I Am Robot Game (Jan 2021) A New Release!

I Am Robot Game (Jan 2021) A New Release!

I Am Robot Game (Jan 2021) A New Release! >> A new futurist game is released in the market that includes you role-playing a Robot.  

I Am Robot Game: a new and cool game has been introduced in the game. Quick grab it!

This is the digitalization age; everything is becoming digital, a person without any smart device like a mobile phone, a personal computer is considered an outcast in society. 

The countries like the United States are such countries where this digital world has made an enormous impact.

Gone are the days when people used to go out of their houses to seek entertainment, and also gone are the days when people had to choose from a select few video games when they want to play something in the house.

In this day and age, video games are so common and are released so frequently that it has been hard to keep track of which game is new and old.

One such game is I Am Robot, which has been released recently in the market.

What is I Am Robot Game?

Like any other game that involves Robots, this game is also set in the future, where robots are hibernating in a spaceship controlled by artificial intelligence.

Due to some system failure on the ship, Nessa, one of the robots put into hibernation, wakes up; it is stated that Nessa is one of the most advanced robots ever made.

Now the user has to play as Nessa and help her regain energy and equip her with tools and gears to survive, as, without that, she is likely to die. 


  • A new Robot game named I AM ROBOT
  • The game is available for PC users
  • Released on 15th Jan 2021

How can one get the I Am Robot Game

This is a relatively new game, so there are not many links available to download this game, or there are not many websites available through which the users can download and play this game. 

Although this game is available on steam and here is the link for this game https://store.steampowered.com/app/1512890/I_Am_Robot/

The game is a paid game that means the user has to pay a certain amount to download the game; right now, it is available at a discount as it is a new release.

What are the people’s thoughts on the I Am Robot Game

Everyone who plays video games is always excited whenever a new game is released on the market. A new game means a whole new setup, different graphics, new characters, and that all is very exciting for them. 

As this is a new game, there are not many reviews on the internet, but after taking a deep dive to search, reviews were found.

Few players love the game, and some are also there who have complaints regarding the graphics and the gameplay.


In conclusion, it can be said that this is a new release, and there is no buzz seen regarding this same on the internet and especially on social media platforms.

This game will take some time to reach the larger market, and after it does that, only the true potential of the game can be measured.

The user is then advised to read the I Am Robot Game review to know more about the new game.

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