Ibotta Free Thanksgiving 2020 (Nov) Rewards-Festive Month

Ibotta Free Thanksgiving 2020 (Nov) Rewards-Festive Month

Ibotta Free Thanksgiving 2020 (Nov) Rewards-Festive Month >> The post is to share details about the thanksgiving offers and rewards that online buyers can enjoy during thanksgiving 2020.  

Ibotta, the leading free cashback reward and payment application collaborate with Walmart and other reputed brands to offer Ibotta Free Thanksgiving 2020 meals and dinner. The cashback rewards are via the Ibotta browser extension and mobile application. 

The offer is available during the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. All new users can now get the deals and offer from their Ibotta browser extension or Ibotta mobile app. The offers started from the 1st November 2020.

Apart from the new users, there are also offers for the existing users of Ibotta. The offers are made available from 4th November 2020 for the existing users, and all offers can be accessed easily after downloading and logging into the application’s browser extension. 

What is all about Ibotta and its Free Thanksgiving?

Ibotta is the renowned and popular free payments and cashback rewards application for users across the United States. The application offers real cash to the new and existing users every day for each purchase they make through the application. 

Ibotta offers hundreds of ways to users to earn rewards like cash on every purchase. The application has partnered with many reputed brands, including Walmart. 

So, whether you are buying electronics, clothing, groceries, or any party items for Thanksgiving 2020, the application will provide you free cash-back rewards for every purchase. 

Ibotta Free Thanksgiving 2020 is the newly launched offer for both existing and new users of the application. The thanksgiving deals and offers allow the users to have free meals and dinner in the month of thanksgiving at selected restaurants and dine-in outlets. 

What is eligible for Ibotta Free Thanksgiving 2020?

According to the official website of Ibotta, the below-mentioned items are eligible for this thanksgiving offer 2020.

  • Butterball Turkey Roast
  • 6 oz Great Value Stuffing Mix
  • Idahoan Mashed Potatoes 8 oz
  • Green Beans from Great Value 12 oz
  • McCormick Gravy 0.87 oz
  • Cranberry Sauce 14 oz from Great Value
  • Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup 10 oz
  • Coca Cola (2 Litre pack)         

How does the Ibotta Free Thanksgiving 2020 work?

Both new and current users can start earning cash back rewards on all products they buy during the month of Thanksgiving 2020. Users can buy daily to earn the cashback. The deals and offers are available both for mobile app users and browser extension for PC users.

The online shoppers need to follow few simple steps to add the Ibotta Free Thanksgiving 2020 items into their cart.  

  • Shop at Walmart via Ibotta App or in-store
  • Link the Walmart pick-up and delivery account with the browser extension or app of Ibotta
  • Get the eligible rewards or cashback instantly after the purchase is complete 


Ibotta and Walmart have come together to make the festive season rewarding for the Americans. Presently, the website has more than nine offers that are eligible for cash-back (100%). Users can either buy one product and redeem the cash-back or purchase them all to earn a huge reward. 

But, users have to hurry as the Ibotta Free Thanksgiving 2020 is only available until the supplies last. 

If you have anything to add about the offer, please write it down in the comment section.

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