation but my cc has never been charged. I tried phone contact but no answer to number shown on this site. Even tho my cc has not charged, I am going to go ahead and cancel. Also, the item I purchased said only 7 left. After my purchase there was only 11 left. I checked a half hour later and there was only 21 left? Possibly a scam site or someone does not know how to build a website. Be careful!

  5. I used the site on 11/27/20 and ordered an iPad for $232.89. Got an order number and the payment method was stripe. That is strange. The money hasn’t been taken out from the credit card. There wasn’t delivery info, just shipping cost flat rate of $4.99.
    It listed address of 1213 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814, United States.
    Phone : +1 916-879-5120
    I had also left a message in their message portal without a response. While looking at them online the number of items they had kept fluctuating. And the time left to order kept getting extended. How you can’t bring up the website! Seems like a scam to me.

  6. Oh man I feel dumb I got tricked I’m smarter than that… ok now what? I think I was smart and used PayPal I have a screen shot of my order number but I can’t see what I paid with. I can’t find any charge any of my statements nor an email confirming my order….Man I am embarrassed I fell into their trap. So yeah some help please on what to do now?

  7. I ordered a Ninja fry from the site : today is 15th Dec 2020. but till date I haven’t got my order. I looked upon all my card. but don’t see the charge on any of the credit card. The payment method was done using Stripe.

    The site is also down. Well , I am going to immediately call the credit card department, ask them to block my card and get a new card.

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