Huhlab store Reviews [July] – Is This A Scam Site?

Huhlab store Reviews [July] – Is This A Scam Site?

Huhlab store Reviews [July] – Is This A Scam Site? >> In this review, we will tell you about a trendy women’s scarves site that claims to offer scarves at unrealistic prices.

Are you in search of Huhlab store Reviews? If yes, then you are on the right page.

During our research, we have found that the site is a scam. We know that you are curious to find out – Why the site is a scam? No worries, we will explain everything below in these reviews that would help you understand the website in the most simple terms. 

Nowadays, it would be best if you did not trust any online store without doing the proper research about it since the internet scam has been continuously rising. Every next day we got to see the reviews over the internet where the people talk about the fraud website that especially came into the business to steal the money using online methods. 

Huhlab store is like any other ecommerce site that deals in women’s scarves. The site sells designer scarves at its store at unrealistic prices. However, the store is placed in the United States location and claims to serve worldwide.  

Let us begin our Huhlab store Reviews. 

What is the Huhlab store? 

It is the United States-based online shopping store that exclusively deals with the women’s designer scarves. The site contains a limited assortment of hand-picked items at the lowest prices. Furthermore, women can order different, uniquely designed scarves crafted by using premium quality fabrics. 

The Huhlab store’s products include floral scarves, printed scarves, embroidered scarves, and many more. Besides this, the site does not have any discount offers on its products since it claims to charge the lowest possible prices so that everyone can flaunt what they want. 

Despite it, we found some weird things about the site, such as the Huhlab store having only 24 items available at its store. We have also read over the internet that the site has restricted its customer’s order over a specific limit; the buyers can’t place an order more than $100 worth of the item. 

Huhlab store doesn’t only sell women’s scarves; it also has several hidden pages that display entirely different products like Inflatable portable Massage Hot Tub Spa and Metal frame swimming pools with filters. 


  • Website link –
  • Product – Women’s scarves 
  • Contact number – (423) 400-6265
  • Email address –
  • Company address – 10007, Arabian Bend, San Antonio, TX 78254 United States
  • Shipping – 6-9 business days 
  • Shipping cost- Free 
  • Order tracking – Available
  • Return – Customers can return the item within 14 days after the delivery. 
  • Refund – Yes, the site has refund policy, but the exact time is not specified. 
  • Payment Mode- PayPal
  • Customer Service – Available
  • Discount – No discount offers running currently 
  • Newsletter – No
  • Warranty – No  

Advantages of buying from Huhlab store

  • Shoppers can buy designer scarves at the lowest prices. 
  • The site is flexible with a return and refund of the products. 
  • The site is offering 24 hours of customer help service. 

Disadvantages of buying from Huhlab store

  • Huhlab store has recently launched, and its domain is only 30 days old. 
  • The social media links found on the site will lead you to the main pages of Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. 
  • The site contains hidden pages. 
  • Huhlab store has only 24 items available at its store. 
  • The site restricted the purchase limit; you can’t shop more than $100 worth of products. 
  • The prices are unrealistic.  

What do buyers think about the Huhlab store? 

The site displayed no customer reviews on it. Moreover, we have got many Huhlab store Reviews blog posts and videos on the network. The feedback posts that we found on the internet, straightforwardly mentioned that the site is not trustworthy and a fraud. 

And in one of the reviews, we found about the hidden pages that the Huhlab store runs. In short, the website has got a negative response from the people. 


Huhlab store has got a red sign from us as well since the website found unreliable. We have listed a few points which declared that the site is not real. The first thing that caught our attention is the site’s domain name, which is only 30 days old. 

Secondly, it has mentioned invalid social media links. Thirdly, the store sells unmatched products. Fourthly, the address we found on the site is bogus, and the last, we have discovered multiple negative Huhlab store Reviews over the internet. 

We end our reviews here. But if you have anything to discuss with us, then please write it down in the comments section. 

Please stay away from the online store like Huhlab store.

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  1. Harry Broker
    3 minutes ago
    The information you posted about the credit card scam, is not true. They use the trusted PayPal Logo, to only accept PayPal payments. So they will never know, which credit card you used as payment. In my case? I used Pay Pal Credit payment and no credit card. They copy pictures and info, selling Coleman Salu Spa, 4-6 persons, under $100.00 off of eBay sellers. You Google it, you will find over 10 of these idiots selling them all over USA. Then they send info with tracking number to a post office, stating your item has been delivered. My question is, they change the description item in Mumbo Jumbo language and, then I ask Pay Pal, how to fit an 88 lbs Jacuzzi in a tiny P.O. Box, I don’t own? That means they are therefore committing postal fraud, which is a Federal Offense, and please do not remove my message, I want to share it with others that got screwed by them. Thank you. My advice? Pay a little more money and buy your items through eBay, were the Buyers are protected, not the Sellers. Thank you.

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